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Politician is honest and Islamic groups whine about it. The ‘Winking at a Muslim’ story

May 2, 2013

winkingWhether or not you agree with the humourous picture above, many would definitely agree with the sentiments of the politician who distributed it, when he said that we should all ‘play by the same rules’ and that he was against those who wanted to damage his country.

Barry West, a County Commissioner for Coffee County, Tennessee, United States, who posted the above picture on his Facebook page, was gloriously unrepentant about the act and told the Tullahoma News that he was:

“prejudiced against anyone who’s trying to tear down this country, Muslims, Mexicans, anybody,” he said. “If you come into this country illegally or harm us or take away benefits, I’m against it.”

The posting remained on Facebook until Tuesday morning after West was contacted by The News.

West, who said he is a Vietnam veteran, added that he wasn’t trying to make a political statement, but he was “making a point.”

West went on to say: “God made us all equal, but let’s play by the same rules.”

Spot on Mr West, we are all made equal which is why we must all resist all attempts to whitewash and normalise both the ideology of Islam and the barbaric Shariah Law.

Predictably Islamic groups in the state of Tennessee have gone into full ‘whine mode’ and are complaining that the image made them feel ‘frightened’. I’m surprised that they have the Chutzpah to even say this especially after millions of non-Muslims have spent the last 20 or so years terrified by Islamically inspired falling buildings, exploding tube trains and other incidents of mass murder.

The Tullahoma News reported reaction from one local Muslim man, Zak Mohyuddin who played the race card by saying:

“ the posting draws a historical connection to other incidences where a religion or race was persecuted or ostracized.”

He then indulged in the normal taqyyia, cheekily comparing the position of American Muslims with that of Japanese Americans during World War II whom the American Government interned.  Mohyuddin said:

“In cases like this, I’d say he was born too late to hate the Japanese,” “If he were born earlier, he would say the same thing about the Japanese.”

What Mohyddin doesn’t say is that it was only a very tiny minority of Japanese Americans who were working for the Japanese Empire and that nearly all those interned were innocent. Sadly those of us who have observed time after time ‘home grown’ Islamic terror plots know that the number of Western Muslims involved in either terror or other acts of sedition is considerably more than the number of Japanese Americans who were traitors. Mohyuddin is lying by not comparing like with like. Too many of our Western Islamic enclaves are anything but innocent as recent convictions in Birmingham UK have shown and Mohyddin devalues the memory of those who suffered even though they were innocent, by comparing Islamic communities with them.

Rather than gob off about the ‘Winking’ image, maybe Islamic groups would be better off trying to work out why their ideology is so hated by so many different people and work to reform Islam to make it less of a violent crock of shit.

One of the stand-out things about hatred of Islam is it is not irrational or theologically based like Jew hatred or the Protestant hatred of Catholicism, but is based on a history of 1400 years of experiencing Islamic aggression. Right from the start when Mohammed (piss on the bastard) murdered and enslaved the Christians, Jews and Pagans on the Arabian penninsular Islam has been a threat. From the occupation of Spain and other parts of Europe, slave raids that decimated coasts from Italy to England and onto our present day problems, Islam has given us plenty of historical ammunition for hatred.


Tullahoma News

The Tennessean Newspaper’s coverage of this story with added whining from Islamic groups. It seems that Islam is really not popular in parts of Tennessee with allegations of violence against Islamic property and the Federal Government forcing one town in Rutherford County to accept a mosque despite strong local opposition.

The Commentator on this story

More on this case

The Birmingham UK Jihadis and the community that sheltered them



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