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What to do to protest peacefully against the savagery of Islam in the UK

May 23, 2013

Muslims have murdered a British soldier, and troops are now being advised not to wear their uniforms in the street because of the danger of being killed by Bearded Savages. It is difficult to articulate how angry this makes me. That British soldiers are now being forbidden to wear their uniform in their own country because of the fear of attack from random bearded savages, is a disgusting indication of the problems that Britain now has with Jihadism.

There must be a proper and effective reckoning following this attack which claimed the life of Drummer Lee Rigby. Those who kill, and threaten to kill us, need to be dealt with harshly, along with their sympathisers and fellow travellers. In order to achieve this reckoning, the appeasement of Islam must stop, and Islamo-realism must now prevail in our minds and actions, not just those of Government but by all of us. This sort of attack on one of our soldiers and indeed our country, by Islamic terrorists deserves protest, but it must be peaceful and effective protest.

Someone once told me on here that there was no point in just reporting Islamic horrors if there are not, in addition, suggestions on what to do about the problem. Here are some suggestions on peaceful protest, consumer action and political things you could do.

Firstly, being a ‘constitutionalist’ and someone who respects honest democracy, I’d say the first thing you need to do is vote. Vote for those candidates who are Islamo-sceptic and not for those, who when challenged about Islam, parrot diversity bullshit, on the lines of ‘all religions are the same’. We must remove, via the ballot box, those politicians who a) appease Islam and b) refuse to see the scale of the problem or even acknowledge that an Islam problem exists.

Do not support charities or community groups that appease Islam, whether that be making positive and often untrue statements about Islam, or if the said community group gives facilities to Islamic groups. Even more importantly do not give to Islamic ‘charities’, because money and clothes given to Islamic charitable organisations can end up in the hands of terrorists or their sympathisers.

Challenge the lazy ‘multikulti’ thinking of Vicars, Rabbis, Priests, Teachers and other similar personages, many of whom so desparately want to live in peace with Islam that they wilfully ignore the violence inherent in Islamic ideology. They have closed their eyes to the problem because to admit there is a problem would disturb their worldview.

Do not collude with ‘race hate’ witch-hunts by the police and local government that primarily benefit Islam. Do not co-operate with police or local authority anti-racism campaigns and do not grass up those who peacefully speak out against the ideology of Islam. Always remember that Islam is not a race, it is an ideology.

Do not buy Halal certified products. Some of the money paid to the Halal food certification authorities for Halal supervision is diverted to Islamic charities and one ‘charitable’ cause according to Islamic law is the support of those carrying out Jihad.

Do not buy from non-Islamic businesses who buy into the whole ‘diversity’ idea and which support organisations that primarily favour Muslims, give money to Islamic charities, or make concessions to Islamic demands for prayer facilities etc.

Protest if your child’s school is trying to brainwash them into thinking that Islam is peaceful. Also protest if the school appeases Islam by bringing in a whole school halal only menu.

Keep under close watch the statements made, and the behaviour of, your local Islamic community. It is now becoming increasingly clear that there are good reasons to believe that some of Britain’s Islamic ghettos are not loyal to the UK and may be sheltering or encouraging those who wish to kill us.

Do not buy the bullshit put out by Islamic groups, dawa merchants, converts and others who try to tell you that such murderers are not acting in an Islamic way. It is quite plain that Islam is the motivation of so many atrocities and although there are fluffy bits of the Koran, such fluff is abrogated by the commands to kill non-Muslims which came later in the chronology of the assembly of the Koran.

Peacefully protest against Mosque plans. Mosques are not only places of worship, they are also far too often forward command posts for an army that wishes to enslave us and whose followers have so often declared war on us, and our culture.

Above all speak. Speak to your friends, your family, your workmates and those from your church, synagogue, temple or meeting room. Speak of the threat that Islam poses and by doing so warn and educate others. Do not rush to pick up the flaming torch and go down to the local mosque because such actions will only be exploited by the Left-Islamic alliance and are anyway, illegal. Use your anger at Islam and what it is doing to our nation in a more constructive way.

As regarding the boycotting of Muslim-owned businesses, that is something that people need to square with their own individual consciences. Personally I feel that culture or religion based boycotts have a tendency to punish both the innocent and the guilty, and can unjustly affect Mr Khan the innocent atheist who just happened to be born a Muslim, just as much as it justifiably effects the local jihadist who’s plotting to kill you and your family. The promoters and enablers of the ideology of Islam, and their non Muslim appeasers are a far better and more appropriate target.

Fighting with the old bill in the streets, as we saw in Woolwich last night, is not the right way, and is completely pointless and counterproductive. The enemy are not the ones wearing the blue uniforms, the enemy are the ones who cry ‘Allahu Akhbar’ and who desire our deaths. However, it could be said to be understandable that people are angry at continual police appeasement of Islam, most nobably over the growing number of Islamic Grooming Gang horrors, for example. This could have been one of the drivers for some of the anger and violence directed at the Police in Woolwich last night. The enemies are the terrorists, the Islamic supremacists, Taqiyya propagandists like the Muslim Council of Britain, the Dawa liars, the clerical fascists, and those parts of British Islamic communities who support or fund them or turn a blind eye to their activities.

This attack will wake up more and more people to the problems that Islam has brought to our shores, and because they will have seen such bestial Islamic behaviour in full view, then they will cease to be quiet about both the ideology of Islam and the depredation it so often brings. Hopefully this attack and the aftermath will also open up the eyes of Muslims, and encourage them to read and understand just how much violent bollocks they are expected by their ideology to believe, and by doing so, cross their own Rubicon, and choose life, freedom and justice instead of death, oppression and hate.

My prayers are with the family of the murdered British soldier, Drummer Lee Rigby, 25, and my utter contempt is reserved for those who have created, and exacerbated, the problems of Islam in Britain.

  1. Rick permalink

    I saw the “religion of peace” on a London street yesterday! The religion of Islam is nothing short of a totalitarian political, economic, military, social and legal system that’s camouflaged in religious garb. It’s is a culture of oppression and death. WAKE UP!

  2. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    XX British soldiers are now being forbidden to wear their uniform in their own country because of the fear of attack from random bearded savages XX


    We were ALSO “forbidden” to wear uniform outside of the barracks, including even socks and shreddies (under pants) in the 70s and 80s, due to Irish scum.

    It is NOT new.

    I, like you, find it disgusting, BUT…..

  3. Fahrenheit211 permalink

    I agree I recall that a similar policy was in place during the Troubles. It is still utterly disgusting and an indication that the Govt doesn’t know just how many ‘British’ Muslims are loyal or who are liable to suffer from ‘sudden jihad syndrome’.

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