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Is loyalty to Allah compatible with loyalty to the United Kingdom?

April 26, 2013

There is an ongoing grisly parade of Islamic crackpots currently making its way through British courts. This cavalcade of the mad, the dangerous and the treasonous that seems to represent far too much of Britain’s Islamic community, forces us to ask ourselves a difficult question. This question is: Can a person be loyal to to the Islamic deity Allah and also be loyal to the United Kingdom and British values?

Increasingly the answer sadly appears to be ‘No’. Although there are individual ‘cultural’ and reformist Muslims who want nothing to do with the headbangers, it seems that the British Islamic community as a whole too often turns a blind eye to those who wish to destroy the UK. The case of the Birmingham jihadists who were able to travel back and forth from Pakistan for terrorist training and indoctrination and whose ringleader has been jailed for life is a case in point. Despite widespread knowledge of the Birmingham Jihadis views, movements and activities, no voice of alarm was raised about them from within the Birmingham Islamic community.

Then we have the case of Richard Dart and others who have been jailed for ridiculously short sentences by Mr Justice Simon for plotting to bomb Britain’s security services and for planning an attack on the town of Royal Wooton Bassett. Dart, who was jailed for six years, refused to acknowledge the authority of Mr Justice Simon’s court by refusing to stand saying that he only recognised Allah as a judge. These jihadis must also have been either indulged or ignored by the majority of the British Islamic community. Dart in particular was very high profile and should really have been a metaphorical ‘bullet magnet’ for those members of the Muslim community who were fed up with the words Islam being interchangable with terrorism. The fact that in neither of these cases were there proper condemnations from the UK Islamic establishment should tell us a lot.

Not only are such violent unhinged people a danger in their own right, the fact that many in Britain’s Islamic community have done very little to expose or confront them shows that they are not alone in their disloyalty. Such treasonous and seditious attitudes and behaviour may run much deeper amongst our Islamic guests than previously assumed. Add in the concept of ‘Taqiyya’ and other Islamic ‘permissions to decieve’ and you have a recipie for distrust. However, this is not a distrust born out of ignorance, as other minority groups have had to put up with at certain times in history, but a distrust that has been earned by Britain’s Islamic communities because of their own words and actions (or as in the Birmingham case above, inactions).

There is a growing realisation on the part of Britain’s non-Muslims that too many of our Islamic residents are either actively disloyal or have an ambivilence about loyalty to the United Kingdom. Sadly this realisation is not one that is shared by many of our politicians and public servants who for various reasons continue to parrot the very much discredited ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ lie that they have been fed by the various Islamic propagandists and Dawa merchants.

The court cases like the ones above coupled with the hair trigger offence taking by too many Muslims, and the violence both in word and in deed practiced by Islamic groups is contributing to an attitude that is very much polarised against Islam and Muslims. This is not the fault of ‘racism’ or ‘xenophobia’ or anything like that, it is the fault of the words and actions of British Muslims. I fear that the actions of British followers of Islam are providing a justification for future Pogroms against British Muslims that will not only quite rightly take out the Darts, and the Chowdhury’s of this world and who vex us greatly, but also affect the innocent fore example the generic ‘Mr Khan’ who has run the local newspaper shop for 50 years and who is equally appalled by the actions of the headbangers.

One of the reasons I plead for a constitutional settlement of Britain’s now quite obvious Islamic problem is that the alternative, which will involve mobs of angry people with burning torches, will sweep up not only the guilty and those who turn a blind eye to Jihadism, but also those who appreciate this country and are grateful for Britain rescuing them from whatever Islamic cesspit they and their families came from.

Flames in the streets only generate more flames which consume both the guilty and the innocent. There does need to be a great clearout in Britain’s Islamic community but it needs to be done by those who are accountable and not by the random anger of those who are the spiritual and political heirs of those who have lit similar fires in the past.

If we start to see overt loyalty to Allah as similarily incompatible with democracy and freedom as Fascism and Communism are, then we will have made a valuable stand in defending ourselves and our society. We can only be properly defended against the depredations of the ideology of Islam if the politicians whom we elect, learn to say a firm ‘no’ to the demands, whines and threats emanating from many of Britain’s Islamic communal institutions and organisations. We have a problem and we cannot and must not leave the solving of this problem to politicians who have made the mistakes that have brought us to this point.


BBC report on the Richard Dart Case

BBC report on the Birmingham jihadi bombers case.

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