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The Aisha Mosque Walsall, could it be Britain’s equivalent to Tawana Brawley?

June 25, 2013

It may well turn out that the ‘bomber’ of the Walsall mosque may quite have a bit in common with Barry from Four Lions.

With more facts about the story of the explosive device near the Aisha mosque in Walsall starting to emerge, I can’t help wondering if Aisha mosque should change its name to the Tawana Brawley Mosque, after the famous hoax rape victim of the late 1980’s. This is because many of the key parts of the story don’t appear to ring all that true, or give rise to doubts. So far, the facts that are known and reported, point to the device being planted to stir trouble, make a noise, and thereby allow Islamic groups to claim victim hood, rather than any serious attempt to kill, main or damage property.

This is not to say that people from the Aisha mosque planted the device themselves, far from it, but it may have been planted by an individual from the Islamic community in order to gain the sympathy of the media, government and various useful idiots. It was interesting to see that this suspect explosion happened at a time when many British people, of various races and religions, are starting to ask awkward questions about Islam in general and Islam in the UK in particular. Attacks or alleged attacks on Islamic individuals and property are useful in making people feel sorry for Muslims and ask less questions about Islam.

What was originally reported as a bomb, turned out to be a home-made device that sounded like a firework (and probably was mostly firework). This device was not, as originally reported, found in the grounds of the mosque, but in an alleyway nearby. The device, post explosion, laid in the alleyway for 24 hours from Friday night to Saturday night before a member of the public brought the device inside the mosque. When the device was brought in a member of the mosque personnel called the police and the whole ‘there’s been a bomb at a mosque’ hysteria started.

I know it sounds a bit ‘Barry-from-Four-Lions’ but there have been instances of Islamic groups and individuals faking or talking up ‘hate crimes’ in order to get sympathy from the police or the public or for some other reason. The Walsall device appears to have been carefully constructed and planted so that there was a minimal chance of the device either injuring someone or doing damage to the mosque. There is the strong possiblity that this ‘attack’ may end up as nothing of the sort.

The other so-called ‘mosque and madrassa attacks’ are also looking less likely to be the result of angry patriots or Islam haters, and more like the results of insurance fraud and non Islam related teenage mayhem. There have been arrests of teenagers in the case of the fire at the madrassa in Chislehurst, Kent and rumours of arrests over the fire in the Bravanese Centre in Muswell Hill. If these were bona fide attacks by those opposed to Islam, and arrests had been made, would you not think that the police would be making hay with it and crowing about it? Why the silence? OK in one case there are the reporting restrictions pertaining to young offenders, but why be tight lipped about arrests in the Muswell Hill case? Could it be that the arrested alleged perpetrators do not fit the desired category of ‘angry white racist’?

There appears to be much more about the Walsall case that is not cut and dried and what has been reported really doesn’t smell right.

If this ‘bomb’ has achieved one thing, it has got the police running round Birmingham offering ‘reassurance’ to the local Birmingham Islamic community, and enhancing their sense that they are ‘victims’. No reasonable person would have a problem with the police offering reassurance to frightened people, but it would be nice if the police did the same for those who are the victims of Islamic thugs, paedophiles, rapists and other criminals, instead of pussy-footing around and turning blind eyes to crimes committed by Muslims for ‘community cohesion’ reasons. It could be asked ‘where was the reassurance from the police when thousands of British girls were abused and raped, or when thuggish ‘Shariah Patrols’ turn our streets into places of fear?’

It is unlikely that the evidence trail for the Walsall ‘bomb’ will lead where many would think, or where the Left would like to think. It may end up that the perpetrator was a lone angry non-Muslim, but this is unlikely. There is a very strong possiblity that the device was planted by someone from the Islamic community in order to claim victimhood for Midlands Muslims and to stir up trouble. We have a society where claiming group victimhood, whether that be race, religion, or sexuality related brings tangible bonuses in the form of advantageous treatment by public servants and also hard cash. This explosion could even be the result of junior jihadis taking their first experimental steps with explosives.

Whatever it turns out to be, the outcome will be interesting, if that is, we are allowed to know the outcome.

Links and things

Daily Mirror story on the Walsall Mosque explosion

A list of fake anti-Muslim ‘hate crime’ cases and other lies.

Interesting discussion on the Walsall explosion on the Harry’s Place blog. On there a BTL commentor gave the opinion that victim-hood status was worth having. Also another commentor made the useful observation that all that had been slightly damaged was an alley.

itbesoa day ago

“They inflicted mild damage on an Alley….
In fact it may never have gone off at all. Suspicious, but not for the reasons one initially thinks.”

They added:

“there is no evidence as to who left it in an alley, some distance from this massive and unmissable mosque, and conclusions as usual are being jumped to “

The famous, or rather infamous, Tawana Brawley ‘rape’ case.

The involvement of the odious Al Sharpton in the Tawana Brawley case, and how he used it to stir up racial hatred and thereby increase his political profile.

The Muswell Hill mosque fire is also not what it seems

The Chislehurst Madrassa fire. It’s not a revolution, just some very naughty boys.

Birmingham. Jihadi central?

From elsewhere on this blog about the Walsal Aisha Mosque

Barry’s ‘Bomb the Mosque’ speech from Four Lions

Barry Well, we got a target, bro. We’re all agreed.
Omar What is it?
Barry It’s the mosque.
Omar What?
Barry Yeah! Bomb the mosque, radicalise the moderates, bring it all on.
Omar OK, right. No, I like that. I do like that, that’s brilliant. Let’s take out a bunch of Muslims because they’re the real enemy. Once we’ve done that, why don’t we truck-bomb a kebab shop and fly a jumbo jet into Waj’s mum’s head?



  1. We’ve already had one of those. Don’t know if you were blogging at the time, but it was pretty amusing.

    Here. Enjoy!

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Hi, yeah although I wasn’t blogging at the time I was aware of the Loughton fake kidnap case. I believe that he was caught on CCTV at the time he was alleged to be held against his will.

      There are so many iffy fake hate crimes being reported by Islamic groups as the Wikiislam link shows.

      I’ve just seen on the news that West Mercia police are saying that a mosque in Redditch was broken into and ‘racist graffiti’ painted on a wall. I wonder if this case will turn out to be a load of cack as well? Probably it will. Bearing in mind the stresses and strains that Islam has caused in the UK, I think the British people have been very restrained in their response to immense provocation. Since the Islamic murder of Drummer Rigby, there has only been one provable genuinie anti-Islamic attack on property where a non-Muslim has been arrested, everything else has been just plain lies or there are suspicions that the attacks were ‘self inflicted wounds’.

  2. Fahrenheit211 permalink

    It appears that a 75 year old pensioner has been arrested in connection with the firework type device planted in an alleyway near the mosque.

    There is no indication at this stage as to what part of the community the accused comes from as no names have yet been given out by the police.

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  1. I wonder if this case will turn out to be ‘bovine faeces’ like many of the other ones? | Fahrenheit211

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