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Muswell Hill Mosque fire, more speculation as to the perpetrators

June 19, 2013



Although the mainstream, pro-multiculturalist media such as the BBC, have been quick to smear various groups and blame them for the fire in the Bravanese Community Centre in Muswell Hill, others are not buying that line. The conservative leaning website Coffeehousewall has put up some quite intelligent speculation as to who could have set this fire.

It is highly unlikely, if not impossible, that this fire was the result of actions by the English Defence League. Firstly because that is not their style and secondly only a fool would paint graffiti on a wall indicating that they did it. If it was not the lamestream media’s chosen bogeyman who lit this fire, then who did? It may help to look at those who definitely gained from the fire. Follow the money would seem to be a reasonable principle in this case.

Those who have definitely gained have been the Bravanese Somali Community centre. They are getting a brand new building paid for out of public funds, on a site which the Bravanese group wanted to develop but they didn’t have the funds to undertake the project. This issue of ‘cui bono’, who benefits, has been covered in depth by bloggers like Kafircrusader and others who have dug down into the records held on the Bravanese Community Centre by the Charity Commission. These show that the Bravanese Community centre had big ambitions but empty pockets. Therefore one possible motive for setting the fire would be to play the victim at a time of communal tension, and subsequently avail themselves of all the nice taxpayer cash disbursed by the idiots from Barnet Council.

Another possibility for suspects would be an individual associated with the Unite Against Fascism group, who have a bad reputation for violence on demonstrations and, as evidenced by the fact that one of the Woolwich butchers was involved with UAF, show few scruples about who they associate with or which actions they consider acceptable.

The Coffeehousewall blog said:

There appears to be no evidence that the EDL has been associated with any violent acts against mosques, and it is most unlikely indeed that this latest fire could be traced back to an EDL member. The police arrested someone entirely unassociated with the EDL in Luton, and it may well be found that if this is an hostile act of arson it is also unrelated to the EDL. After all, anyone can spray some letters on a wall.

So if not the EDL then who? Perhaps a lone extremist? We are always being told that all Islamic violence is the work of such deranged individuals. But if that were the case then we would expects some generalised graffiti inviting some British residents to move elsewhere. Why would a crazy loner chose to tag his crime with the initials of the EDL?

What about a hostile organisation that wished to blame the EDL? Certainly this is possible and even likely, considering the serious number of arson attacks which took place in Luton and were tagged with EDL graffiti. Of course it is not likely that the leadership of the UAF would countenance such criminality, and it is very unlikely that any of the celebrity anti-fascists would be involved. But we can easily imagine a lone UAF sympathiser deciding that this would be a great way of hitting the EDL. We know that UAF members and sympathisers are not afraid to be violent in pursuit of their cause. 20 of them were arrested while beating up some poor BNP supporter in London a few days ago.

But there are even more difficult possibilities to consider. A Shia mosque in Belgium was destroyed in a similar arson attack by a Sunni Muslim in 2012. Most deaths of Muslims in the Middle East and Asia are actually perpetrated by members of other Muslim groups. It is a possibility that such inter-community tensions could also have been a cause of last night’s fire. It may even be discovered that the fire was not caused by arson at all, or that the arsonist was motivated by some entirely different set of motivations.

What is most unlikely though is that the EDL, working hard to reject and oppose the use of violence, should resort to it now when they have some possibility of gaining increased support and sympathy. We should be looking elsewhere for the perpetrators, and in such circumstances it is entirely reasonable to ask if sympathisers of the UAF were behind the blaze. Hopefully the police investigation will determine the truth in this instance and make it public.

It is certainly more likely that this fire was set by either a member or sympathiser of the Bravanese Centre or someone associated with one of the Left/Islamic alliance groups such as UAF, than that it would be the EDL.

Both the Bravanese Community Centre and the UAF have benefited from this fire and it would be prudent for both the police and society at large to look to who will have gained from this fire, and from that find out who may have started it.

There are rumours out there that the Police have already arrested someone for this arson but because the person in custody didn’t fit with the hysterical media description of the arsonist as a ‘white racist’ they have suppressed this information. If the police have indeed arrested either a member of the Muslim community or someone associated with a Leftist group, then it would blow out of the water any idea that this was a ‘racist’ or ‘islamophobic’ attack. This would leave a lot of journalists, council employees, police officers, naïve Vicars and Rabbis, and politicians looking very stupid indeed.

Maybe that is why we haven’t heard much that is ‘official’ from the police or our media about arrests for this arson.


The link below is to a pdf document containing the Bravanese Community Centre’s annual submission to the Charity Commission.  It contains a potted history of the organisation plus balance sheet and most importantly, a description of the state of the building and an outline of what they would like to do with the site.


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