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A Muslim on Muslim attack or just another fake one?

July 12, 2013


Although police have said that they have arrested two Ukranians, it would be wrong to assume that these Ukranians are either Christian or Secular.

Approximately 12% of the Ukranian population is Muslim according to Wiki, and Muslims have resided in the Ukraine for many centuries.  Ukrainian Muslims have a long history and in the past used Ukranian land as a base from which to launch slaving raids on Slavic Eastern Europe.  Since the fall of the Soviet Union many Muslims removed during the Stalin era to other parts of the SU have returned to the Ukraine swelling the numbers. 


Well the Modus Operandi in this latest ‘attack’ looks similar to other fake attacks or Muslim on Muslim attacks.  You have the bomb outside or ‘nearby’ a terrorist indoctrination centre Mosque, a ‘bomb’ allegedly containing nails which bears a lot of similarity to devices used in other Islamic attacks, and the ‘attack’ taking place during Ramadan when Muslim on Muslim violence normally breaks out.

The attack in Tiipton in the Midlands may well be another self inflicted wound in order to help Islamic groups to ‘play the victim’.  We will know more if the police release any names of suspects or of  those arrested.  The name of the 75 year old man arrested for the ‘attack’ on an empty alleyway near the Aisha Mosque in Birmingham has not yet been released even though several weeks have gone by, raising suspicions that the suspect is himself, Muslim.  If the suspect was not Muslim then you can bet that the police would be falling over themselves to release details.

There is one very suspicious detail of the Tipton case which makes it likely that this is another fake attack and that is that the explosion itself occured on a disused railway line behind the mosque.  A location hardly likely to cause damage to the mosque.  Think about it for a second, if you really really hated Islam and were of a violent disposition, would you not want to plant your explosive device as close to a mosque as possible or even inside if you could?  If this was not a fake attack or Islamic terrorists having a practice ‘bang’ then why set off your bomb on a disused railway line out the back of the building.

This case stinks of fakery like many of the other similar cases.  I may be wrong but there is a fair chance that I will not be.

Here’s the Sky News report

Counter-terrorism officers are investigating a suspected nail bomb attack outside a mosque in the West Midlands, Sky sources say.

Police were called to Binfield Street in Tipton around 1pm after residents reported hearing a loud bang.

Officers said the explosion is being treated as a terrorist incident and some residents have reported finding nails and other debris in the area.

No-one is thought to have been injured but a cordon was set up in part of the town and several streets have been sealed off.

The blast was believed to have happened on a disused railway line behind the mosque.

It was reported near the Kanz-ul-Iman Muslim Welfare Association Central Jamia Mosque in Binfield Street, local councillors said.

Tipton Green councillor Ian Jones said residents in the area had described hearing a “loud thud”, while councillor Syeda Amina Khatun said she was not aware of any previous attacks on the mosque.

“The explosion has gone off on the disused railway line behind the mosque,” she said.

“There are lots of police around so there must be want for them to be here. The whole estate has been blocked off. People are surprised that something like this has happened.”

A police statement said: “Police have been called to Binfield Street in Tipton this afternoon following reports of a loud explosion.

“Officers were called at 1.06pm and are currently at the scene. A cordon has been set up and the immediate area has been evacuated.

“Some residents have reported finding debris in the area and finding nails. This is being investigated by counter terrorism detectives and forensic officers at the scene.

“There are no reports of any injuries to anyone at this time.

“An investigation is being led by the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit and it is being treated as a terrorist incident. There are some road closures in place around the Binfield Street area.”

Among the road closures are parts of Sedgley Road East, Dudley Port, Jays Avenue, Tudor Court, Park Lane East, Crompton Road and Victoria Road.

Anyone who saw anything suspicious in the area is urged to call police on 101 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

The blast came on the day murdered soldier Lee Rigby was remembered at a private funeral service in Bury, Greater Manchester.

Meanwhile, West Midlands Police are still investigating an explosion which occurred near a mosque in the Caldmore area of Walsall on June 21.

The remains of a home-made explosive device were found on June 22 in an alleyway adjoining the Aisha Mosque and Islamic Centre in Rutter Street, Caldmore.

The earlier incident, in which no-one was injured, forced the overnight evacuation of around 150 people from their homes in the surrounding area.

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