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Another town, another group of young women abused, another group of alleged Islamic Groomers.

August 4, 2013

Is there anywhere in the country where vulnerable girls and young women are not free from being treated as prey by the despicable Islamic Grooming Gangs. The number of places where Islamic sex criminals, some of whom could only be properly described as bestial, is growing at an alarming rate. A very informative map of Islamic sex crimes, with links to sources can be found at the Kafircrusader site. The map shows that too often wherever Islam is allowed to have an influence, whether that be socially, religiously or politically, there will be an increase in sex criminals of various types. Much of this is down to the Islamic attitude to women and especially non-Muslim women.

Now it seems to be the turn of the women of Coventry to suffer a visitation of the wholly unwelcome phenomenon of Islamic sex abuse gangs. Ten men, who judging by their names are mostly Muslim, have been charged with sexual exploitation of teenage girls in the Coventry area.

The Coventry Telegraph said that this latest outrage relates to five identified victims aged between 16 – 18, some of whom were in local authority care at the time.

The Coventry Telegraph said:

“The suspected sex trafficking ring allegedly preyed on vulnerable girls in the city, according to West Midlands Police.

The ten suspects, aged from 19-30, were charged yesterday with offences including rape, sexual assault and trafficking, following a police investigation into the alleged exploitation of five girls aged 16-18 at various locations across Coventry between May and September last year.”

The newspaper named those charged as:

“Brothers Gulfraz Banaris, 20, and 25-year-old Ifaraz Banaris, from Deedmore Road, Wood End, and Izthkhab Banaris, 24, from Eld Road, Coventry, are charged with conspiracy to traffic girls across the city for the purposes of sexual exploitation.

Gulfraz Banaris and Izthkhab Banaris are also both accused of rape.

The three appeared before Coventry magistrates yesterday and were remanded in custody to appear at Coventry Crown Court on November 7.

Brothers Isa Iqbal, 21, and 20-year-old Ismail Iqbal  – both of no fixed address and cousins of the Banaris brothers – face trafficking charges and have also been remanded in custody to reappear in court in November.

Ricardo Hinkson, 23, of Telfer Road, Radford, Coventry, was remanded to appear in court this morning charged with conspiracy to traffic within the UK for the purposes of sexual exploitation.

Amir Mahmood, 27, a signwriter from Blackwell Road, Foleshill, and milkman Tasveer Hussain, 30, from Canal Road, Foleshill, Coventry, will join Hinkson at Coventry Magistrates Court charged with the same offence.

Mechanic Saleem Hussain, 30, from Beake Avenue, Coventry, and Khezer Hussain, 25, from Bordesley Green East, Stechford, Birmingham, will also face magistrates charged with sexual assault and rape, respectively, this morning.”

It was interesting to see Chief Inspector Sue Holder of West Midlands Police saying that “Protecting young people from harm is a priority for West Midlands Police and the force takes reports of sexual and physical abuse extremely seriously. “ I wonder if Chief Inspector Holder can assure those under her forces protection that this has always been the case? There have been too many allegations that police may have played softly-softly over the issue of Islamic sex beasts for fear of being called ‘racist’ to have any confidence that this set of arrests in Coventry will be the first and nor may it be the last. I wonder how many other victims and how many other Islamic sexual exploitation gangs are out there, not just in Coventry but possibly your town as well.

Coventry, another town, another set of victims, another Islamic community and another group of alleged sex beasts. It seems to be a case that once a town gets a mosque it then gets the Islamic rapists, who are encouraged to be so because they are steeped in Islamic misogyny. It is getting harder and harder for the multiculturalists to deny that there is a connection between Islam and crimes against women.

No woman is safe wherever Islam is allowed, it matters not that a female is a child or an adult, all are seen as prey.  It is vital that we protect our daughters by telling them about the vile misogyny inherent within Islam.

It was Coventry today, it will be your town or city next.



Original story in the Coventry Telegraph

Police ignored Islamic Grooming Gangs in South Yorkshire.

Excellent article by Alison Pearson in the Telegraph on the scandal of ignoring Islamic Grooming and other Islamic sex crimes

Police and social services ignored grooming gangs for community cohesion reasons

And this story makes me wonder if some police officers are still ‘at it’ with regards to being overly concerned with ‘community cohesion’?

Police deny that Islamic Grooming Gang were or are operating in Redditch (well they would say that wouldn’t they)

Kafircrusader’s Muslim Grooming and Paedo map

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