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From Elsewhere: It’s not ‘diversity’, it’s borderline child abuse. This is the sort of thing you get when moral relativism takes control.

July 23, 2013

Screwed up parenting, the ‘progressive’ way.  

Although not many modern parents, well not me anyway, would want to be seen as a Victorian disciplinarian extremist, sometimes it does look like ‘respect for diversity’ and moral relativism can go too far.

A prime of example of Progressivism ‘Jumping the shark’ comes from this article in Slate Magazine about a camp where boys who question their own gender can dress up in girls’ clothes and have make-up lessons etc.  Check out the link below.

This story makes me really, really uneasy. Although I accept that there is a very tiny minority of adults who have issues with their own gender image, for which they may either seek medical treatment or sublimate it in some way, sending boys to camps like this is, for me, borderline child abuse.

I can’t help asking myself the question: How many of these boys genuinely have gender issues and how many are being pushed into this by their parents? Is it a case where in some Progressive/Liberal/Leftist/Total F***ing nutjob circles having a Transgender child is as cool as having a ‘Black Baby‘ is for many Hollywood celebrities?

Although in the early 20th century male infants wore dresses until the age of 3, and many children will play ‘dress up’ games ( I know I did), especially when they are young, that doesn’t mean that they should be taken to a camp, put into sexualised clothing and given make-up lessons. While all this is going on the children are probably being bombarded with pro-Trans* propaganda which may be pushing them in directions that they may regret later in life.

Furthermore, this sort of environment where they are taught that ‘looks are all’ in my view damages children per se, whether they are boys or girls. A girl being sent to a camp where they were taught to dress up like this at these very young ages, would be equally objectionable to me.

These parents are storing up trouble for their children later on. Although the wilder shores of the Trans* movement would like to think that the world is not bi-gendered, the fact is, in reality, the world is bi-gendered. You cannot ignore that fact. Stating that fact doesn’t mean that a man shouldn’t bring up a baby or a woman shouldn’t drive a tank; we are male and female and are different but equal. These boys are going to be in for an awful psychological shock when they move out of the comfy sheltered world of their Progressive parents and child care environments and into the real world. The shock of realising that much of the world will view them as weird, strange and different could cause them problems, especially if this shock happens in later childhood or early adolescence.

There is plenty of life for people to explore their sexuality and gender issues and that time, in my opinion, would be in a person’s mid 20’s, not when they are children and not yet fully formed people. I’ve had quite a few (post Op/pre Op) Transsexual people as friends, who are sorted individuals, but I have seen too many for whom transitioning or other treatment for gender issues have not cured the underlying psychological problems that they have. Trans* people don’t worry me one little bit, Trans* activists on the other hand do give me concern. They are zealots where zealotry is not needed. They get in the way when gender issues are not the cause of a persons problems, but are instead just a symptom.

My worry is that should these young boys have psychological issues later in life, the constant whispering of pro-trans* words that they will have heard during their childhood may lead them to see the gender issue as the main problem and it may not be that which is making them malfunction psychologically. I’ve seen too many people who believe transitioning from Male to Female or Female to Male will cure them of their internal sadnesses. For some this cure works but for others it really doesn’t.

What these parents are doing to their boys with this camp is abuse because it is setting the child up to fail or have later problems. These parents are just as guilty of damaging their children’s prospects as the Chav Mum or Chav Dad who takes little or no interest in their child’s development or needs.

Some may say that this is no different from a Theatre Camp for kids where dressing up will go on, but it is. There is a difference between a child being creative at a Theatre Camp and the ‘gender challenging boy camp’ and that is the Theatre Camp will probably not be as overtly gender-political as the ‘You Are You’ one. Also one is creative but another is destructive.

This is truly cruelty to children, but it is cruelty devised and approved by the moral relativists. Some of the images in this piece truly disgust me, and remind me of the really gross child beauty pageants where pre-pubescent girls are caked in make-up and dressed in sexualised clothing and judged on appearance alone.

What these parents are doing is wrong on so many levels.



Original article from Slate magazine

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