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Breaking: British blogger visited by police for exposing Jihadist penetration of local authority

June 3, 2013

This blog, for copyright and proper attributation reasons, tries not to put whole articles up from either other blogs or publications unless there is a good reason.

Such a good reason would be a potential risk that the article would disappear into the memory hole should it be taken down.  A case that meets that criteria is that of the Tendence Coatsey blog which has drawn  attention to the fact that an Islamic extremist group, Jimas is becoming embedded in the Suffolk political establishment.  This rushing round to be the blue uniformed hand-maidens of Jihadists in Suffolk is pretty shameful behaviour on the part of Suffolk police and to be quite frank they can, excuse my language, sod right off.

Because Coatsey has pointed this out he has, according to a commentator on Harry’s Place, recieved a visit from Suffolk Police.  It is because of this ‘visit’ by the police that the whole post from the Tendence Coatsey blog has been reproduced.

These two posts from Shlomo and from the Council of British Ex-Muslims (below) lay out what is known at the current time about this harassment of Coatsey on behalf of, it seems, some pretty scummy Islamic extremists.  See bottom of page for all links.

From Harry’s Place

CEMB_forum Shlomo an hour ago

This experience of Tendance Coates warrants exposure in the national press. It is deeply menacing and worrying.”

This below is the original post that seems to have inspired Suffolk Police to visit Andrew Coates

Jimas, a Salafist Group in the Suffolk Establishment.

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Salafist Missionaries With a Finger in the Public Pie.

Jimas, whose national HQ is Ipswich based,  is embedded in the Suffolk Establishment.

It is a Salafist, that is, purist, Islamic missionary organisation.

Its leader, Abu  Muntasir, fought in the jihad against the Soviet-backed Afghanistan left government.

Initially his activities received Saudi funding.

He recruited other ‘Mujahideen’ to fight to Holy War in countries such as Bosnia and Kashmir. It is alleged that  Jimas has also raised money to “fight in the cause of Allah”.

Now  Muntasir poses as an open-minded moderate.

He is,

  • A fellow of Suffolk New College.
  • Chaplin for University College Suffolk and Suffolk New College.
  • Teaches for the Workers Educational Association.
  • Is a Trustee for Ipswich Community Radio.
  • A Trustee of the Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality (ISCRE) .
  • Was a Governor of Murrayfield Primary School (2009 – 2010)
  • Is a Tutor of the Suffolk Interfaith Resources and East of England Faiths Agency

They even won funding from the Co-op for their ambitiously named ‘community project’ for Upper Orwell Street. That is a plan to turn a former Church into a  centre for their charitable and Islamic activities.

They are said to be modern and open – the epitome of moderation.

What exactly is this ‘moderation’?

The dossier, JIMAS & Abu Muntasir,  looks closely, and at length, at Munstair and Jimas’s real beliefs.  (Full text: Here ).

They are anything but modern.

The document exposes the narrow-minded religious agenda of Jimas’s Salafism.

It could be charitably described as unalloyed dogma.

One book, published by Jimas, Living By The Law – Muhammad Ibrahim, offers an extreme defence of Sharia law – here

Muntasir, the authors of the study assert, can be found to have made statements advocating hatred of non-Muslims – the Kuffar (notably see Page 26).

Is this a fit person to be associated with the Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality?

Are their links with even more bigoted Islamism in the past?


The dossier concludes by looking at two hate-preachers, Suhaib Hasan and Salim al-Amry – invited to speak at the Jimas Da’wah Conference.

Suhaib  is noted for saying (here),

“Even though cutting off the hands and feet, or flogging the drunkard and fornicator, seem to be very abhorrent, once they are implemented, they become a deterrent for the whole society.

“This is why in Saudi Arabia, for example, where these measures are implemented, the crime rate is very, very, low,” he told The Sunday Telegraph.

In a documentary to be screened on Channel 4 next month, entitled Divorce: Sharia Style, Dr Hasan goes further, advocating a sharia system for Britain. “If sharia law is implemented, then you can turn this country into a haven of peace because once a thief’s hand is cut off nobody is going to steal,” he says.
“Once, just only once, if an adulterer is stoned nobody is going to commit this crime at all.
“We want to offer it to the British society. If they accept it, it is for their good and if they don’t accept it they’ll need more and more prisons.”

He has failed to weasel out of this.

This Conference was in 2011.

Is this is the kind of group the Suffolk political and community world should invite into its bosom?”

Below is Mr Coate’s report on the police visit.

Tendance Coatesy

Left Socialist Blog

Jimas Gets Police to Threaten Tendance Coatesy.

with 34 comments

I have just had an unpleasant visit from the Police.

Apparently it follows a “complaint” from Ipswich-based Islamists, Jimas.

The details of the complaint were not given.

But they apparently centre on this Blog, posts on this organisation (notably a dossier sent to me by somebody close to Harry’s Place) and, it is claimed “E-Mails.”

What they are specifically  I do not know.

It all took place, believe or not, well over a year ago, when and what, they did not see fit to elaborate much upon.

But is was claimed that I had a met a leading member of Jimas – completely untrue – to discuss matters.

It was also said that E-Mails from somebody calling themselves The Usual Suspects, were at issue.

I am not the “Usual Suspects” and it is a slander to suggest that I am.

Equally I repeat: I have never met anybody from Jimas.

As for the political attacks on Jimas (and other Islamists) on the Blog Tendance Coatesy, I wonder if it is the business of Suffolk police to act on these matters.

One could say that this is a case of political intervention way beyond their remit.

As for Jimas, well, rest assured that your attempts to ‘get’ me are not appreciated.

Particularly the claim – wholly made-up – that I ‘met’ with them.

As this Blog has an international readership I wonder what people in other countries think of this.


Police threat to Tendence Coatsey

The ‘offending’ article from TC alleging Salafist penetration of the Suffolk establishment.

The Harry’s Place thread on ‘freedom of tweet’ in which the intimidation of Mr Coates has been spoken of

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