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The gift that keeps on giving. More distrust of Fiyaz Mughal’s groups.

June 19, 2013

Although the story being featured here about Mr Mughal’s groups Faith Matters and Tell Mama, was broken by the Jewish Defence League way back in March, recent events require us to take another look at this story.  The recent events are, as you may be aware, the thorough comprehensive busting given to Tell Mama’s figures on anti Islamic crime by Andrew Gilligan and others.

Fiyaz Mughal appears to have or be involved in various organisations and front groups, one of which, ‘Muslims against anti-Semitism’ is nothing more than a web page. Mughal has been accused by the JDL of ‘wanting things both ways’ when it comes to police crime figures. The JDL article says that Mughal accepts police figures when it shows that there are attacks on Muslims, but infers that the police lie when it comes to widespread reports on Islamic Grooming Gangs.

One of the shocking things about the JDL piece, and other reports on the Fiyaz Mughal/Tell Mama/Faith Matters farrago, is just how many respectable people and groups have been caught out by them and similar groups. Nick Clegg supported Tell Mama getting public money and the Jewish communal security organisation the Community Security Trust have also been hoodwinked into working with the Tell Mama group. It is to be hoped that those who pandered to to the various groups associated with Mughal will be a bit more careful about which Islamic organisations they deal with in the future.

The aftermath of the TellMama affair should be that there is a lot more scepticism towards Islamic groups who appear to be bearing olive branches. There should also be more distrust shown towards those groups of the Left such as Unite against Fascism and Hope not Hate because their actions and words have shown us that they are not groups that are respectful of ideas of freedom and are too ready and willing to pander to Islam. The JDL also alleges that some of these so-called ‘antifascist’ groups have known about the Islamic Grooming Gang phenomenon but have kept quiet about it. No responsible or respectable person should want to be associated with organisations that have done this or involved themselves in the level of violence that we often see when Leftist groups like these come out on the streets.

The JDL said:

HNH, UAF & Searchlight, which are some of the organizations that the CST chose to work with, have all known about these grooming gangs since 2005

They claim in those quotes that the police say these grooming gangs don’t exist.  Yet Fiyaz Mughal set up Tell Mama because the police statistics don’t show what he considers to be a sufficient number of Muslim victims of religious hatred.  [And that is because perhaps there aren’t.]  So, professional agitators say that the police information can’t be relied on when it comes to “anti-Muslim attacks”, yet they claim that the information can be relied on when the police said “there were no Muslim grooming gangs”! 

They want to have things both ways: when the victims are Muslims the police are liars or incompetent; when the victims are young white girls and the villains are Muslims, the police are to be considered reliable! What is this but bias and discrimination in favour of Muslims and against non-Muslims?  Is that what we want from a publicly-funded “inter-faith conflict-resolution” organisation?  Is that the kind of sectarian politics the Jewish community should be supporting?

If Fiyaz Mughal was genuinely interested in “conflict resolution”, when Anne Cryer went public in 2003 saying that Muslim grooming gangs were getting away with raping & pimping young girls, why didn’t Fiyaz Mughal set up an organisation for those vulnerable white girls to report what was happening to them?  Is it because he will do nothing that makes Islam or Muslims look bad?  

Now, why exactly is the CST willing to get involved when Muslims are supposedly the victims of white villains, yet they do nothing when it is non-Muslims who are the victims and Muslims who are the villains?

In helping Tell Mama and Faith Matters, the CST is assisting in the Muslim narrative that they are such victims, when in fact they are one of the principal groups victimising gay people and Jews, not to mention murdering people in the streets.  The CST are not just enabling the concealment of Muslim racist attacks, but also Muslim homophobic attacks. Such thing cannot go unnoticed or unchallenged.

There ought to be questions relating to some companies owned by Fiyaz Mughal. One example is that one claims to run a charity that helps Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem.

Apart from the fact that this is most likely dawah, there is a question regarding the legitimacy of this business. Perhaps they can provide a list of the names of the people who have been the recipients of these loans and how the availability of these loads is advertised? Or if they are only advertised to Muslims?

Faith Matters – another of Mughal’s companies have also created a sharia-compliant fund like this before (in London). See here:

Ironically, Stephen Timms MP was at that launch (The same man later stabbed by a Muslima!)

Again, this is Islamic dawah being pushed into our society under all sorts of disguises. It is clear that these companies are pushing Islam and sharia law, but the sinister thing is that now they are seen to be using Jewish organizations to legitimize their intentions.

That the CST is one of these organizations is even more sinister, since in their website they pledge to “Protecting the Jewish Community”, a job which they are obviously not doing any longer.

One cannot protect the Jewish Community when one is in cahoots with questionable organizations that have questionable links with questionable people and other groups. 

Furthermore,  it looks like Mughal was also involved in setting up the anti-EDL organisation “Not In Our Name”.

That’s not all though. 

 Mughal created what it seems to be a bogus “Muslims Against Anti-Semitism” group.
ONLY blog post by MA-AS was published (22 Nov 2010) in the aftermath of the Panorama expose of Muslim schools teaching Jew-hatred and how to kill gay people.

MA-AS’ only comment on 
anti-Semitism was done with the intent to diminish the impact of the Panorama programme.

[Quilliam did something similar, implying that there were 5000 kids a year being taught in BNP-run schools, later proven to be utter rubbish].

Fiyaz Mughal used certain words regarding the Panorama report, that looks as if he is playing down the report, and attempting to shift the attention elsewhere. Here are the words he used:

* “A small number of Muslim pupils”

“Misuse of Islam” [yet these books were coming from Muslim countries, so who knows best   what Islam is, him or the Ummah?]

“All three Abrahamic faiths have some very difficult texts in relation to the world we live in” [is there any record of any Christian or Jewish school in Britain teaching such hatred?]

“Usually leads someone to question, reframe and reconsider these texts ” [precisely what Muslims cannot do]

* “ Written by people who would have been insulated from the super-diversity that we see around… they have left a legacy that is completely out of tune with where Islam and Muslims are” [The CST stats from 2009 show that these texts are in tune with the behaviour of Muslims in Britain].

“Books funded and written by individuals within the Middle East are not taken up in the large numbers that they previously were…” 
[Fiyaz Mughal most likely pays (With kuffar money) for studies into the EDL and other groups who speak against Islamisation of Britain, but why is it they were not paying for studies into what was being taught in Islamic schools?]

Given his actions with “Muslims Against Anti Semitism” (MAAS) it looks like he is just using Jews to stop organizations like the JDL and the EDL, because they provide an accurate picture of Islam and Muslims, without the usual PC whitewashing of Muslim crimes. The organization does not even highlight the CST’s own findings (that Muslims are identified in 2009 for over 50% of anti-Semitic attacks in London).

 “Muslims Against Anti Semitism” is dead and buried. Nothing has ever been done on that group. Yet the CST continues to fall for their taqqiya. What kind of dhimmified people run the CST, one may ask? Ask yourselves now, how can such an organization that only seems to distort their own figures in the name of appeasement, “protect” the Jewish community?

Let’s not ignore the fact that it was the English Defence League that brought awareness of these Muslim rape gangs operating in the UK, to the public eye. More than any media or Liberal organization has ever done.  In fact, they were hiding the evidence which they knew existed all along.

When we see people trying to silence those who make others aware of the truth, or sabotaging their efforts with lies and libels, we see them as complicit in the crime.  All those groups, organizations and even individuals who work incessantly to silence us, are enabling these horrendous crimes, and this only makes us more determined to expose them.”

Read the rest at:

It certainly seems that Mughal’s organisations are far more murky than many would like to believe. Therefore because they are talking up anti-muslim crime, calling for counterjihadist groups to be banned and smearing those who criticise Islam as ‘far right’, they should be shunned by any honest individual or organisation.


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