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Now that’s why Pakistan is a S**thole Volume 14. Depravity heaped upon depravity.

August 8, 2013

This Pakistani shithole is morally cleaner than the rest of Pakistani society

Anybody who observes world affairs cannot be unaware that Pakistan is a hell hole. It is a social, political and religious basket case. The more I see of Pakistan the more I believe that Gandhi was wrong to call for an undivided Indian subcontinent prior to independence from Britain. Pakistan is like a mental asylum for those gibbering lunatics who are not fit to live in civilised places. It is the Broadmoor of South Asia. Compare India, which although not a perfect society (what is) is considerably less mad than Pakistan and at least has a functioning economy and society.

Pakistan is Islamic society writ large, it is a great festering horizontal billboard showing what happens when Islam is allowed to control anything, especially a nation.

I despair when looking at Pakistan, I always hope that one day the Pakistanis will say ‘enough’ and the violence, hatred and depravity that emanates from there will cease. However, I am often disappointed in this hope.

Because depravity is heaped upon depravity in Pakistan, this episode of ‘Now That’s Why Pakistan is a Shithole’ has two stories, but sadly two stories concerning the abuse or killing of children.

The first case shows what happens if you let a backward fascistic religious cult run your society. Such backward religious cults have a disdain for education because educated people can sometimes call out religious cults on their stupidity and evil. They feed on the uneducated because they like the protagonists in the first story are easier to control.

It is hard to imagine how depraved a society must be for a religious leader to order the death of a baby girl, not because of any social preference for boys, as in China, but because a local ‘spiritual advisor’ had given the vague reason that ‘this baby will bring bad luck’.

The Pakistan Tribune reports that a woman is suing her husband and his family over the death of her daughter, Fatima, aged 9 months.

The Tribune said:

Petitioner Ayesha Latif told the court that she married Shehbaz on April 12, 2010, and they had two children. She said that shortly after their second child, Fatima, was born on December 25, 2012, her husband and his relatives told her that the baby should be killed as their pir had told them that she would bring bad luck.

She said that her husband had tried to convince her that it was necessary to kill the child, as the pir had warned them that she would cause them a lot of hardship in life.

She said that she had resisted and expressed doubts about the authenticity of the pir, which had angered her husband.

On December 30, she said, Shahbaz and his family killed her daughter.

She said that her sister-in-law Robina held the baby’s legs while her mother-in-law Najma Perveen pressed her neck.”

It also is alleged that the mother of the baby, Ayesha Latif, was beaten by her husbands family and imprisoned by them to stop her from speaking of the baby’s murder.

The Pakistan Tribune added:

Shahbaz and his relatives Asad and Maqsood, meanwhile, restrained her and beat her, threatening to kill her if she told anyone about the murder, she said.

The petitioner said she was kept locked up for a long time and was not even allowed to attend the baby’s funeral. She said that after a while, she pretended that she had gotten over the incident and assured her husband that she would not reveal the secret.

She later fled to her parents’ home with her son, Muneeb, and told them everything. She then approached the Samanabad SHO, but he refused to register a case.”

Knowing Pakistan, it is highly unlikely that the husband and the other murderers will face anything like proper justice. The fact that the local law officers initially refused to handle the case brought by the mother shows not only the dire position of women in Pakistani Islamic society but also how Islam has corrupted the Pakistani justice system.

The second case relates to the treatment of religious minorities in Pakistan. We are sadly all too used to seeing Pakistani Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Ahmadi Muslims treated like dirt, but this story, which comes courtesy of the English Defence League Sikh Division, really turned my stomach. There are some stories that are so bad, you hope against hope that they are faked, but to anybody who is familiar with Islamic ‘values’ or Islamic ‘culture’ such bestial behaviour such as that detailed in this video is all too often real.

A Christian man was working for a Muslim farmer when he was ‘invited’ by the family to convert to Islam. They refused and the farmer then kidnapped and raped the Christian’s two year old daughter. This girl, called Neha, has been so physically and emotionally traumatised that she will never be able to marry or have children herself, and a new urinary tract has had to be created for her by surgeons, such was the damage that was done. She has had to endure five surgical operations to try to repair some of the damage that the rapist did to her. Her life has been ruined and her family are now in hiding from Muslims who believe that because this family refused an ‘invitation’ to become Muslim, that they now have the right to rape and kill the whole family. This family now lives in fear of every knock on the door.

See the shocking video here:

This is the Islam that traitors like David Cameron insist in calling a ‘religion of peace’ and which the Labour Party in Britain have closely aligned themselves with.

Pakistan truly is a bestial shithole and it is a bestial shithole not because of ‘colonialism’ or ‘poverty’ or ‘imperialism’ as the Left would have us believe, but because of Islam.

Any ideology that encourages the rape of two year olds because her family would not join Islam and the murder of babies because of ‘bad luck’, is truly evil. Islam is incompatible with civilisation. Islam is as evil as Nazism and Stalinism, and it is shocking that too many people, especially those in authority, are willing to give a free pass to these Koranimals.

Islam isn’t a religion, it is a disease, and diseases need to be controlled, cured or wiped out. A person cannot ‘make friends’ with the Smallpox virus or the Plague bacillus without becoming sick, and neither can a society accommodate Islam without becoming mortally sick either.  


Pakistani Tribune article on woman whose baby daughter was murdered by her husband and his family because the baby was said by a local ‘spiritual leader’ to be a bringer of bad luck.

Video of testimony from Pakistani Christian father who saw his daughter being raped because he and his family would not convert to Islam.

Sikh Division of the English Defence League


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  1. “I despair when looking at Pakistan, I always hope that one day the Pakistanis will say ‘enough’ and the violence, hatred and depravity that emanates from there will cease. However, I am often disappointed in this hope.”
    Unfortunately Pakistanis don’t have enough sense to realise that if they did life would be far better for them. You would think they like living in a retarded shithole where violence rules

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