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The Loonies of Left Foot Forward go into full smear mode

July 19, 2013

The socialist blog Left Foot Forward appear to have started to panic over the idea that not everybody who classifies themselves as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender, wants to sign up to their idea of a socialist utopia.

In an article on their site, Matthew Broomfield appears surprised that a growing number of people of the LGBT persuasion are none too enamoured about the growth of Islam. Factors such as the 70% drop in the number of gay pubs in East London, Islamic preachers seemingly blanket permission to say the sort of hateful things about LGBT people that if said by others would result in prosecution, have contributed to the growth of Islamoscepticism amongst the LGBT community.

Broomfield has finally noticed the creation and growth of the EDL LGBT Division both in physical members and a healthy web presence. Sadly, Broomfield rather than asking why some LGBT people are aligning themselves with Patrotic groups such as the EDL, starts slapping on the smears, like a plasterer applying plaster.

Broomfield fails to comprehend just how much of a threat to Britain’s LGBT people Islam poses. It is becoming painfully apparent that it is not the classic ‘far right’ that is indulging in queerbashing and demonising gay people, but the Bearded Savages whom the left consistently politically felates.

Left Foot Forward’s Broomfield described the English Defence League as follows:

“Mostly male, shaven-headed and white, they can be found in almost any of Britain’s urban centres – a jostling crowd beneath a thicket of placards and Crosses of St. George. “

Firstly, what happened to the oft stated socialist idea of not stereotyping people, Broomfield you lefty twat? Secondly what is wrong with being male, shaven headed and white. Some of my best friends have been male, shaven headed and white?

Broomfield then expresses extreme surprise that LGBT people, whom the Left have previously considered as ‘theirs’ choose to dislike and campaign against the fascistic ideology of Islam.

He said:

“Occasionally, though, unexpected flags can be seen amongst the ranks of red crosses. Some have a rainbow imposed in the corner, some are Union Jacks with the blue replaced with pink, and it is even possible to spot an occasional Gay Pride flag, emblazoned with the legend, ‘DEFEND FREEDOM: UNITE AGAINST ISLAMIC MENACE’. “

I’d like to ask Broomfield why it is ‘unexpected’ that LGBT people would want to stand up against those who have stated their wish to wipe LGBT people out? Does Broomfield expect that LGBT people should calmly wait patiently for some bearded savage to come along and behead them? Sod that, fighting back should be the reaction of anyone with half a brain. Passivity gets you nowhere. It wasn’t passivity that turned around the sexual offences rules prior to the late 1960’s, it was a combination of finding allies to help with law reform and street protest.

Broomfield continued:

“The far-right in the UK is made up solely of uneducated, white, heterosexual, working-class men. Or so many people seem to think. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Queer movement preaches tolerance and inclusion, while the English Defence League is a reactionary, Islamophobic organisation which relies on flag-burning, death threats and violence to communicate its message.”

I dont’ know where to start with the pile of poo that this statement represents. So I’ll start at the beginning.

The ‘far right’, which the EDL doesn’t appear to be a part of, unlike the BNP and the NF, are not solely made up of members of the working classes. Many of the far right luminaries of the past in Britain have not been the horny handed sons of toil, but have come from the aristocracy or the upper middle classes. Oswald Mosely for example was as far removed from the ordinary worker, in background and attitudes as Tony Blair was.

Yes the LGBT movement, and especially organisations do preach tolerance and inclusion but that is not always the case. There has often been discrimination from Gay men against bisexual men and women and there has been expressions of misogny from some gay men at certain times. Also some LGBT organisations are very intolerant of those who don’t wish to shout about their sexuality from the rooftops, or those who question the policies of groups like Stonewall or those who are gay and conservative. Just because someone prefers to sleep with their own gender or wish to change their gender, doesn’t automatically confer a moral superiority that hetrosexuals do not possess.

As for the smear that the EDL has been involved in issuing death threats and threatening violence that is a complete load of old pony. Of course as with any organisation the EDL is going to contain members who are ‘unbalanced’ but then so do all political parties and organisations, remember George Galloway was once a Labour MP and he’s pretty unbalanced, but in the main the EDL is more sinned against than sinning. The EDL’s Tommy Robinson has had to put up with hundreds of death threats, which the police do absolutely nothing about, and worse, have tried to stop Mr Robinson speaking up about these threats. If there is any political current that is using threats of violence to promote their agenda then it is Islam, not the EDL that is doing that.

The writer also described the EDL as ‘islamophobic’. My answer to that is so what! What on earth is wrong with being ‘phobic’ about an ideology that wants to kill you? Being accused of Islamophobia should be a sign that you’ve hit the target, and not something to be ashamed of.

The one heartening thing about the Broomfield piece is that it shows the Left is starting to panic. It sees that it can no longer take the support of LGBT people for granted nor that people will keep silent for ‘community cohesion’ reasons. Left Foot Forward cannot understand why LGBT people refuse to stay silent about the ideology of Islam and why they are angry that the groups that are supposed to represent them and fight their corner, such as Stonewall for example, are pussyfooting around the problem of Islamicly inspired hatred that doesn’t just target LGBT people, but anyone who doesn’t want to kow tow to the followers of a 7th Century paedophile warlord.

I would say to those LGBT people who may be swayed by the LFF article to think carefully before you join the lynch mob that the Left is putting together against the EDL, because tomorrow it may be that this lynch mob of Lefties and Muslims may be coming for you. The Left doesn’t love you anymore (that’s if they did in the first place) and they are quite willing to chuck LGBT people, along with Jews and patriots under the bus in order to ingratiate themselves with their new Islamic ‘Best Friends Forever’.


Left Foot Forward Blog

Hat tip Guido Fawkes

One Comment
  1. an excellent article. well done. from someone who is bisexual and lives in Tower Hamlets I can tell you that this article rings true. the left abandoned us when they realised we were genuinely diverse and not inclined to blindly back Labour. they have since set up proxy organisations which profess to “represent” the LGBT community in the East End but are actually led by leftist androids. I moved to Tower Hamlets about fifteen years ago and when I did there were eight gay pubs. now there are just two left. and I can retell lots of horrendous stories of attacks on friends of mine. I remember one guy getting stabbed outside the Joiners’ Arms. another being almost murdered walking to the George & Dragom. people having cars driven at them outside the Black Horse. all buy young Muslims and Labour did not want to know.

    so I vote UKIP and I think Tommy Robinson is a complete hero for daring to stand up for the truth.

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