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From Elsewhere: The Freedom of Speech concerns raised by the post-Woolwich arrests.

May 31, 2013

Aaron Rhodes writing in The Commentator speaks of the danger to free speech that the arrests of those who have spoken out against the ideology of Islam pose to the UK.

“We do not know what words British citizens used in reaction to the Woolwich terror murder to warrant their being charged with crimes under the Public Order Act and the Communications Act. But anyone who spends time surfing blogs and social media on the Internet would conclude that those ten people are only a fraction of those who have used similar “malicious” or “anti-religious” language in their online effusions.

Those arrested were simply unlucky enough to be informed upon by snitches, and to be held up as examples of the need to tone down expressions of outrage. In the words of one local authority, “the consequences could be serious” should citizens fail to heed these warnings.  

These arbitrary arrests, some of which occurred in the dead of night, raise serious freedom of speech concerns, questions which are, nevertheless being ignored by a human rights community neutered by multiculturalism and an embrace of censorship in the name of promoting tolerance.  

Both laws contain vague language, putting citizens at risk of expansive legal interpretations and political exploitation. They are emblematic of bad legislation that, while aimed at dealing with the tragic dangers faced by minority populations, in fact creates more hostility by stifling free speech.”

Read the rest at:

And finally.  Just so that the powers that be are left in no doubt as to just what I think of Islam, well there is such a wealth of evidence that Islam is a festering pile of aggressive, misogynist horseshit that needs to be resisted by anybody who believes in freedom of speech or women’s rights or democracy.

I would like to think that the rash of ‘intimidation arrests’ and the arrests due to the actions of disgusting grasses and Quislings, are not intimidating people, but are instead emboldening more people to speak up and speak out.

  1. john warren permalink

    Medway police told me yesterday that the 85 year old lady they handcuffed and arrested posed a threat to the community. A crowd of people waiting to go inside a local mosque in order to ‘worship’ someone or thing, became offended when she told them to go back home. That she’d only started to shout after being offended by them didn’t seem to help her defence very much. Anyway, they were allowed to go about their lawful ‘worshipping’ and she was cuffed before being carted off to the nick in a van. It must of been a terrible crime because her husband was not allowed to accompany her. A witness to what might happen latere I suppose. They become tigers do plod when they’ve cornered a violent thug.

    Handcuffs are not used, apparently, until and assessment of a person’s age has been made. Therefore she probably needed to wait a few more years yet before they’ll not risk bruising her wrists and publicly humiliating her. It is therefore quite obvious to me that we have two vile enemies operating against the Christian white population now.

    The old dear has been charged with racially aggravated public order offences and will appear in court in July. At her age, she’ll no doubt plead guilty and so be added to the list of criminally inclined white people who just can’t help themselves; they just hate Muslims and must be punished for it. However that will be yet another largely untrue and meaningless statistic. The BBBC will be quite happy using it though.

    Come July, the cowardly English will just standby and allow the old girl to be dragged into an English court and suffer punishment for taking offence. It was a ‘worshipper’s’ head that was hacked off wasn’t it – or did I miss something?

    MuslimsUnited+Plod 1
    Aged White Ladies 0

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I find it difficult to express how disgusted I was by that Kent case. The police are stoking up resentment and also showing more people just how bent our police and justice system has become. I and many others marched in the past for equality, what we have got is anything but.

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