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Now that’s why Pakistan is a s**thole volume 15 – Islamic protection racket edition

August 25, 2013


Those who follow news from the world of Islam, not the santitised ‘religion of peace’ version served up by the BBC et al, but the real news about the heinous things that Muslims do to themselves and to others, know that it isn’t much fun being a religious minority in a country which is controlled by Islam.

The position of those Hindus who found themselves marooned in Pakistan after partition in 1947 has not been a good one. They are subject to attack, religious persecution, rape and plunder from an Islam based legal system that treats non-Muslims as second or even third class citizens.

The international press and various blogs have covered the oppressive phenomenon of the ‘love jihad’ where Muslim men seduce or morally compromise Hindu women and then force them to convert to Islam. Many Indian and Pakistani Hindu women have found themselves forcibily converted to Islam and placed under the appalling restrictions that govern the life of a Muslim woman.

Today’s example of why Pakistan is a shithole throws up a new, worrying and unusual development. In a case reported by the Times of India, a Hindu fled Pakistan for India and told the story of forcible conversions now being aimed at Hindu men.

The businesses and families of Hindu men in Pakistan are being targeted by a form of protection racket gang, with victims given dire threats about the potential fate of both themselves and their property, should the Hindu fail to embrace Islam.

It seems that the Koranic instruction that there be ‘no compulsion in religion’ is not really working out for the non-Muslims of Pakistan again. It doesn’t matter whether a person is Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Ahmadiya or atheist, in Pakistan they will be targeted for abuse and oppression.

The Times of India said:

The news of forcible conversion of Hindu girls in Pakistan by fundamental Muslims are often heard, but now a Pak Hindu couple has alleged that even Hindu men are forced to embrace Islam.

“Hindu boys are threatened of dire consequences, Hindu businessmen are not allowed to conduct their business or open shops and are pressurized to embrace Islam,” said Pakistani couple Anil Kumar and Poonam, who “migrated” to India on Tuesday leaving behind their business and family members on the mercy of fundamentalists. Carrying handful of their luggage, the couple started crying as they crossed the Radcliff Line on foot and reached India.”

It appears that the targeting of Hindus for forcible conversions to Islam is a widespread problem within Pakistan. The Times of India continued:

While talking to TOI, Anil Kumar said his wife had a heart problem on the basis of which, they managed to obtain a visa to India to undertake treatment at Indore. “We have had enough in Pakistan, we will not go back and live here all our life,” said Anil. He said that Hindu shopkeepers were threatened to give hafta (weekly protection money) if they wanted to open their shops and were also pressurized to embrace Islam if they wanted to make their lives better. “I have a shop in Larkana in Sindh, the Muslim fundamentalists ask for hafta and when I refused, they threatened to eliminate my family,” he said.

Poonam, whose brother-in-law was shot and brother kidnapped by Muslim fundamentalists, said: “Every Hindu in Pakistan is bearing atrocities, girls are kidnapped and forcibly converted but now, Hindu boys are being made to embrace Islam.” She said her father had lost both his legs in a bomb blast. Anil said that he had left behind eight sisters, brother and mother, besides his shop in Pakistan. “I know they will be in trouble. While living in India, I would try to help my family get visas to travel to India,” he said.”

This bullying and thuggish treatment of non-Muslims is yet another example of why Pakistan is a shithole, and how this shithole was created, not by the effects of imperialism or poverty, but by Islam itself. Islam is the oppressive yoke that bears down on the average Pakistani citizen and which imprisons them in a disfunctional hell hole.


Original ‘Times of India’ story

Hat tip

The Religion of Peace Website


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