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More news from Concrete, the town that said ‘No’.

April 18, 2013


The case of a schoolteacher from the town of Concrete in Washington State, USA who was accused by an Islamic student of making anti-Islam and ‘racist’ statements appears to be getting curiouser and curiouser.

Not only does it appear to be the case that some students in teacher Mary Janda’s class may have misheard the teachers statement on organisations like the Nazis and the Taliban who control people by bullying them, but also that the Muslim Brotherhood linked Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) may not have been completely honest about the statement subsequently allegedly made by the student who was supposedly ‘offended’.

The offended student, offspring of a local resident who converted to Islam, in conjunction with CAIR put out a statement detailing her issues with Ms Janda’s words.  This statement has been examined by teachers some of whom were familiar with this particular students work and it seems that what has been written allegedly by the student and which has been used by CAIR bears very little resemblance to the genuine written work style of the student concerned.

The Concrete Herald, the local newspaper for the town of Concrete said:

On March 25, Concrete Herald spoke with two Concrete K-8 teachers who are familiar with the student’s writing style, vernacular, and competency level. Speaking on condition of anonymity, both teachers stated that the writing sample was not written by the student, as CAIR-WA claimed it was. Two school administrators who know the student also were shown the thoughts statement and stated it was highly unlikely it had been written by the student. The administrators also spoke on condition of anonymity.

The discovery and the statements made by a growing number of the student’s peers who were present during the discussion casts doubt on the veracity of both the student’s claims and CAIR-WA’s claim that the writing belongs to the student, and came on the same day that CAIR-WA barred Concrete Herald from interviewing the student.”

‘Doubt about the veracity of of both the student and CAIR’s claims’ seems to be very much an understatement. It is looking very much like CAIR have not only lied about this matter but have also been caught out lying.

The doubts raised about the truthfulness of both the students alleged statement (which even to my eyes looks like it was written by a much older and more experienced writer) and CAIR’s interpretation of the events.

Ms Janda the teacher at the centre of the controversy was defended by students who spoke to the local newspaper. The Concrete Herald said:

Two more students have stepped forward to defend Concrete School District teacher Mary Janda’s claim that she did not make statements of religious intolerance last October, bringing the total number of students corroborating Janda’s version of the incident to four.

The students, who spoke with Concrete Herald March 30 on condition of anonymity, said they could understand why the misinterpretation occurred.

A lot of times in those classes, people won’t listen. They’ll hear what they want to hear, and then try to debate it,” said one of the students.

The other student described the course of the discussion, which had centered on bullying. A student had mentioned Hitler as an example, and the conversation moved from there to the Taliban.

Someone brought up Muslims and said they raise their children to kill. Mrs. Janda said, ‘No, no, no.’ The student perceived it wrong. She thought that Mrs. Janda was saying Muslims raised their children to kill. Mrs. Janda never said anything about Muslims raising their children to kill. We were talking about certain groups that do that,” said the student.

In February, two other students posted messages on Facebook in support of Janda’s recollection of the discussion.”

What is becoming obvious is that rather than the teacher bullying Muslims it is the Islamic group, CAIR that is doing the bullying. CAIR are attacking not only the experienced and respected educator concerned, but also the whole town. This case has all the elements of an Islamic ‘shakedown’ that is intended not only to stop discussion of Islam within the town, but also to earn money for CAIR from the taxpayers of Concrete by forcing the to buy in expensive ‘diversity’ training from CAIR itself. The dubious ‘complaint’ against the school authorities that employ Ms Janda along with the demand that CAIR take over the schools ‘diversity training’ has the smell of a ‘protection racket’ such as those that are run by gangsters.

A former Muslim, Shahram Hadian who spoke against CAIR at a huge rally in one of the local churches where CAIR representatives were also present, said that CAIR was not a genuine civil rights organisation, but instead was a front for a more darker and nasty agenda such as the promotion of Shariah Law in the United States. Mr Hadian told the meeting: “You’re not dealing with a civil rights group. That is a front. You are dealing with a group that has billions of dollars behind them from elements that want to further Islamic law.”

The Concrete Herald added:

Hadian aired CAIR’s allegations against Janda by reading from their letter to Hawkings, and from their application to the U.S. Dept. of Justice, which included the following statement:

This incident concerns us not only as a civil rights issue, but also as a violation of public health and safety. By making the bigoted, misinformed comments that she did, Ms. Janda put an entire classroom of students at risk of going to school in an unsafe and degraded learning environment.”

Hadian then told the crowd, “This teacher deserves the right to have her name cleared.”

This blog believes that Mary Janda, who by all accounts is a genuinely, caring and committed teacher, not only deserves to be publicly exonerated, but that CAIR need to be treated not as a ‘civil rights’ group but as a political group with political aims, and as we have seen here quite nasty political motives and practices. I certainly don’t believe that CAIR will depart from the town if the matter is resolved in CAIR’s favour, they will stick around and find someone or something else to be ‘offended’ about. In that way CAIR will be able to control more and more of what people think, say and do. If American readers don’t believe me then look to what has happened in the United Kingdom where Islamic groups have corrupted the political system so badly that those living in Islamised areas of Britain. In such areas people are mortally afraid to speak up about wrongdoing when the perpetrator comes from an Islamic community because they know they will not only face possibly violent sanction from the Islamic groups but also from Britain’s now badly politically corrupted police forces.

Lets hope the people of Concrete win their fight and that Ms Janda is cleared of all taint on her character and that the whining mountebanks of CAIR are run out of town.


Original story from the Concrete Herald

Story from here about the town of Concrete

More on CAIR from a group that attempts to expose CAIR’s agenda and connections with terrorist individuals and terrorist groups.

  1. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    Hmm… as I thought No concrete evidence.

  2. Eric permalink

    Thank you again for helping us expose this organization (CAIR) and their Politcal Islamic agenda! In light of recent attacks in Boston it is now paramount that we must finally call out Political Islam for what it truly is, a dangerous ideology that is unfriendly to humanity. We, in this country, must now all stand up and loudly say with one voice to these Jihadists and their apologist that we will not accept this behavior anymore and we will resist all attempts to succumb to your treats and violent intimidation. We in Concrete are holding the line in this clash. Political Islam needs to be defeated.

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