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This post is incitement – incitement to vote.

April 30, 2013

daddy2This week many parts of Britain face local elections. It is an election where independent and smaller parties look like they may give those mainstream parties that are the architects of our current problems, a bit of a well-deserved electoral kicking.

But the Lib Lab Con parties that have inflicted unsustainable levels of immigration, appeasement of religious fascists, economic mismanagment and more will not get that kicking unless people get out and vote.

If people do not vote, or do not vote for independents or smaller parties, then those politicians from the Big Three will win again, and a win for them could be a loss for you.  If candidates from the big three are elected or re-elected in the thousands of seats that are up for election this time, then the appeasers, welfarists, mismanagers and sufferers from fiscal incontience, will continue to oppress and squeeze you and your families. Apathy on the part of voters will allow the wreckers to continue to wreck.

You don’t have to vote for one of the Big Three, there are other choices, including 900 candidates describing themselves as independents. Your vote surely deserves a better home than the parties that have caused our problems, damaged our society and drained our coffers. You can vote for something else.

For example; A vote for UKIP, whose threat to the major parties is now becoming apparent by the desperation by which they are being attacked by Conservative central office, is better than a vote for a conservative in name only, who may be more interested in obeying the coterie of so called modernisers surrounding ‘Cast Iron Dave’, than looking after your interests.

A vote for a Residents or independent candidate who genuinely cares about the area in which they live would be a better choice than someone from the Janus-faced Liberal Democrats, who are great supporters of the carbon tax shakedown that is pushing many Britons into fuel poverty, and who have been shown up on the national political stage as being neither Liberal nor Democratic.

A vote for the Monster Raving Loony Party or similar would undoubtably be a better choice than a candidate for the Labour party which seems to have sold itself to various religious, political and ethnic sectarian interests, and which as far away from being a party for British workers, as the Roman Emperor Nero was from being a constitutional monarch.

A vote for Labour, Lib Dem or Conservative either by active choice or by a default vote because of electoral apathy, will change nothing, will improve nothing and will solve nothing.

Like a baby’s nappy, a nations polticians must be changed regularily or the faeces will fester and poison the body politic. There has been too little real change in politics of late, and some of our local Labour ‘one party states’ are not pleasant communities in which to live because the politicians have got too comfy and corrupt in their positions. Unfortunately we have allowed the politicians to govern us, instead of the other way round with the people governing the politicians by the electorate regularily holding the politicians to account. We must deprive the Big Three of the food that gives them legitimacy, the food of votes.

Get out there and vote or your oppressed grandchildren may ask you ‘Grandad, did you vote against the appeasers, the incompetent and the wreckers, or did you just stay at home and watch television?’

Look around you at the state of the country and look at the quality of the politicians who have caused the mess. Get angry about that, and let that anger incite you to get out there and vote against those who have so plainly failed us, and replace them by those who might be able to do a better job. Vote for somebody else this year instead of just ‘the usual’. Wouldn’t that be a better use of your time instead of watching Eastenders on Thursday?

  1. john warren permalink

    All that you say carries the ring of truth… but how many people are listening? The minority parties will gain votes but not enough to make a difference. Not being harshly critical in any political sense. All that I’m saying really is that you’ll need to shout it louder and keep on shouting it for a very long time. Even then you may never be heard

    The people (whose people?) are still sleeping. They may not wake up in time. Look after your own.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I’d rather shout the right thing even if nobody listens.

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