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The apple didn’t apparently fall far from the tree – ‘It’s the victims fault’ says mother of Islamo-rapist.

May 20, 2013

Bashira Dogar, mother of two of the Oxford Islamo-rapists recently convicted at the Old Bailey, who denied that her offspring had done anything wrong.

In a previous article on this blog, I said that the Muslim community of Oxford has a lot of questions to answer about the grooming scandal that emerged from the murky world of Islamic Oxford. It appears that one question, that of Islamic attitudes to women and non-Muslims in general, has been answered, in part, by the mother of one of the Islamo-rapists.

The mother of Akthar and Anjum Doger, named by the Daily Mail as Bashira, blamed the victims for their abuse and virtually accused them of colluding in their own abuse by saying that they ‘should have been playing with dolls’, thus implying that the girls were less than innocent.

 Bashira Dogar also said as the girls were old enough to travel on the train then ‘no body should feel sorry for them’ and dismissed them as promiscuous sluts by saying that ‘‘These girls should be playing with toys. If they start [having sex] at ten, by 15 they are proper ladies.’

She also cheekily blamed police and social services for creating the grooming gang phenomenon. Yes, there have been too many ‘blind-eyes’ turned in these agencies, to the growth of Islamic Grooming and Rape Gangs, often for political and politically correct reasons, but the ultimate blame for these offences lies with the offenders themselves and the ideology that created them.

Bashira Dogar’s attitude speaks volumes about how too many of the followers of Islam view us, the Britons. They view us with disdain and with hatred, and in the case of these monsters produced by the Islamic community of Oxford, as prey.

The Islamic attitude to women was also on display in Bashira Dogar’s words. The Islamic idea that women should be confined to home and be the possession of men. Bashira Dogar lauded the Islamic way of confining women and recommended it by saying:”in a muslim community the girls focus on study’, which is in itself an untruth, as in much of the Islamic world women and girls are denied an education. What she really means is that they are confined to the home and under control.

At no point was there any acknowledgment that this was a terrible offence, no indication that her sons had any responsibility for the offences and we were treated to a display of Taqiyya’ (lying for Islam) by blaming everyone except the Islamic culture that created these monsters. The Islamic culture, which denigrates women and treats non-Muslims as ‘Untermenschen’ or sub-humans to be bought, sold and used, has created these rapists. The Islamic rapists are only doing what they have done in many countries, and at many different times in history. The racist, misogynist and frankly exterminationist culture of Islam that these men had been programmed with, created a cohesive gang of rapists who acted with impunity.

Bashira Dogar’s victim blaming and attitudes to the victims should also lead us to ask questions about how much the Islamic communities of Oxford and elsewhere knew about these offenders. There are precedents in Islamic communities, not being loyal to either Britain or its laws, such as in Sparkbrook, Birmingham where jihadists seemed to pop back and forth to Pakistan for terrorist training with the full knowledge of their families and nobody said a thing to the authorities. It is looking like there may be the distinct possibility that these offenders, and others in similar cases, may have been sheltered by British Islamic communities. It is possible that there is a wider spread of knowledge about these activities within the British Islamic world and more of those who consider us non-Muslims, and most notably our children, as prey.

If this is Bashira Dogar’s negative attitude to British society, which is also heavily spiced with false victimhood, then it is one that we could well do without. It seems that neither Mrs Dogar or her offspring have brought anything to our culture that we really need or want in it. What we do need to know is how much are her views replicated within the UK Islamic community? I suspect that disrespect for British people and British culture is more widespread in British Islam than many on the liberal/left would be comfortable with. It would be unusual indeed for Bashira Dogar to be the only Muslim who treats us with contempt.

Even if these things are uncomfortable, or appear as anomalies on your ideological path, they cannot be ignored. Ignoring them will only make the tumour of aggressive Islam, which too often shows no loyalty or fealty to British culture or nation, much worse. The phenomena of Islamic hatred for us, the non-Muslim, needs to be tackled and soon. For too long the multiculturalists have told us to tolerate the sort of fifth columnist activities injurious to both nation and culture that we really should not be tolerating. If these parts of Islamic ideology that hate women and non-Muslims (a considerable part sadly) are not tackled, and the promotion and communal acceptance of them not interdicted, then it could be your daughter abducted and gang raped, you or your wife told to cover up in a shapeless mobile canvas prison or your sister’s voice silenced.


Original Daily Mail story on the denials of guilt by Bashira Dogar the mother of two of the most recent crop of Islamo-rapists

The problem of Jihadists in Birmingham.

9 out of 10 social workers knew that young girls were being abused by Islamo-nonces in Oxford but didn’t do anything about it.

  1. john warren permalink

    What was to be expected from the Muslim community I suppose.

    Mothers and their ever-innocent sons is a well established phenomena – monsters and their monstrous offsprings is a growing one.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. MTG permalink

    Compounding the problem is a defiance tinged with bigoted sincerity.

  3. Paris Claims permalink

    I dread to think how much this hag is sucking up in welfare.

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