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What was that about using your voice for the ordinary person Lady Doreen?

August 4, 2013



The probably  very well remunerated anti-black racism campaigner Doreen Lawrence would not be my choice for a new peer, nor would she be the choice of quite a few other people. There are many people who have worked hard in community groups on projects that benefit all of us not just one particular group who are probably more deserving of this honour than Doreen Lawrence.  

One reason I am opposed to the elevation of Doreen Lawrence to the peerage is it smacks of rewarding people for being victims. That doesn’t strike me as being a very healthy thing for a society to do. Being a victim is not something that should be aspired to or treated as some form of currency to be exchanged for goodies, not even a seat in one of our houses of Parliament. Being a victim should be something that people try to avoid.  The other reason I am opposed to this enoblement is that she has made a career out of race baiting and really, do we need anymore race baiters in Parliament or the public sector?  We need people of influence who will bring people together and not work to divide, which is what the likes of Doreen Lawrence and Lee Jasper do.  

I used to have a lot of respect for Doreen Lawrence and her cause, but now I have very little. Apart from my anger at the Lawrence campaign and it’s left wing lawyers being instrumental in finally removing the double jeopardy rule, there is also the matter of the Lawrence-inspired Macpherson enquiry, saddling the police with mortal fear of being called ‘racist’. This fear of racism accusations has had deeply worrying effects on the attitudes and efficacy of Britain’s police forces.  It can be argued that the decade long silence by the Police on the issue of Islamic Grooming Gangs may be a direct result of fears of racism accusations if these crimes were investigated.  The inaction of the police in these cases was partially created by the environment ushered in by Macpherson.  

Doreen Lawrence has played the race-baiting and shroud-waving games with aplomb and has seen to it that everyone knows the name of her son but has to my knowledge said very little about members of other communities who are the victims of racist attacks. Yes, it is tragic that Stephen Lawrence lost his life in some street aggro 20 odd years ago and yes, it is right that people were brought to justice for this, but that shouldn’t give Doreen Lawrence the right to continually stick the boot into British society and scream ‘racist’ at everything.

It is instructive that Ms Lawrence is going to become a Labour Peer, as Labour have done more than anybody to destroy this country with their ‘human rights’, immigration and multiculturalist policies. If you want to see the sort of wounded society that Labour and Lawrence wish to create, take a look at some of the Labour local one-party-states that exist up and down the country. In these ‘states’ sustained by political correctness, bent votes, corrupt officers and councillors, life for those not in certain favoured minority groups can become pretty hellish. My lack of confidence in Ms Lawrence acting for all British citizens whilst in the Lords is not helped by knowledge that the Islam promoting Labour MP Sadiq Khan was the one who persuaded Ms Lawrence to accept an honour.

And so it came to pass that Doreen Lawrence became Baroness Lawrence. What do you think her first post-enoblement words were? Were they an attack on the disgraceful state of education, or why too many young black males want to kill other young black males, or speaking up for victims of crime in general? No they were not. This race-baiting leopard doesn’t change its spots. Her first utterances after it became known that Ms Lawrence was to be a Peer, was a big whine about how Government posters encouraging illegal immigrants to leave was ‘racist’. As the negative effects of mass and inappropriate immigration are probably the biggest problems facing Britain today, Ms Lawrence has certainly shown she is not on the side of those suffering from these problems.

According to the Daily Mirror, Ms Lawrence said:

Baroness Lawrence, mother of murdered teen Stephen, yesterday compared them to the misuse of police stop-and-search powers.

Speaking to ITV1’s Daybreak the day after she was made a peer Lady Lawrence said: “Why would you focus mainly on people of colour?’

I’m sure there’s illegal immigrants from all countries but why would you focus that on people of colour, and I think racial profiling is coming into it.”

And so what if ‘racial profiling’ is coming into it? We have a problem with illegals from areas like Pakistan and parts of Africa. Many of the people who come from those areas are either Asian or Black, therefore it is a sensible use of resources to target those who fit the demographic of the immigration cheats.

The van mounted posters that ‘offended’ La Lawrence so much.

See, nothing there in her words about representing ‘all the ordinary people’ just more race related whining.

The words of a commentator on the Islam Versus Europe site in August 2012 on the subject of Doreen Lawrence, sum up perfectly what many are thinking which is we hear so much (too much?) about Stephen Lawrence and too little about other racist murders where the perpetrators are black or asian.

Here in Glasgow we had the “RACIST” murder of 15 year old minor Kriss Donald by a gang of Racist Pakistani Muslim men, this murder was the most brutal murder ever recorded in British criminal history, Kriss Donald was stabbed over 50 times,had cigarettes stubbed out on him, was beaten to a pulp, had his eyes gouged out, had his tongue cut out, was set on fire whilst still alive, there was hardly a murmur of this in the MSM, both here in Scotland & UK wide, never mind internationally, this was a racist murder, as the men kiled this 15 year old boy for no other reason than the fact he was white and non muslim, there is still doubt hanging over the conviction of the Stephen Lawrence killing, was it a racist murder?? We have a two tier system of justice in the United kingdom and elsewhere in the developed Western deomocratic countries, these two murders show this. Doreen lawrence is a proffesional victim, who has prospered from the death of her own son, shame on her. RIP Kriss & Stephen.

Thanks Labour, by recommending Doreen Lawrence for a Peerage you’ve landed Britain with a lifetime of racial whining and professional victim-hood, from someone who to be quite frank has morphed from dignified mother of a murder victim into full-time racial shroud waver. There are many people, white, black or whatever, who have achieved much in Britain and for Britain who are much more worthy of this honour than Doreen Lawrence.

If Doreen Lawrence is considered a suitable person to take part in the Olympic celebrations or become a Peer, then why not are the parents of Kriss Donald and Charlene Downes equally honoured? The Donalds and the Downes families have been equally determined to see justice done, but their words and their campaigns have been all but ignored by the authorities and the mainstream media, because they are either white or working class. This is not the equality in law that I marched for all those years ago, this is racism.

As Doreen Lawrence is Labour’s choice for a Peer, doesn’t that tell you a LOT about Labour’s priorities, and how they will treat you if they ever gained power again?  


Doreen Lawrence whining about racism regarding campaign against illegal immigration

Doreen Lawrence says that she wants to be a voice for the ‘ordinary person’

It’s not just Ms Lawrence who is profitably playing the race card, here’s former London Mayor, Ken Livingstone’s Race Advisor, Lee Jasper, London’s being shown up as the lefty racist whining greedy scumbag that he truly is.

From Islam Versus Europe. Doreen Lawrence whining that the Coalition Government took away the considerable largesse that the Stephen Lawrence Trust had been showered with by the previous Labour Government

Labour MP Sadiq Khan has previously voiced support for both the extremist Federation of Student Islamic Societies and has also praised the Civil Service Islamic Society. Neither of these organisations would I trust to tell me if it was raining outside.

  1. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    XX The inaction of the police in these cases was partially created by the environment ushered in by Macpherson. XX


    The Scarman report, regarding both Brixton 1981 and Toxteth 81 had MUCH more to do with changing the “bosses”, attitudes. (Not allowed to use Blues and twins in Toxteth, for example.)

    MacPherson was only one in a long line.

  2. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    Moment! Where is my post?

    XX The inaction of the police in these cases was partially created by the environment ushered in by Macpherson. XX


    Scarman, Brixton and Toxteth 81 had JUST as great an effect on the scrambeled egg hatters.

    Banning from using “Blues and twins” in Toxteth, for example.

    (When this is my second post, please delete it. I sent one which appears to have got lost.)

  3. James Strong permalink

    Thank you for this; it needs saying and it will need saying again and again.
    This woman is a self-publicising race-monger who has been supported by PC racists who are not in favour of equality under the law. To treat people differently because of their skin colour is racist, and that’s what has been happenng for years. Criminals who have ‘misinterpreted’ Islam are not pusrued at the right time because they are black or brown.
    It is right that killers should be in prison, but the rest of society has paid far too high a price by losing protection against double jeopaardy.

    As for the van reminding with the message for illegal immigrants, I see no menmtion of race at all. It highlights a problem of criminal behavoiur. The clue is in the word ‘illegal’.
    It is quite wrong that people who come here illegally should be treated the same as those who have gone through the correct process.
    It is quite wrong that criminals should be treated the same as law-abiding citizens because that means that the law-abiding are treated no better than criminals.
    But the cry of ‘racist’ seems to trump the notion of dealing with criminals.
    We should throw this accusartion back at them.
    Those of us who believe in equality under the law, regardless of race, are quite definitely not racists.
    The race-monger industry and its supporters are where the majority of racists are to be found.

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