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The BBC News, does it have any relation to what goes on in the reality based universe?

May 13, 2013

Bearded Savages fight it out on London streets


The recent revelations by the Commentator blog that various flavours of imported Bearded Savages have been fighting in the streets of London, are not a surprise to those of us who know and understand the violence that is inherent in Islam. What will shock many, although not those of us who have grown cynical about the BBC, is that the Corporation hasn’t reported this event. It is certainly not mentioned on the BBC website as far as can be ascertained.

There should be no excuse for the BBC not being aware of this new episode of on-street Islamic thuggery, not in this interconnected age. Even if the BBC was not aware of the Commentator story, what about the BBC’s police sources and members of the public phoning the story into the newsrooms? There are a multitude of ways that the BBC could have heard about this story, the question is why have they not used it? Of course I understand about the pressure of the news environment and there are bigger stories going on, but surely the BBC may have considered that opposing groups of Muslims coming to blows in a major London thoroughfare is a story of interest to their viewers and readers?

If I was living in London knowing that different Bearded Savage tribes were fighting it out on the streets would be right up there with knowing whether or not the Victoria Line is buggered up again. After all it is helpful to know which parts of your city are being turned into battlegrounds by Bearded Savages because those are the parts to avoid.

I’ve searched the BBC London News site and not a whisper of the fighting Bearded Savages can be seen, it is as if they and their street-fighting just didn’t exist. I suppose the BBC are treating the fighting Bearded Savages in the same ‘unwise monkey’ way as they treated the Sharia Patrols in Tower Hamlets and the epidemic of Islamic Grooming Gangs, which is to pretend that they do not exist.

Although the BBC did a public service a few weeks back with the Panorama episode on the problems with Britain’s Shariah ‘Courts’, and are at least allowing ex-Muslims to speak on programmes such as ‘The Big Questions’, it does not counterbalance the rest of the BBC’s pro-Islam output.

The BBC is not supplying us with news it is instead supplying us with propaganda, and worse of all it is propaganda for Islam, one of the most bestial, oppressive and aggressive ideologies in history.

An Ofcom survey of news consumption from 2012 showed that 65% of British people got their news from the news on BBC One, the channel that also carries BBC local news. By not covering stories such as the fighting Bearded Savages, the BBC lets down its audience by lying by omission.

Blatantly lying by omission like this, for what looks very much like political reasons, is something that we expect from the dictatorships or one of the former Communist states such as the German Democratic Republic. This sort of obscurantism with news stories is not worthy of the BBC and definitely not worthy of a country that fought so hard for free speech, free votes and a free press.

If they BBC reported the truth about Britain’s Islam problems then they could start to recover some of the credibility they have lost with the Savile and other scandals.

The problem is that the BBC is doing the exact opposite of speaking the truth and that is a big problem. It is lying on a grand scale about Islam to the 65% of British people who get the majority of their news from the BBC.

It is long past time that the BBC were called out when they are caught out not telling the truth like this.



The original Commentator story with video of the fighting Bearded Savages in London’s Edgware Road

Ofcom Report into News consumption in the United Kingdom. Figures in this report also show that 57% of online news consumers use the BBC website.

Commentator Blog post on the ‘Shariah Patrols’ in East London

BBC ‘Shariah Court’ documentary from the Panorama strand

Map of the extent of Islamic child-sex abusers, grooming gangs and rapists courtesy of the counterjihad blog Kafircrusader

Got a complaint about the BBC then try this link

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