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Whoever did this it probably wasn’t who you think.

June 5, 2013

A large fire at a mosque (or as the Met Police are now calling it a Community Centre) in London’s Muswell Hill, has got the media, the anti-British Left, the police and the increasingly discredited TellMama organisation in a tizzy.

Tell Mama seem to be ghoulishly relishing the fact that at last an actual ‘attack’ has happened, rather than having to ‘talk up’ so called attacks that eventually turned out to be nothing more than people moaning about Islam on the internet. They even had a team on the ground at the site, in order to exploit the situation, about three hours or so ago.

Predictably, Tell Mama and their leftist supporters on Twitter are trying to pin the blame for the arson on the EDL, but any reasonable and open-minded observation of the EDL’s words and methods shows that burning down mosques is not the EDL’s style. Attacking mosques is also something that has been very much discouraged by the EDL’s leadership, because they now how the grievance mongers would exploit such an attack.

Readers should also bear in mind that this fire could have had another cause, either criminal or non-criminal in nature. Sky news and especially Tell Mama, seem to have jumped to the conclusion that EDL members or supporters were involved and have failed to see that there are a myriad of other reasons why this fire could have occurred.

Sensible questions need to be asked such as: If this is arson, then there could be other motives for it e.g. insurance fraud, intra-communal strife, fake attack to gain sympathy (sadly there are examples of this sort of behaviour), a lone arsonist who hates Islam, aggrieved local resident who’s been annoyed by the behaviour of those attending the mosque, or any other reason.

Unsurprisingly, Fiyaz Mughal of both Faith Matters and Tell Mama, has been media-whoring himself around on the back of this and has said that there is a ‘likelihood’ that this is an anti-Islam incident. Mughal must be rubbing his hands in glee over this fire, as it has come at just the right time for Tell Mama, who’s fake Islamic ‘attack’ figures where comprehensively fisked by Andrew Gilligan in the Sunday Telegraph at the weekend. This fire certainly takes the quite deserved media heat off of Tell Mama.

If you examine the Sky news report it seems that, apart from some graffiti saying ‘EDL’ (and no-one is saying just how long this particular graffiti was there), there is more speculation than there are hard facts at this stage. The original report is in italics and my comments are in normal type.

Sky news said:

“Counter-terrorism officers are investigating whether a fire which destroyed an Islamic community centre was started deliberately in a racially-motivated attack.

Police confirmed they are treating the fire in Muswell Hill, north London, as supicious and promised a “vigorous and thorough investigation”.

Well that’s nice of the police, promising to do their jobs properly. Makes a nice change. Maybe the police could also look into the 200+ death threats issued by Muslims to Tommy Robinson and his family? Threats that Bedfordshire Police appear to have done nothing whatsoever to stop. That sort of thing is enough to make a person think that there is a two tier justice system.  I see that the police have wheeled out ‘anti-terrorist’ officers for this which is not something that happens when a church or a chapel is firebombed.

They also revealed the letters ‘EDL’ – the initials of the English Defence League – were found scrawled on the outside of the Bravanese Centre, which was being used as a mosque.

The questions this brings up is a) how long was the graffiti there before the fire and b) was this an attack by either an Islamic group or one of the more headcase far-right racist groups who are angered that many people have chosen to support the non-racist EDL, instead of their far-right Aryan Nation style white racist groups? Anyone who has observed the ‘proper’ lunatic far-right know that the only people they hate more than Muslims, are Jews and the only people they hate more than these, are other far right groupuscules.  There is also a third possiblity that this arson was done by a person or persons unknown in order to try to discredit what is a rapidly growing movement, not just the EDL, against the problems that the ideology of Islam is bringing to Britain.

However, Tommy Robinson, the leader of the EDL, denied one of the group’s supporters was behind the blaze.

He said members have always been told not to attack mosques or places of worship and claimed there was a “nationwide campaign” to blacken the name of the group.

Having read quite a bit of stuff by the EDL it is quite plain that the group does call for peaceful action against the scourge of Islam, and this has been observed recently during the big demonstrations by the EDL and other patriot groups in Newcastle and elsewhere. Following the stories of these demos is interesting, as there is a lot of video and witness evidence to show that the majority of the violence where it has occurred has come from the supporters of Unite Against Fascism and similar groups.  There is a very strong possibility, as Mr Robinson says that there are those out to try to discredit EDL .

Chief Superintendent Adrian Usher, of the Metropolitan Police, said: “At this stage, we don’t want to rule anything out. We have several lines of inquiry and we will pursue those and until we can determine whether a crime has been committed.”

By this statement it seems that not even the police have much to go on at this time.

“We will then pursue any offenders and bring them to justice.”

Erm. Isn’t that your job? Or do you only pull your finger out when a mosque is attacked?

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, said that if the fire is confirmed as an attack attack, it should be condemned as “cowardly, pathetic and utterly pointless”.

Boris has proved himself to be distinctly unreliable on the matter of Islam after his words following the Woolwich atrocity, where he denied, despite ample evidence, that Islam had anything to do with what was quite plainly an Islamic murder.

Local MP Theresa Villiers said it would be “not just an attack on the Muslim community (but) an attack on all of us and our values.”

No, Ms Villiers, it was an attack on a mosque and certainly not an attack on our values which are anyway, completely opposite to the often hateful ‘values’ of Islam.

“This looks very much like a hate crime,” she said. “We’re very proud in Barnet, the constituency I represent, of our diverse community and our cohesion, so I utterly condemn what looks to be a disgraceful attack.”

It may look like a ‘hate crime’ (f**k me, how I hate that term, because violent crime is a hate crime per se, nearly all violent crimes involve some form or level of hatred, even domestic violence), but it may not be.

Most of the roof of the two-storey building in Coppetts Road collapsed in the fire, which broke out at around 3.15am.

A spokesman for London Fire Brigade said it took 35 firefighters nearly an hour and a half to bring the blaze under control.

I’m no fireman but does not the intensity of the fire and the explosion raise the possibility that the seat of the fire may have been deeper in the building, and therefore having more time to get hold before the audible explosion, than just a ‘firebomb through the window’ would? It will be interesting to read the fire investigation officers report.

Daniel McInanny, who lives near the centre, described hearing a loud bang shortly after 3am.

“At first I thought it was the bin men collecting the rubbish but when I looked out of the window, I saw an inferno,” he said. “The whole building was alight.”

I’m glad my binmen don’t make noises like explosions.

Although there is no evidence the fire is linked to the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich last month, there has been a significant increase in reports of attacks against Muslims since his death.

No there has not. Andrew Gilligan fisked this one at the weekend.

Faith Matters, an organisation that works to reduce extremism, said 11 mosques were targeted in the days after the killing, despite an appeal from the soldier’s family for calm.

As I’ve said before, 11 attacks do not a mass pogrom make.

Fiyaz Mughal, a spokesman for the group, said: “Bearing in mind this is close to Woolwich, bearing in mind that it houses Islamic activities, bearing in mind that they have found alleged EDL graffiti, there’s a strong likelihood that this could be an anti-Muslim incident.

See even this apologist and victimhood poker player isn’t sure, he’s only saying ‘strong likelihood’ to give himself some room to manouvere should this turn out not to be the anti-Islamic attack which will allow his group to recover some credibility.  Mr Mughal is also being disingenuous when he said that ‘Woolwich is close to Muswell Hill’, it is not, the distance between Muswell Hill and Woolwich is 15kilometres and considerably more by road.  There is no way by any stretch of the imagination that Woolwich could be said to be near Muswell Hill.  It is on the opposite side of the River Thames for a start. That River division really matters both practically and psychologically in London terms.

“We know that, online, there is a huge amount of anti-Muslim hate. When it moves into the physical world, it is extremely concerning.”

But in general it has not has it Mr Mughal? The British people have been remarkably restrained in the face of various Islamic terror attacks. There has been a few instances of hijab pulling and a few minor attacks on property but the majority of what Mughal’s ‘huge amount of anti-Muslim hate’ has consisted of people expressing their revulsion at an ideology that blows up tube trains and buses, rapes our children and kills our soldiers. In the face of such hideous provocations I think the British people have behaved very well indeed.

Ch Supt Usher said: “I have spoken to community leaders and assured them that a thorough investigation is being conducted.”

Did police reassure those working class communities or the Sikh community when Islamic Grooming Gangs were allowed to operate with virtual impunity for over a decade, of course they didn’t and in some cases parents were arrested for ‘racism’ whilst trying to rescue their daughters from Islamic torture and rape houses.

“The safety of our communities is always our priority and we are consulting widely, offering our support and reassurance.”

From my observation point it seems that the safety of ‘some’ communities are the police’s priority. They did not, to my knowledge, do anything to prevent the rash of homophobic bullying and violence from Muslim groups and individuals which has driven most gay pubs out of the East End of London.

“All communities can be confident that they have our support and I can be contacted personally to answer their concerns.”

Now why do I feel cynical about that statement.

No one was injured in the fire, although a woman living next door to the centre was treated for shock by paramedics.

Two neighbouring properties were evacuated.”

Strange how this place burned down when whoever did it could have been absolutely sure that there would be nobody in the building who could have been injured or killed?  Funny that.

Even if this was carried out by a rouge supporter of the EDL (and like it or not, all organisations have rogues and loose cannons), or an agent provocateur, that doesn’t change the fact that not only have the EDL repeatedly decryed such violence against property, but they have also acted to reduce tensions where possible. This was seen most graphically during the London EDL protest where leftists tried to stir things up between the EDL supporters and Sikhs in Whitehall who were having their regular protest, in support of an Indian professor, who is alleged to be being held unjustly on Death Row in India.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, burning mosques doesn’t advance things one little bit, and just gives Islamic grievance mongers and whiners like Tell Mama ammunition that they can use.

This fire story has a bit of the scent of the ‘Reichstag’, about it but only time and investigation will tell what really happened.


Original Sky News story

Excellent piece on the Kafircrusader blog on the EDL – Sikh unity shown during the Whitehall demo despite Leftist from UAF trying to stoke up violence.

Also from Kafircrusader, some interesting factoids about the building and also the fact that the Met Police have denied that the building was in fact, a mosque.

Fiaz Mughal’s ‘Tell Mama’ organisation caught out telling porkie pies about the number of ‘anti-muslim’ attacks.

The phenomenon of ‘fake attacks’ to gain sympathy or publicity can be seen in this story of a Muslim prayer leader who faked his own kidnapping and then blamed it on ‘racists’.

For those who do not know the reference to the Reichstag Fire here is the background to that reference.

  1. JohnS permalink

    The BBC could even get it straight whether or not it was a mosque within a single filmed report. The chap from the mosque, I mean community centre, claimed that they served the “whole community”.
    Ex-Muslim, Jewish and gay groups are, no doubt, particularly welcome.

    • JohnS permalink

      “The BBC couldn’t…”, of course,

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I bet the ‘community centre’ management would have a fit of shits and giggles if a group of Gay ex Muslim converts to Judaism turned up LOL. The line ‘our community centre will be for all the community’ is often used in mosque planning applications.

      I can’t help thinking that there may be a ‘Somali’ aspect to this case, and there is some sort of clan/tribal/criminal/political aspect lurking around that is nothing whatsoever to do with those who oppose the ideology of Islam.

  2. Martin permalink

    It must be the weather. It started out Sunni but now it’s a bit Shiite.

  3. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    XX I’m glad my binmen don’t make noises like explosions.XX

    Derpends if they had Pease pudding for supper last night.

  4. I dont know anything about Muswell Hills demographics as its a place i had never heard of until yesterday. Why chose a Somali centre there to set fire to and spray edl when for risking the same prison sentence if caught you could of done it in style somewhere like the East London Mosque or 1 of the big mosques in heavily Islamised areas where their has been Muslim problems like Birmingham, Burnley, Bradford etc which are for all Muslims not just Somalians.Either a False flag or insurance job. What gets me is how quick the media have took it all in and published. I bet if its proved its not EDL there is nowhere near as much publicity if any

    • Furor Teutonicus permalink


      We had an incident in Germany where a Swastika was sprayed on a mosque.

      The newspapers were FULL of “Neo nazi attack on Mosque”, and all the other clichés they come up with.

      When it was found to by a Syrian, from the same village as the muhlla of the mosque, and they had “family problems” from YEARS back, hardly a word was printed.

      DEFFINATELY no “We got it wrong” appologies!

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