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Nine Out Of Ten

May 16, 2013

Nine out of ten, that was the ratio of Oxfordshire Social Services staff ,who directly worked with the victims of the latest Islamic Grooming Gang horror, who knew that the girls were being abused by Muslim men, but did nothing about it.

These social services staff, who we the taxpayer support in order to look after and guide often traumatised children appear to have lost their moral compass when it came to these girls and allowed them to become further traumatised and damaged.

The police, whom we also as taxpayers support to enforce the Law, appear to have ignored for many years crimes of such a nature that yesterday’s print edition of The Times called them ‘unreportable’. Now I have some professional familiarity with criminal trials and have seen evidence pictures in courts that haunt my nighmares including a baby who was bitten to death by a psychopath and decapitated female victims of domestic violence, because I have this knowledge, it makes me shudder indeed to imagine just what made these crimes ‘unreportable.’ I can only conclude that the treatment meted out to these girls by these MUSLIM, not Asian, offenders, could only be described as bestial.

‘Unreportable’ smacks to me of how the first reports of the atrocities carried out in Japanese Prisoner of War camps were transmitted. The word ‘unreportable’ speaks to me as a euphemism for horrors that no human should endure.

Those agencies of the state such as police and social services have let down not only the victims in this and other similar cases, but all of us. These entities, on whom we should be able to rely to reflect the morality of the majority of the population, instead sold themselves for consideably more than 30 pieces of Silver, to a false ideology, that of multiculturalism.  This worship, by too much of the State of the false god of multiculturalism, is being exploited daily by the aggressive ideology of Islam. Such blasphemous worship of an obviously failing policy is proving daily to be deadly both to individuals lives, as in the Islamic Grooming Gang cases, and to the country as a whole by undermining the idea that there should be one law for all.

The police and the social services in the Oxford Islamic Grooming Gang case and in those in Rochdale and elsewhere, have been utterly corrupted by the idea that there can be different rules and legal systems for different groups. Such a policy can only work if there is not only an acceptance that the national legal system takes priority but also that those groups who may have slighly different manners of dress, personal conduct or religious discipline are basically decent and peaceful. If into such a situation you introduce followers of ideologies that are NOT fundamentally decent and peaceful then multiculturalism is recipie for disaster.

I’ll be blunt and and tell the truth which is that Islam is violent, misogynistic and backward and that the ideology has no place in British society. I don’t think that I’m the only one to hold this opinion and they may have come to this view, as I have, by a slow realisation that Islam is not a religion of peace. That does not mean that individual Muslims cannot be decent people, far from it, but that doesn’t mean that the ideology of Islam should be given any quarter. People should be treated well, I must emphasise that, but the ideology of Islam needs to be shunned like the violent paedophile encouraging death cult that it is. Many muslims know bugger all about the Qu’ran anyway and are often as horrified as non-Muslims arewhen they hear that the Qu’ran doesn’t just record episodes of violence, slavery, theft and lying but actively encourages it. Couple knowledge of what Islam actually is, with a basic knowledge of History, and it can be seen that wherever Islam has established itself, there has been violence and conflict. In India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Sudan, London all have suffered to a greater or lesser degree Islamic  violence..

What is especially horrifying about this case is that 9 out of 10 social workers chose to give their alleigence to the dross of the Muslim population of Oxfordshire rather than choosing to uphold the Law and act in a moral way. Social Services and Thames Valley Police are nothing more than accomplices in these crimes and that disgusts and angers me. The Islamic community of Oxford which I believe is quite close knit, should not be let off the hook on this either. They have a lot of questions to answer not only about how these beasts managed to operate and recruit abusers but also about the position of women in the Islamic worldview and relationships with, and attitudes to, non-Muslims that go to the heart of the problems that much of the world has with Islam.

I fear that if the police and social services, not just in Oxford, are seen to be even more hopelessly morally corrupted than they have been in this case, which is one of many similar cases, then people will look for other ways of defending their families and communities, and of procuring justice. That is not something I support or encourage and is very much something I fear, because the outcomes of such desperate chaos in a society is never good. The police and other agencies must cease letting us down and start defending us for a change, because the alternative to the agencies discovering some moral fibre is nightmarish and dystopian.

The British Government needs to quickly grow some balls regarding the ideology of Islam and start being realistic about it. The alternative to an policy of ‘Islamo-realism’ may be as violently destuctive to our society, as the heinous crimes of the Islamic Grooming Gangs and their enablers in the Police and social services have been to the victims of that atrocity.

You yourself can also help by becoming Islamo-realistic, and speaking out, as many of us have often reluctantly had to learn to do, and start to fight back with truth about Islamic problems instead of listening to the lies of Islamic ideologues and their quislings in police forces, social services, voluntary groups and government.

The truth really can set you free.


Alison Pearson’s  excellent piece on the Islamic Grooming Gang scandal from today’s Daily Telegraph

  1. MTG permalink

    This is much more a National disease than a local disgrace. Burrowing and corruption within local, central government and public services has advanced to the point where only thin veneers of honesty conceal rotten and hollow chambers.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Spot on there MTG. There is indeed corruption at all levels and it is indeed a national disgrace. Also this phenomena is not just a British Islamic problem, the Dutch have appalling problems with Islamic grooming gangs.

  2. The Cowboy Online permalink

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing … in the name of ‘community cohesion’. -_-

  3. Nocturna permalink

    It would be a mistake to credit this behavior to merely Islamic ideology while ignoring the overt racial aspects of these crimes. These are Arabs specifically seeking out white girls to satisfy their lusts. Girls like the ones they see in Western pornography.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Nocturna. I’m afraid I don’t buy the ‘racial’ angle on this story. There are a multitide of different groups who could be said to occupy the same South Asian racial categorisation as these abusers but who are NOT committing offences like this.

      Also, these Islamic Grooming Gangs are no only targetting White girls, Sikh girls for example have also been targetted for abuse.

      I do agree with you however that there is a theme of Arab arrogance and racial superiority running through much Islamic culture which has a racial heirachy with Arabs at the top and everyone else below.

      There may be an element of racism in this story but the primary driver for these crimes is Islam’s negative attitude to women in general and non Muslim women in particular.

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