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I wonder if this case will turn out to be ‘bovine faeces’ like many of the other ones?

June 26, 2013

Police offering reassurance about something that may well turn out to be very much like the cow faeces pictured above.

The media has been going into outrage mode this morning regarding a break-in at the partially built Redditch Central Mosque, duringwhich swastikas were painted on a wall.

The Redditch Standard newspaper said:

“RACIST graffiti including swastikas has been sprayed on the walls of a Redditch mosque.

The damage at the Jinnah Road building, which is still under construction and has previously been targeted by offenders, was caused between 2am and 4.30am today (Wednesday), with paint taken from builders’ cabins on the site used to target the walls and at least half a dozen windows.

Offenders forced entry through a gate before breaking in to the main building. It is not yet known whether anything has been stolen.”

Although this ‘attack’ may well be yet more fake attack BS as has happened elsewhere, it appears that the Redditch Mosque and the Muslim community there are not exactly the most popular addition to the town. There have been reports, denied by the police of course, that there have been Islamic Grooming Gangs operating in Redditch It would appear that Mandy Rice-Davis’s famous comment ‘they would say that wouldn’t they‘ applies here. Apparently when the Islamic grooming story broke in Redditch, the local paper printed the fact that there were ‘asians’ involved, but later dropped the story and changed it once readers had started to comment on the possiblity that Redditch girls were yet more victims of Islamic paedophile gangs. There have also been other acts of vandalism aimed at the mosque building site, which appears to be quite a dominant looking building with a minaret and domes, very much unlike other religious or secular buildings in the area.

On the subject of the latest, possibly self inflicted, vandalism the Redditch Standard said that police patrols had been stepped up to ‘reassure’ the local Muslim population. The Standard also reported the local police ‘useful idiot’ Supt Kevin Purcell saying:

“For as long as I can remember the relationship between the Muslim community in Redditch, the police and the wider community would best be described as excellent.

“I will be arranging meetings with the chairs of the mosques, local civic leaders and the Independent Advisory Group to reassure them of our commitment and determination to do everything possible to prevent any further such incidents and track down those responsible for this attack.”

Notice the abject, sickening, crawling to the local Islamic ‘Shariah-ocracy’ here. This sort of brown-nosing does raise the question, would Supt Purcell be offering similar reassurance and platitudes to members of Churches who had suffered similar vandalism. It is correct to reassure those in fear, but this reassurance needs to be doled out fairly, and not only to those who are the loudest in claiming victimhood.

The Useful Idiot police superintendent also buys into the increasingly discredited idea that there is a tidal wave of attacks on Muslims and their property. Police Superintendent Purcell said:

“”Due to incidents happening nationally targeted patrols have been put in place and these will now be further increased as we will not tolerate mindless attacks of this nature.”

It is to be hoped that PS Purcell is equally as helpful to those non-Muslims who have been mindlessly attacked or the victims of Islamic Grooming Gangs. It is disappointing to say the least to see a senior police officer claiming a wave of attacks, when the anti Islamic hate crime monitoring group, Tell Mama, was caught out fabricating evidence of anti Islamic attacks and treating minor, trivial and often completely legal anti-Islam comments, as if they were more serious than they actually were. It is also disappointing to see Supt Purcell who is supposed to be a police officer acting as a publicly funded mouthpiece for those like the anti-Islamic hate-crime mountebank, Fiyaz Mughal, whose Tell Mama groups anti Islamic crime figures have been proved to be unreliable in the extreme.

Also climbing aborad the outrage bandwagon was Labour Councillor Rebecca Blake, the member of Redditch Council in charge of community safety, who gave us this wonderful example of ‘diversity waffle’ and who appears completely unaware of why people might have a problem with an ideology that encourages terrorism, sees non-Muslims as lesser beings, permits lying, and whose founding prophet, whom Muslims are told to emulate, was, what would now be called, a paedophile.

Councillor Blake said:”“I am saddened by this mindless graffiti and damage, just as the majority of people are.

“In Redditch, the different communities stand together as one and that is no different in our condemnation against this criminal behaviour.

“The council is on standby to remove the offensive graffiti as soon as the police have the evidence they need from the site.”

It is to be hoped that if a church or Christian gravestones were vandalised with Islamic graffiti, as has recently happened in Milton Keynes and on war memorials in London, she would be equally as eager to jump up and speak out. Somehow the fact that she is a Labour councillor, and Labour is now almost totally owned in some areas of the country by Islamic interests, makes me think that she wouldn’t.

There may be much more to this story than the headline of ‘mosque break-in and graffiti’ would suggest. Although there is genuine anger in Redditch about the possiblity of an Islamic Grooming Gang operating in the town, and this anger may have spilled over into vandalism, there is something suspicious about what has been reported as the modus operandi of the attack. The way this attack was carried out could point to some form of ‘self harm’ by a person or persons unknown, eager to claim ‘victim-hood’ for the local Islamic community for political ends. Whoever did this knew which builders hut contained the paint, and splashed around graffiti, such as swastikas, that they knew would get attention turned towards the ‘far right’. On the subject of the daubing of swastikas, such imagery wasn’t much of a problem for Muslims during the Second World War, as quite a few of them saw joining the Nazi SS as another way of performing jihad against the Jews and the Christians and preserving their Islamic identity.

There are loads of suspects for this ‘attack’ not least elements in the local Islamic community themselves. If this is not a self inflicted wound then the local Islamic community should consider whether building a huge ‘willy-waving’ Mosque, and being suspected of harbouring child sex abusers does them any favours with the local non-Muslim population? There are ways of living successfully as a minority and the first rule is to not do anything to annoy your hosts. Other groups, such as Sikhs, Hindus and Jews, who have come to the UK, have done this very successfully indeed, but it seems to be a rule that many Muslims seem incapable of following.

This attack may well be one that was either done by the Muslims themselves or is something that the local Muslims have brought on themselves by their behaviour. That is not to condone such violence of course, but only to state a fact which is if a group continues to behave badly, then people will react against it, and some will unfortunately react violently.

It will be interesting to see who if anybody is arrested and charged for this attack. When this happens we may have much more of an idea as to the motivation for the vandalism. However, if the perpetrator comes from somewhere other than the ‘usual suspects’ or if they are close to the Redditch Islamic community, then there probably will not be any arrests or charges, for ‘community cohesion’ reasons of course.


Original story in the Redditch Standard

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Police denial that there are Islamic Grooming Gangs targetting vulnerable young women in Redditch

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Labour Councillor Rebecca Blake’s details

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Images from WikiIslam showing the close co-operation between the Nazis and Islamic groups.

List of false anti-Islamic hate crimes from Wiki Islam

British graves in the city of Milton Keynes daubed in Islamic graffiti.

And finally, here’s the biography of Superintendent Kevin Purcell.

  1. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    XX On the subject of the latest, possibly self inflicted, vandalism the Redditch Standard said that police patrols had been stepped up to ‘reassure’ the local Muslim population.XX


    I thought they had their own “police” now…?!

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Well said Furor. Actually the Muslims have two police forces. The thuggish Shariah Patrols that are terrorising our cities and our by now throughly corrupt police forces.

      That word ‘reassurance’ really sticks in my craw. Where was the police reassurance to the victims of Islamic rape gangs who were operating with impunity for more than a decade?

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