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Muswell Hill ‘Mosque’ fire, it’s looking more and more like an ‘insurance job’.

June 14, 2013


Kudos for Kafircrusaders for putting this information up. Many of us doubt the mainstream media story about the fire in the ‘mosque that never was’, and this information makes the assessment that this was either an intracommunal dispute or arson for the purposes of an insurance claim much more likely.

Kafircrusaders has put up  information that shows that the Bravanese Centre wanted to modernise but didn’t have the funds. They had ambitious plans which they could not afford. Now that there has been a suspicious fire attributed I believe wrongly to the EDL (it really doesn’t appear to be their style) Barnet council has stepped in and offered to rebuild, which quite a few people, especially Barnet taxpayers, may regard as a misuse of public funds.

The report shows that the disconnect between what the Bravanese Centre wanted to do, and what they were able, before the mysterious fire, appears stark. This for example:


  • they acknowledged how the building was in a very bad state of disrepair 
  • it would need complete modernization and improvements
  • wanted to expand to offer daycare
  • develop a learning centre
  • had a full page under the title ‘Building Restoration Work’
  • aware this is a major project
  • already been working with an architect on plans
  • difficulties may lie ahead in securing funding for it

Read the full shocking story of potential fraud, political posturing and local government pandering at Kafircrusaders.

If this does turn out to be an insurance job then there are going to be a lot of liberal Christians and Jews with an awful lot of egg on their faces, as some of them have been putting out messages of solidarity with the Bravanese Centre, offering financial help and probably working themselves up into an obscene frenzy of self-righteousness.



  1. Hmmm, what with this and the boarding school fire turning out to be the work of scummy hoody vandals, rather than a sinister cadre of ‘right wing’ domestic terrorists, the wheels are coming off the Victimhood Poker game…

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      And very pleased I am too to see the Victimhood Poker bus lose a wheel. I must admit, I get the distinct feeling that there are more people prepared to speak out against the ideology of Islam than there used to be. I’m noticing more of an air of scepticism when it comes to Islamic claims of victimhood in my day to day life. The BBC on the other hand would like to have you believe that the wicked EDL want to herd Muslims onto cattle trucks and send them off to death camps on Canvey Island, which any reasonable person can see is complete cack. Methinks the people ‘who have not spoken yet’ are starting to speak up. This appears to be putting the willies up those politicos and media bods who have sold us the idea that all cultures are equal, even the batshit crazy violent ones that chop little girls clitorises off and want to advance to the 7th century. A great idea in theory but it hasn’t worked in practice.

  2. I remember when the Sacred Memorial To The Fallen Eltham Soldier was vandalised.

    And lo! There was much wailing and rending of garments!


    Whoops! *crickets*

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      That case was definitely worth a LOL! I’ve been told that a few left wing religious types in London have jumped to conclusions too early and are offering to help out with the rebuilding, more fool them. I wonder if the congregations want their church plate money or their synagogue Tzadaka cash going to what may turn out to be a hoax. I’ve been pretty disgusted to see liberal Jews and Christians falling over themselves to help rebuild a centre the primary purpose of which is to be a facility for those whose holy book tells them to kill Jews and Christians. What next, a whip round for the Aryan Nation group? Life is indeed stranger than fiction.

  3. James Strong permalink

    If this is an insurance scam then it should be a matter for the police.
    What are the chances of a proper investigation followed by,if the evidence warrants it,a prosecution?

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      About the same chance as a snowball in hell. If it does turn out that there is something of the ‘self inflicted wound’ in this fire then the embarrassment caused to the police etc will be so great that the case will be ‘lost’ and not proceeded with. Two tier justice again?

  4. Alice-Louise permalink

    Comments here ring so true. Sometimes I think that the political centre ground has moved so far to the left that normal people are just bemused and unable to articulate their concerns, even when it is obvious their instinct is right. The kid glove treatment of Islam and politicized thuggery of the police being just two examples.

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