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From Elsewhere: Oh look! More alleged Islamic sex scandal shenanigans from Rotherham

August 25, 2013

A councillor who is related to an Islamic sex offender has stepped down as a member of the Police and Crime Panel which oversees the local police force. Rotherham as you may well know has been a hotbed of Islamic grooming gangs who abused a number of girls and young women in that town.

The BBC said:

The deputy leader of Rotherham Council has stepped down over claims he knew about a relationship between a girl in care and a suspected child abuser.

Jahangir Akhtar’s decision follows the publication of one woman’s account of being allowed contact with the alleged abuser from 1999, when aged 14.

The Times newspaper reported Mr Akhtar isrelated to the alleged offender and was aware of their relationship.

Mr Akhtar said he was resigning out of “courtesy”. He denies the claims.

He said he was also standing down as vice-chairman of the Police and Crime Panel, which scrutinises the local force.”

The BBC added:

Mr Akhtar’s decision to step down comes as lawyers for four women said they were set to sue Rotherham Council for “systematic failures to protect them from sexual abuse by predatory men” when they were children.

One of the women, now in her 20s, told the Times she began a relationship with a 24-year-old man, who had served two prison sentences for violent offences, in 1999, when she was 14.

It is understood the man twice made the girl pregnant.

The newspaper said social services became aware before the relationship ended that the man was part of a ring of men suspected of abusing more than 40 young teenagers in Rotherham.

The article states that by June 2000, both police and social services knew the teenager, who had been placed in emergency foster care, was in a sexual relationship with the man.”

The Times newspaper’s Andrew Norfolk has written extensively on the appalling phenomenon of Islamic grooming gangs and the blind eye turned to the problem by social services and the police.

The website Rotherham Politics has a scan of the Times article. It is appalling to see how the young women of Rotherham were let down by a combination of Islamic corruption of the local authority, political correctness, doctrinaire and ideologically driven social services.


BBC article

Rotherham Politics website

Julie Bindel on the Islamic Grooming Gangs of Rotherham

  1. john warren permalink

    Thank you for supplying the information and for taking the time to keep writing.

    Of course I’m obliged to agree with you that the entire affair is shameful and sickening. Every Englishman and woman should rise up and demand meaningful action from the government right now. That an earnest county-wide police operation is not taking place at this very moment demonstrates clearly how young English girls have been let down by their own kith and kin.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it could be said that things couldn’t get any worse? Sadly however they can get worse and will. Only time itself will tell just how much worse.

    The government doesn’t run the country however. The hopelessly misguided PC brigade that continue to run the ultra-influential BBC steer the UK’s social and multicultural agendas. Until they can be convinced that their social left-wing experiments have failed, these young and hopelessly vulnerable females will continue being classed easy meat by Pakistani grooming gangs. For every Pakistani rapist caught and punished in Yorkshire, it’s said by Sheffield and Rotherham locals that a dozen or more continue to run free.

    With these mostly un-reported cases failing to hit local, let alone national, headlines comforting odds run in the rapists’ favour. Why should they give up such an entertaining and lustful sport in the face of such favourable odds? Especially so, when to carry out such crimes against the females of such a cowardly host nation, causes them to move positively closer to their own God and his after-life promise to them.

    I’d like to say the beginning of the end of this foreign-sourced reign of terror is in sight but it isn’t. Only the end of the England which our fathers’ knew is in sight.

    It’s all a matter of what comes first: Islam terminally taking us by the throat, or the disastrous social upheaval soon to be brought about by the total collapse of the UK economy.

    You continue to push your message when you must know that few care to listen. But what plans have you actually put in place to protect your own family? I would earnestly advise you to make plans. When the collapse comes it will happen overnight. There’ll be few jobs to go to on that particular morning; petrol stations will be ordered to close, large food retailers will remain shut until further orders, there’ll be no no dole money; no pensions paid; no NHS; no credit card access and bank accounts will not be available to draw on – no matter how well-stuffed.

    For a time our courts will be put into overdrive ‘legally’ removing money from the moderately affluent in order to provide income streams for treasonous politicians and civil servants. Street violence will soon bring that to a halt however, then the future will be anyone’s guess.

    China’s is now a very wealthy country. So is Russia and several other oil and gas producers. This country isn’t and will need a massive bail-out from them the way it did from the IMF in the 70s. So the fate of England itself will eventually lie in the hands of those who have no love for the British… which is a very sobering thought.

    Make no mistake, in my opinion, barring a miracle, the jig is up.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I certainly agree with you that the PC leftists have created the sort of social environment that allows young girls to be raped in their thousands. Where I disagree however is with the pessimism that you show. Although things could go as bad as you say, pessimism is not the answer. Pessimism is the road that leads to submission and surrender, much better the optimism of fighting back.

      • john warren permalink

        It entirely depends on what it is you’re being pessimistic about surely. Should a General feel uncertain that the tactics employed by his subalterns will succeed, it is first duty to do something about it… or them.

        To me, you sound pessimistic about the winning the battle already begun.

        Better not to underestimate the enemy. The answer is to make plans to ensure your own survival should you be attacked first (we are currently under attack are we not?).

        I’ve made plans; I intend that my family survives this invasion even if it means temporarily withdrawing to a safe place. In this struggle for freedom we’ll be obliged to fight many of our own people – the ones who’ve brought about the problem.

        Civil strife is already under way but most of those fighting on the front line have yet to realise it. It’s not an unusual situation.

      • Fahrenheit211 permalink

        The issue with pessimism I have about facing the issue of jihad is that if we assume that all is lost, our country is dead and our culture destroyed, then we will bring such an outcome about. It is a lack of self confidence in Western values that is helping the jihadists along their way. Without self confidence, you are fighting with one hand behind your back.

        Agree the battle has already begun and there are signs that more people are noticing the disconnect between the image of Islam promulgated by the BBC etc and the reality on the ground. Of course the enemy must not be underestimated which is why its machinations need to be pointed out. I agree with you that people must make their families safe and take appropriate precautions ( I do not discuss my security measures on here BTW) but it a pessimistic point of view about the situation that makes us do that. Flight in itself is pessimism although I condemn nobody who makes such a choice.

        The 2014 and 2015 elections are going to be interesting and it is to be hoped that those who have brought about the problems that we are now suffering from are punished at the ballot box. I’m optimistic when I see things like Ed Milliband’s poll rating going down, this shows that not every Labour electoral target is a fool. More people are starting to see through the propaganda and are becoming more unwilling to vote for the parties that stuffed our country with often useless and violent Mohammedeans.

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