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Liar II. Fiyaz Mughal, and his ‘Tell Mama’ organisation caught talking rubbish about anti Muslim attacks.

June 2, 2013

The Islamic whiner Fiyaz Mughal and his Tell Mama organisation have been ubiquitously featured in the British media of late, especially since the Islamic murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich, South London on May 22nd. Mughal has been all over the place, hauling his taxpayer funded carcass from TV studio to TV studio and going ‘oh calamity!’ and stating that Muslims were the subject of mass attacks on them because of a ‘backlash’ following the brutal murder.

However, it now appears that Mughal was talking a lot of lying bollocks. Things were never as bad as Mughal’s organisation, Tell Mama, were claiming. This load of absolute rubbish has been nicely exposed by Andrew Gilligan of the Sunday Telegraph.

Andrew Gilligan cast doubt on Mughal’s outlandish claims of a major violent backlash and said:

“Tell Mama confirmed to The Sunday Telegraph that about 120 of its 212 “anti-Muslim incidents” – 57 per cent – took place only online. They were offensive postings on Twitter or Facebook, or comments on blogs: nasty and undesirable, certainly, but some way from violence or physical harm and often, indeed, legal. Not all the offending tweets and postings, it turns out, even originated in Britain.

Tell Mama has no written definition of what it classes as an anti-Muslim incident, but has in the past adopted a wide definition. Last November, the cross-bench Asian peer, Baroness Flather, told a newspaper it was “pointless for the Conservatives to chase Muslim votes.

They are all on benefits and all vote Labour”. Tell Mama added this admittedly crass and untrue remark to its database as an “anti-Muslim incident,” though it said it had deleted it following an explanation from Lady Flather.

Although the service says its caseworkers “carefully handle each report as it comes in, to determine whether it can be verified and justified as an anti-Muslim incident”, Mr Mughal admitted that a further 35 of the 212 post-Woolwich incidents, or 16 per cent, had yet to be verified.

He justified publishing the figure, however, saying he expected that all but a handful of incidents would be verified.

Fewer than one in 12 of the 212 “incidents” reported to Tell Mama since Woolwich – 17 cases (8 per cent) – involved individuals being physically targeted.

Six people had things thrown at them, said Mr Mughal, and most of the other 11 cases were attempts to pull off the hijab or other items of Islamic dress.

Without in any way denying the distress and harm caused by such attacks, they do stand at the lower levels of seriousness. “

Mr Gilligan is correct these acts are at the lower levels of seriousness and are probably much less than the sort of abuse that members of other religions get, from Muslims. Despite understandable anger at the murder, terrorism, rape and fraud that is caused by too many of Britain’s Muslim population, there has been a marked lack of cases of burning religious buildings or similar attacks.

What we have here, in the person of Fiyaz Mughal is an example of the Greater Spotted Islamic Liar, a known pest worldwide and this particular variety is a parasite on the nation to the tune of £214,000. Sadly it seems to have made its nest in that home of other similar bloodsucking creatures, the BBC.

Now that Mr Gilligan has thrown some light on the disemblement of Fiyaz Mughal and the Tell Mama organisation it looks as if Islamic groups may have to start making up anti-Islamic attacks again in order to ‘get the numbers up’ just like this one.

From the Epping Forest Guardian

“Noor Ramjanally, 36, of Valley Hill, Loughton, was sentenced at Chelmsford Crown Court in his absence as the jury was told he had fled the country earlier this year.

Ramjanally claimed in August last year he had been kidnapped from his home address by two men, driven into Epping Forest and threatened at knifepoint to stop the Islamic prayer meetings he was holding at Murray Hall, in Borders Lane, Loughton.

But Judge Karen Walden-Smith described his allegations as a “pack of lies” after they were undermined by CCTV footage covertly installed at his flat for his own protection.

Prosecutor Matthew Gowan said, after earlier allegations made by Ramjanally of an arson attack at his home the council and police spent £1,300 installing extra security at his flat, including a fire door and video intercom system.

After his kidnap allegations, the police spent 1,850 man hours investigating his case at a cost of £9,234. “


Fiyaz Mughal’s Tell Mama organisation. You may wish to tell them that spending £214k of taxpayers money on an organisation that provides incorrect data is not really a good use of public funds.

Mughal is also deeply involved in the Faith Matters organisation, another multiculturalist ‘charity’

You can read Mughal’s CV (mostly politics, public and charity sector and race-hustling of course) on the Faith Matters site

From this Blog, previous coverage of the pogrom that never was

Frighteningly the lying Tell Mama organisation is in reciept of £214,000 of YOUR money to treat internet curses as genuine attacks and to make minor acts of hijab pulling seem like the start of a new Kristalnacht. If anyone is suffering from the clash of civilisations between the world of Islam and the rest of humanity then it is the rest of humanity. People should write to, or lobby their MP and ask why this bunch of dissembling low lifes are being funded when much more worthy causes are denied funding?


  1. sheryl mcnaught permalink

    Tellmamauk are also suing people like me who give my honest opinion.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      That’s interesting. TM are backed by Nick Clegg, which tells you a lot.

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