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From Elsewhere: The Middle East. ‘G-d did not want human sacrifices. But the peace process does.’

August 7, 2013

Painting by Rembrandt based on the biblical story of the binding of Isaac.

For a while I’ve admired the passion and quality of the writer Daniel Greenfield. His crisp, and to my mind, accurate assessment of the situation in the Middle East is like a breath of fresh air when compared to the lazy thinking and sloganistic words of the leftist / liberal narrative on the subject.

Daniel Greenfield knows that there is no ‘partner for peace’ in the Muslim world, not among their neighbours and definitely not among those who have since the late 1950’s called themselves ‘Palestinians’. No amount of appeasement of the ‘Palestinians’ or their backers has brought peace and when Israel has conceded something, whether that be land or political control, it is not seen by the Muslim nations or groups as an act of good faith, but rather as a weakness to be exploited. The ‘Palestinians’ lie, break treaties, commit acts of violence and propagandise against the existence of the State of Israel in a manner that would be heartily approved of by Goebbels. How can those who do such things be called ‘peace partners’? It would be safer to have as a ‘peace partner’ a rabid dog, rather than a ‘Palestinian’.

In this piece, published at Front Page Magazine, Mr Greenfield likens the actions of Israel in making concessions to the so-called Palestinians to the human sacrifice cults that are believed to have existed before the biblical Israelites discovered monotheism, and which was also practiced by the tribes that the Israelites vanquished in battle.

Mr Greenfield said:
“In one of the most famous events in the Bible, G-d commanded Abraham to sacrifice his only son. So Abraham took his son Isaac, bound him on an altar and prepared to bring him up as a burnt offering. And then the voice of the angel called to him and told him not to harm his son.

G-d did not want human sacrifices. The peace process does.

After the bloody handshake with Arafat led to an onslaught of terrorist attacks, the Israeli left invented a new sacrifice to describe the dead Israelis murdered by their new peace partners. Korbanot Shalom. Sacrifices of peace.

Peace made the service of death into a national duty. There was no telling where or when one might be called upon to become a sacrifice for peace. It might be at a mall or at a pizzeria or while riding the bus.

The sacrifices of peace have diminished as the left has fallen out of power. The wooden altars of the Moloch of Peace stand empty and the Priests of Peace pass mournfully through international airports, studying maps, drawing up plans and calling for new sacrifices. And eventually their call is heeded.

In the spring, America’s prince of peace, the man who had thrown thousands of American soldiers with their hands tied behind their backs into the arms of the Taliban, who had sacrificed every other American ally in the region, came to Jerusalem to demand that the altars once again be raised up and the blood of peace flow over the negotiating tables.”

Mr Greenfield also used the piece to compare those who mistakenly believe that concessions will equal peace, with the infamous leader of the Lodz Ghetto Judenrat (a puppet Jewish Council in the Ghetto) Chaim Rumkowski, who believed that sacrificing the ghetto’s children would save other lives. Rumkowski was wrong, just as those who believed that pulling out of Gaza would bring peace, were also wrong. Pulling out of Gaza didn’t bring peace, it just brought more Islamic violence. Evicting Jews from the West Bank will also not bring peace, it will only bring the enemy closer to its goal of pushing the Israelis into the sea.

Mr Greenfield continued:

And now, the Priests of Peace warn that if Israel doesn’t accept a deal that will be based on the ’67 borders and partition Jerusalem, it will be forced to accept a one-state solution that will destroy the country.

Take a walk back to the Lodz Ghetto in September and listen.

I tried everything I knew to get the bitter sentence cancelled,” Rumkowski tells the crowd. “When it could not be cancelled, I tried to lessen the sentence. Only yesterday I ordered the registration of nine-year-old children. I wanted to save at least children from nine to ten. But they would not yield. I succeeded in one thing – to save the children over ten. Let that be our consolation in our great sorrow.”

These are the Israeli leaders who tell their people that at least they saved the ten-year-olds. All it took was a willingness to give up the children under the age of ten. They saved the larger settlements, they tell us. They saved Jerusalem. They saved Israel. They saved something. And all they had to do was give up everything.

Rumkowski became the enemy of the people he was trying to save because when you take it upon yourself to decide which of your own people should die at the hands of the enemy for the greater good; you begin to think like the enemy.”

He concludes with this chilling and in my view accurate warning:

This long train of sacrifices has taken the PLO from a relic in Cyprus to a mortgage on the West Bank, Gaza and part of Jerusalem. And now another bout of sacrifices begins. There is no peace, but there are sacrifices for peace. And if this goes on, a nation will have been sacrificed on the altar of a peace that will never come. “

There must be many Israelis who were evicted from places like Gush Katif by the Israeli Military, because it was required by the ‘peace process’ who must despair to see yet another round of pointless concessions being made. Peace cannot be made with those whom you cannot trust, and sadly Islamic organisations, such as Hamas and Fatah and the Islamic nations have shown time and time again that they cannot be trusted on anything. This phenomenon of having to deal with a culture like Islam, that has proved that it cannot be trusted is not just a concern of the Israelis, it is a concern for all of us, wherever we are and whoever we are. Israel is only a forward trench in a long and bitter war with barbarism.


To show that making peace with the ‘Palestinians’ is a fruitless activity here is some information on the evictions from Gush Katif. Gush Katif was a group of agricultural Kibbutzim and towns in the Gaza Strip that had been set up by Jews who had fled attacks from Muslims in 1929, but were destroyed by Ariel Sharon’s government who believed that sacrificing Gaza would help to bring peace.

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