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From Elsewhere: A small Italian island ruined by immigration, is this devastation and conflict going to be the future of our much larger island?

July 23, 2013

The Italian islamd of Lampedusa, overrun by immigrants and Muslims like a grain store overrun by rats and mice. With roughly the same outcome – a poisoned community.

Although it is disputed by the political Left (well they would, wouldn’t they?), it is becoming plain to see that the injection of large groups of Islamic third worlders into a community never ends up well for the original inhabitants.

This position has become painfully obvious for the inhabitants of the Italian island of Lampedusa. The 5000 strong natives of the island have been at the forefront of an immigration disaster since boatloads of illegal economic migrants started landing at their shores in the early 21st Century. The Italian Govt has been giving these immigrants, residence on ‘humanitarian grounds’ and scattering them around Italy. Worryingly up to 1 third of these ‘migrants’ are Muslims.

The American commentary publication ‘Front Page Mag’ said of the situation in Lampedusa, that not only are the numbers of immigrants themselves causing stress but the behaviour of the immigrants is harming their society and way of life.

Crime figures have mushroomed and Lampedusians have sometimes come home to find a bunch of Tunisians squatting there, or to find that they have been the victims of thefts. In one case reported by FPM, immigrants had broken into a dwelling, stolen property and also left human faeces in a cooking pot.

These immigrants are a bunch of lazy, criminal entitlement queens who have destroyed facilities built for them, and who have abused the hospitality of the Lampedusans. I must say the entitlement whining, the idleness, crime and the abuse of hospitality sounds very much like what we’ve come to expect from Britain’s Islamic ‘community’.

Front Page Mag said:

“The (refugee) reception center was burnt down twice by the migrants, during inmate riots in February 2009 and in September 2011. The media blamed everyone for the arson: the Italian government, the provisional Tunisian government, the EU; all except the actual perpetrators. In April 2011 the illegals set fire to a guest house where they were staying at the expense of a charity organization, and threw rocks at the police.

Without the reception center, they had to be accommodated in hotels and tourist villages, which are virtually the place’s only economic resources.

Aliens overwhelmed the 5,000-inhabitants island and took advantage of their hospitality, subjecting the place to unusually high levels of violence and crime. Lampedusa is a micro-representation of what will happen to Europe if both current Muslim immigration and European demographic trends continue, when the proportion of natives and migrants will be the same in Europe as it’s been in Lampedusa. The islanders’ reaction, a small civil war, could also represent a prediction of future continent-wide events.

At the height of the immigration flux, confronted with an unprecedented crisis and left to their own devices to deal with it, the people of Lampedusa used “direct action” methods.

They stopped the Italian Coast Guard patrol boat, loaded with still more “rescued” North Africans. Women occupied the harbour and docks, chained themselves, overturned wheelie bins and blocked the road. Fishermen pulled boats to the entrance to the harbour. “Nobody enters here any more,” the women shouted from the quay where patriotic flags were flying. To chants of “freedom!” they raised a banner: “We are full.”

The island descended into chaos. An urban riot occurred, with violent clashes between hundreds of Tunisians, police and locals. Many were injured. Three Lampedusans tried to assault their mayor, who barricaded himself in his office with a baseball bat for self-defence, while outside dozens were protesting against him and the immigrants, who wandered around the streets after having burnt down the reception center.

Islanders attacked journalists and TV crews. Tunisians and Lampedusans threw rocks at each other after illegals had threatened to explode gas cylinders near a petrol pump.

The reality is that this was a pseudo-humanitarian crisis: the illegals overwhelmingly were not refugees but economic migrants. What’s for years been called an “emergency” continues. Every day there are new arrivals.

The number of immigrants to Italy from the Mediterranean is growing. In the first 6 months of 2013, 7,800  of them arrived on Italy’s southern coasts, compared to 3,500 in the first 6 months of 2012. About three quarters landed on Lampedusa from Africa, the rest disembarked on Italy’s south-eastern coast in Apulia from Greece and Turkey.”

Read the rest at:

No reasonable person would say that the Lampedusans have put up with a lot. The immigrant problems must have all but killed off their tourism industry, after all who wants to go on holiday in a place that looks like Newham or Bradford or Tower Hamlets. The locals have seen their island ruined by ungrateful, uncivilised Third World and Islamic scum. I also think no reasonable person would criticise the locals for wanting to fight back not just against the hoard of parasitical Islamo-nightmares that arrive, but also their craven and appeasing Government. Front Page Magazine is correct this is not a humanitarian crisis involving desperate people fleeing oppression, it is economic migrants searching for an easy life, preferably one that involves collecting welfare payments or preaching Jihad.

The only good thing that can be said about the Lampedusan situation is that the locals fought back. They appealed to the state, but the state ignored them. The stress that such unwanted levels of Islamic immigration has brought to Lampedusa had become intolerable. The state was doing so little to counter the problem apart from giving out Italian citizenship that the locals turned out to defend their homes and their villages. However despite what what was described as a ‘mini civil war’ on the island, these free loaders from Islamic hell holes across the Mediterranean are still being indulged by the Italian Govt and various do-gooders. This indulging only encourages more free loaders and welfare parasites to turn up, perpetuating the problems.

Rather than building ‘refugee centres’ for the migrants to destroy, maybe the Italian Navy should have either torpedoed the migrant ships, or picked up the migrants and then dumped them’ back in North Africa. Letting in masses of criminals, free loaders and jihad promoters should not be an option, sadly this is the option that Italy chose, and because Britain is a member of the EU, those Islamic free loaders and troublemakers can come here to ponce and disrupt as well.

The giant turd that the migrant boats laid in Italy, may end up being found in British cookware after a few months. Once Italy, or any other EU country gives these scum citizenship, then under EU law there is very little that Britain can do to stop them coming here and availing themselves of Britain’s generous and open ended welfare system.

The people of Lampedusa reached their breaking point regarding immigration and specifically Islamic immigration, how long will it be before this breaking point is reached elsewhere?

Front Page Mag makes the very interesting point that at present those who angry at the mess that excessive immigration and Islam has made of their home cities are, if they are able, leaving. At some point, running to somewhere nicer and less Muslim will no longer be enough. At that point Europeans will have to take the decision to either fight, or be enslaved by an Islamic ideology that will drain the life out of Europe like a vampire drains victims of blood.

If that time comes about then it will be a sign of failure. We can avoid that failure by having those we pay handsomely finally deal with our Islamic problems, not so that benefits Islam, Islam has taken too much all ready, but so that it benefits all of us. Whether we are white or black, gay or straight, Christian or Jew, Sikh, Hindu or Buddhist, none of us are safe while Islam is being indulged and allowed to grow.



Original story from Front Page Magazine

Britons fleeing immigrant heavy and Islam dominated areas

The Daily Telegraph’s view of the same story.

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  1. wiggia permalink

    Berlusconi had a deal with Gaddafi that involved buying his oil in exchange for shipping these migrants back to internment camps in Libya, that deal ended of course when we decided to interfere in Libya and Gaddafi was “disposed” of.

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