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Spot the difference – How the police treat a meeting of radical Muslims in Birmingham and how they treat those who are opposed to radical Islam.

June 30, 2013

The Metropolitan police, not working for you but instead working for the enemy.


Here are two videos that illustrate the difference between how the British police treated a meeting of radical Muslims, including the hate-monger Andy Choudhury, and those opposed to Islamic hate-mongers.

The first video shows police visiting a jihad meeting in Birmingham. Notice how the police are respectful to the attendees, do not threaten or use force, do not arrest anyone and eventually walk away with their tails between their legs. The police officers were subjected to a tirade of abuse from the Muslims, including calling a Muslim police officer a ‘kuffar’. but no action appeared to be taken.

The second video, by way of contrast, shows Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll being arrested outside London’s Aldgate East tube station. They wanted to complete their charity walk to Woolwich in aid of a sick child on Armed Forces Day, and lay wreaths near the place where Drummer Lee Rigby was murdered by Islamic thugs. In this case the police are aggressive and arrogant and also adamant that Mr Robinson and Mr Carroll are not to walk down the Whitechapel Road, which has in recent years, become a de facto ‘no go area’ for non-Muslims. The police seem to be completely focussed on stopping Mr Robinson and Mr Carroll from proceeding and they were arrested for ‘obstructing a police officer’. In the video you can hear one of those arrested, either Mr Carroll or Mr Robinson, say that they will not walk past the East London Mosque, despite that they were still arrested. This is a blatant example of how Tower Hamlets, which was once a mixed area, is now under the control of the Islamic thugs and extremists of Jamaat e Islaami.

Yes, it could be argued that those arrested could have shown less anger and thereby get a better result out of the situation. However, if you or I were in the position of Mr Robinson, who has had hundreds of death threats from Muslims and the far Left,which the police have done nothing about, could we say that we wouldn’t be as angry as that, or more so? I would certainly be steamingly angry if a police service that I pay for via taxation acted in this manner.

It seems that the police, and the Metropolitan Police especially, have been corrupted by political correctness and are also acting on orders from politicians desperate to stop people speaking out against an ideology that kills, maims and oppresses. Someone should remind these police officers that the ‘Eichmann defence‘ of ‘I was only following orders’ really is legally and ethically, shaky ground.

It seems that the police have chosen their ‘side’ and it is not mine, yours, your children’s or your nations side. The police have chosen Islam’s side, because they have been ordered to, because the new police culture is infested with multiculturalist ideas, and because they are shit scared that any action taken against Muslim thugs will kick off with extreme violence from Muslims.

The difference in how these two situations were handled shows just how politicised Britain’s police have become. I would go so far as to say that this politicisation is much worse than what happened during the Miners Strike of the 1980’s. This police politicisation, which can be laid at the door of the Labour party mostly, is deeper and more ingrained in police culture than it was during Margaret Thatcher’s premiership. The police now protect those who shout the loudest and who threaten violence and do nothing whatsoever to protect those who are the targets of Islamic abuse and violence.

By these and other Islam appeasing actions, the police have lost any residual respect that I once had for them. They have become Islam’s blue uniformed boot boys, they have sided with the enemy. It gives me no pleasure to say that because I believe that in a democratic free society, a functioning, fair and impartial police force is necessary to prevent crime and apprehend miscreants. To see the police support the very enemy that threatens us all, is very worrying indeed.


Hat Tip for videos EDL LGBT Division

This is what Islam has done to Tower Hamlets.

Police covered up Islamic violence

75% of Gay pubs in East London have closed, forced out by Islamic thugs who attack both the customers and the pubs themselves. Remember East London was once an area known for its tolerance of gay people, even prior to the legal reforms in the Wolfenden Report. It is now, because of Islam, a place of fear for gay people.

Thuggish Islamic ‘Shariah Patrols’ bringing terror to the East End.

More on the Islamisation of East London

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