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May 23, 2013

This morning we wake up to find that yet again we have Islamic savagery being practised on the streets of Britain. The deliberate mass importation, mostly by Labour, of Islamic savages, is starting to endanger the UK and its people. The previous Government of John Major shouldn’t be let off the hook either. His Government turned a blind eye to the hatred and violence promoted by the likes of the Hamza’s and Qatada’s of this world because such Islamic terror promoters were only fomenting violence overseas and were not seen as a threat to the UK.

We need to be honest and admit that our Muslim guests have not brought us new businesses, art or intellectual achievement, as many of the previous waves of immigration have done, but instead has brought us a constant parade of grisly crimes, corruption and sedition.

Many of us who observe the effect of Islam on Britain do not consider that the murder of our soldiers, the mass raping of our children, the corruption of political parties and local authorities, the aggressive expansionism, fraud and astonishing levels of welfare dependency, as ‘enriching’ us one little bit. Surely this act of appalling violence, committed against one of those who are tasked to protect this country, must be the turning point in how the Government and the people themselves deal with the disgusting ideology of Islam. Are we as a nation going to still continue to see Islam as a peaceful religion like others, or are we going to wake up and see Islam for the fascist death cult that it so often shows itself to be?

It also seems that the Metropolitan police are panicking about the potential angry reaction to this appalling attack. Commander Simon Letchford of the Met said: “I am asking people to remain calm, and avoid unnecessary speculation.” What is there to speculate about Commander Letchford? It was only an hour or so before the murderers were revealed as Islamic savages and not disgruntled Methodists.

Islam is a cancerous growth in the body politic of the UK and it is now time for the state, which we pay handsomely for through our taxes, to start administering effective treatment against this tumour before it damages us, and our communities, any more than it has done already. We have already seen reprisal actions such as an attempted mosque burning in Essex and an attack on a Mosque in Kent. Such actions should not be encouraged, but this blog has warned that such attacks would definitely occur if the agents of the state didn’t get to grips with the treasonous cuckoos we have mistakenly allowed to reside in the national nest.

This attack must be a watershed both for how the Government and the citizenery deal with the ideology of Islam. There must be no more appeasement, no more nodding through of Mosque building plans, no more Taqiyya-spouting liars taking tea with Govt ministers, no more ‘diversity’ officers making excuses for murderous ideologues, no more acceptance of ‘non violent extremists’ in the Civil Service and no more parroting the laughable and highly untrue phrase, ‘religion of peace’.

If we do not deal with our undoubted Islamic problems that the UK now has, then we are only putting our own heads, and those of our children, on the chopping block in the future. We cannot afford any more inaction on this issue.


Police statement on ITV from Commander Simon Letchford

Sky report on attacks on Mosques in Essex and Kent. Personally I’m very surprised that there have been only two attacks on mosques, as Muslims and their communal groups don’t exactly go out of their way to make themselves popular with the majority community.


Brief mention on Sky that one of the perpetrators was a convert to Islam of Nigerian Heritage.  What a surprise, or not.

  1. john warren permalink

    Sadly, we’ve seen it all before.

    This is nothing new and nothing new in the way of effectively preventing the encouragement of further attacks will occur. Already the BBC have recovered from the shock by putting up on the nation’s tv screens the faces of white criminals immediately after further news of the this latest atrocity is aired. It doesn’t auto-happen when violent crimes of this type by white people take place. They don’t trawl for pictures of Muslim criminals in order to retain ‘proper balance’.

    Faces of offenders not normally deemed sufficiently news-worthy should not be used. Every thinking person knows what is happening when they do, ‘Look viewers, white Christian people are just the same. Worse in fact, they are harming their own people. Give our latest imports a fair chance.’

    Change of any meaningful kind will not take place until the BBC is shut down and disbanded. Left-leaning dreamers and Muslim apologists down to the last man and woman. Who recruits all these save-the-world luvvies?

  2. Fahrenheit211 permalink

    The answer to who recruits all these ‘save the world luvvies’ is other ‘save the world luvvies’. In large organisations there is a large amount of ‘like hiring like’.

  3. Maurice Dancer permalink

    A cracking good post: concise, & devastating. Cuts through all the appeasement garbage to reveal the truth that our gutless, traitorous political class, & media creeps, cannot bear to confront: we have a barbaric, totalitarian, misogynistic, retarded, desert death cult proliferating in our midst. If they don’t act to confront it, the electorate will find politicians who will. The British people aren’t fools. They’ve marked the Quislings’cards; for future attention.

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