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Jackanory has come back, but this time it’s being renamed as ‘BBC News’.

June 12, 2013

Jackanory, the new name for the BBC News.

I’ve been reading and viewing the reports coming out of Ashton-under-Lyme with growing concern. Tensions have been rising in the town since a group of ‘Asians’ (most likely meaning Muslims) attacked a group of teenagers at a bus stop in the town. Not that you would know that this was happening, if you rely on the BBC or other mainstream media for your news. The BBC and other media has a total ‘radio silence’ on this matter and instead they are continually pumping out the ‘Muslims as victims’ line that has been comprehensively trashed by journalists and bloggers examining the facts behind the false statements put out by groups such as Tell Mama.

The mobile phone footage shows a group of young men, presumably Muslim going by the demographics of the area, threatening, punching and kicking a group of teenagers waiting at a bus stop. The video, which has been removed by YouTube but is available elsewhere, can be found here.

The film doesn’t show what led up to the attack, so it cannot be stated with any certainty at this stage what originally kicked it off, but the attack certainly looked pretty nasty to say the least. Speculation about the reasons for the attack by Muslims is rife and Tommy Robinson’s twitter feed says that this attack may have happened because the teenagers were alleged to have been in what has been referred to as ‘a Muslim area’.

Tommy Robinson EDL @EDLTrobinson … the reason for this attack was the kids were in a area

According to the counterjihad blog Casuals United, things exploded last night with groups of Muslim men in their 20’s and 30’s, coming out on the streets for a ruck with locals who were rightfully angered by the attack.

Casuals United said:

“After the video was released yesterday of the Muslim gang attacking those teenagers in Ashton and assaulting girls, the kind of attack we see in this country on a regular basis, yet are always told is an “isolated” incident, there was large scale disorder  there last night. As usual the media and local police were silent about it. The facts are large numbers of Muslims and local white youths had met for a pre-arranged fight, police had found out and there was carnage. The Muslim gang had changed from the original attackers who were youngsters, to older men in their 20s and 30s, obviously out for an easy night of bashing white kids. “

So it looks like we have ‘large scale disorder’ happening in one of our Islamised towns and nobody, apart from what could be called the ‘outsider media’ is saying anything about it.

I hope against hope that the prediction that Enoch Powell made of ‘rivers of blood’ is not coming true. However, if they are, then it will not be the fault of ‘white racists’, but instead the blame can be laid at the door of the ‘Religion of permanent violence’ and the politicians who have encouraged and appeased this violent and disturbing ideology.

Casuals United went on to say that this attack on the teenagers was not an ‘isolated incident’, a soporific phrase used too often by the Police, but is part of a pattern that is growing. Attacks on non-Muslims by Muslims are too often not dealt with in the same vigourous way that would be seen if the attackers were the other way round, and it was a non-Muslim attacking a Muslim. It will be interesting to see if the attacks in Ashton, and the attack on a 57 year old man outside a school in Burton on Trent, where Muslims have allegedly attacked non-Muslims, are dealt with as swiftly, as would be the case if a Muslim was attacked. Somehow I don’t think so.

The sheer extent of the disasterous Labour’s policy of politicising the Police, has been very visible following the brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby, and the quite understandable anger that came afterwards, when people realised that this was yet another killing by a member of ‘the religion of peace.’ The police, who were a shockingly tardy 10 years late in dealing with the problem of Islamic Grooming Gangs, managed to find 1,200 officers to guard Mosques and other Islamic communal property. This begs the question, if the police can find this amount of officers to guard Muslims, why were they not guarding our daughters from Muslim grooming gangs? A taxpaying citizen should expect the police to treat all equally, without fear or favour and not privilege one group over another for political correctness reasons. The police have never been perfect, and I don’t think a perfect police is possible, but what we are seeing here is blatant favouritism towards one group for reasons of political expedience.

Seeing and hearing about British police defending savages whilst attacking those protesting, often peacefully, against savagery, disgusts me and will disgust others. To treat those who are committing crimes and preaching sedition as honoured guests, while at the same time attacking those who object to these things, is a scandalous derogation of the Peelian principles of policing.

Why should anyone trust the police now that they have shown which side they are on? The police bootlicking Islam will damage the police’s corporate reputation from now on, as surely as the police’s actions during the Miners’ Strike damaged their reputation back in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Can we have proper, just and equal policing back please, not this bastard child of the failed ideology of multiculturalism, which sadly we are seeing up and down the country? If not, then another piece of the Britain, which we were once so proud to call Great, has been lost.


  1. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    This should have been kicked in the head in the 70s, when I was still at school, and the bastards that are now running all this P.C crap, from the local council, and “NGOs” (Read commy bastards), were spouting this rubbish in the school debating societys.

    How they would change the police to be “servants of the masses”, etc.

    Same language as from Lenin, and cohorts, same results today.

    They should have been shot at birth. (Or at least in the sixth form common room)

  2. The EDL have announced a demo in Ashton this coming Saturday at 2pm and a lot of non-EDL lads in the area are fuming behind the scenes. This could get very tense…

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      You are right that it could get tense but this tension has not been stoked up by the ‘white racist bogeyman’ but by the followers of the Religion of Exploding to Pieces. The news blackout regarding Ashton is very worrying, and sadly I do now do not trust the police to deal with any problems equitably.

  3. DerekP permalink

    Smearing in the MSM is escalating – which is good and bad, as it means they’re definitely getting noticed.

    So if EDL maintain their peaceful but no-nonsense protests they need to start upping the ante with sousveillance, with the more vigorous guys protecting the cameramen and women and not getting sidetracked into face-to-face confrontations with the police who are keeping them from going after the bottle-chucking UAF. Such confrontation simply will be played badly in the biased MSM.

    Sousveillance – some to watch the police, some to record the UAF. Put up short clips with a link to lying news stories, especially the Beeb. Have the longer clips available so the short clips can be seen in context when the MSM claims they are not a true representation.

    The police do not like sousveillance, so best to have some means of mobile uploading so cameras cannot be seized and wiped – some films of that happening will put pressure on the police about what they are hiding.

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