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This is one petition that I don’t think that I’ll be signing

June 21, 2013

Hope Not Hate. They are Hoping that you don’t notice that they Hate you and your values, but love the Islamic headcases and their ‘values’.

The so-called anti-racist group Hope Not Hate have been busy trying to encourage people to sign a petition against the planned appearances of counterjihadist bloggers and commentators, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, at a planned rally in Woolwich on June 29th.

You have to admire the bare faced cheek of Hope Not Hate in calling for visa bans on counterjihad activists who have not called for violence, whilst saying nothing about the constant stream of Islamic preachers who can be proved to be inciting violence and hatred. Did they think that people would not notice such Janus-like behaviour?

This is the two-faced behaviour that we have come to expect from the political Left. They denounce peaceful and scholarly activists from the Counterjihad, whilst either feting or ignoring the violent headcases coming from within the ideology of Islam.

I don’t recall Hope Not Hate calling for the removal of Abu Qatata, nor denouncing Anjem Chowdhury or even criticising in any meaningful way the regular procession of hate preachers supported or encouraged by places like the East London Mosque.

Sadly, although there should be an organisation that tackles racism in an eithical and even handed manner, Hope Not Hate is not that entity. It has shown itself to have a blind spot when it comes to jihadist Muslims who have now become the pet psychos of the far left and their fellow travellers in the broader Left.

When I saw on Harry’s Place that Hope Not Hate were trying to get a campaign up to refuse entry to Geller and Spencer I was not surprised and neither was I surprised to see that Hope Not Hate were smearing Pamela Geller in particular for calling the ideology of Islam ‘savage’. Well the ideology of Islam does encourage its adherents to behave in a savage way, and that behaviour can be seen not just in the recent Islamic murder in Woolwich, but wherever Islam sets up shop. Violence, disturbance and oppression seem to be the primary ‘gifts’ that Islam has given the world and it is not ‘racist’ or ‘islamophobic’ to say so. Even Hope Not Hate’s primary accusation against Ms Geller, that says that she tars all Muslims with the same brush, melts into nothingness in the light of the facts that too many British Islamic communities do little or nothing to halt the tide of Islamic violence and hatred. Recent events, and trials such as those of the Birmingham jihadis, have shown that the phrase uttered by Hope Not Hate, which is that Islamic violence is that fault of a ‘tiny minority of extremists’, is complete and utter rubbish.

Hope Not Hate by trying to shut down activists from the Counterjihad whilst staying silent about the rising tide of Islamic terror, crime, hatred and incitement to violence, have truly now shown what side they are on. They are on the side of the jihadis and those who give them succor and not on the side of those of us, of all races and religions, who are at risk, both now and in the future, from Islamic violence.

Groups like Hope Not Hate and Unite Against Fascism are organisations that look fair on the surface but the more you dig into their views and their associates, the more foul that they begin to look.

If you are opposed to the fascistic ideology of Islam, not matter how peacefully and constitutionally you may fight, then Hope Not Hate have declared that they hate you and what you believe in. Hope Not Hate are not part of the solution to division, they are a cause of it because of whom they have chosen to champion and who they have chosen to denounce.


I’m not going to give the scum at Hope Not Hate any extra traffic by putting down a direct link to them, so here is the story about the campaign from Harry’s Place

It is worth checking out the comments on that post on HP. One of the Islamic apologists, Mohammed Amin gets shot down in flames over his views. Also note in the original Hope Not Hate press release, it should be noted that HNH still rely on the rubbish figures and claims made by the discredited Tell Mama group to back up their claim that there has been an increase in anti-Muslim hate crime since the Islamic murder of Drummer Lee Rigby. I would contend that there has not been an increase in genuine attacks, but there have been more people prepared to step forward and speak up about the vile ideology of Islam.

The Birmingham Jihadis story

  1. john warren permalink

    Keep plugging away. Even a small hole will rapidly expand when pressurised water gets to work.

    Do you know if there’s a counter petition running? Geller and Spencer I’ve listened to and they both talk well and with convincing passion. Just a bit of a shame that Geller happens to be of the Jewish faith. No doubt axes and the grinding thereof will be brought into play. If she’s also wealthy that will no doubt also be used against her.

    The left picks up on every detail and is never slow to do a bit embroidering.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Thanks for the encouragement John. I’m just one of many people who are concerned about an ideology that has attacked us in the past and will attack us again.

      Not sure if there is a counterpetition but there certainly needs to be something in place for the next time the Left try to strangle free speech like this.

      I certainly agree that Geller and Spencer are not the raging hatemongers that the Left portray them as and are both concerned, passionate and most importantly, informed critics of Islam.

      Regarding Ms Geller’s faith. It shouldn’t matter and doesn’t matter but the anti-Semitic Left will try to stir up the Jew hatred of the Muslims on this issue. Islam isn’t just a danger to Jews it is a danger to all of us no matter what our race or religion.

  2. elbydelby permalink

    With regard to HnH, have you seen this Fahrenheit? The American link and alleged Tax evasion, HnH?

    Joining of the dots here. I think Robert and Pamela may find all this interesting – the American link

    Can’t believe others have not picked up on this.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I’ll look at these sources later and see how credible the are. It is however becoming well known that HnH and many other Leftist/Islamic outfits are considerably less transparent financially than they should be.

  3. elbydelby permalink

    Re Ruth Smeeth (Secretary for all listed Hope not Hate companies)


    and includes the Wikileaks revelation that she is regarded as a protected source by the United States embassy in London

    [end quote]


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