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Fisking the ‘Mosque-e-teers’ – What Islamic groups say and what they really mean.

April 18, 2013

This piece is about the difference between what Islamic groups say and what happens in the reality based universe.

Those of us who have had a long experience of the Islamic doctrine of ‘Taqqiya’, which means lying in order to advance Islam, have learned from bitter experience to read between the lines when Islamic groups make statements about particular subjects or state their intentions. I have also sadly had to come to the conclusion that if an Islamic group says something then I’d better go off and check the provenance of what they’ve said. Having once dealt with an Islamic organisation that promised faithfully that the booking for their mosque of a speaker who advocated the murder of gays, Christians and Jews was only a mistake, and that it wouldn’t happen again, only to book a similar speaker a month later, please forgive me my cynicism when it comes to the mouthpieces of Islam.

I’ve taken a page of activities from a small British Islamic organisation, the Herefordshire Masjid and looked into the meanings behind the statements made on their website and the activities they are involved in. The reason I chose this particular organisation at random is they are very representative of the sort of Islamic vanguard organisation which moves into an area, and then quietly makes contacts with influential councillors and council officers. This gives the Islamic organisation a hand on the levers of power that is not available to other groups whether they be religious or secular that may be less organised or less ruthless.

These organisations as well as gaining influence with the power brokers and power holders of an area, also exploit the naïve ‘kumbaya’ Lefties, Church personnel and various ‘multicultural’ organisations into eventually acquiessing to a multitude of Islamic demands. This can mean Halal food being imposed on all schoolchildren, paid time off for extensive prayers and then the sight of the local authority surrendering to the constant oppressive whine of ‘Islamophobia’ from influential Islamic groups, every time the Islamic group or the ideology of Islam is criticised or challenged. Also many councillors, Labour especially, realise that there is a lot to be gained by pandering to the ‘whipped Mosque vote’ and therefore collaborate with Islamic groups for electoral purposes.

Those who may have seen the BBC documentary, The Planners, were able to see how once Islamic groups gain influence, especially within planning committees, such decision making boards are politically corrupted in favour of Islam and against other groups. Mosque groups will also sometimes make statements such as ‘our mosque/Islamic community centre/terrorist advocacy centre will be a resource available for all the community’. This is a complete untruth. Such centres end up soley for the use of the Islamic community and nobody else. The use of the words ‘for all the community’ is often only put in for the purpose of getting the planning application through. One reason for this ‘sole Islamic community use’ is that many things that community hall hirers may want to do, such as put up a temporary bar serving alcohol, would not be allowed under Islamic Shariah Law which would govern the centre.

Below is a list of activities that this Herefordshire Islamic group either does or would like to do and the real meaning behind the words used. For neatness all links to offsite sources of information, background or other evidence are below the main piece.

The List of Mosque activities

• Delivering regular weekly lectures • Providing facilities for sisters – workshops – classes

• Khutba translated to deaf people • Evening madrassah

• Support for new Muslims • Youth work services – mentoring – tuition – activities

• Dedicated dawah team • Outreach community cohesion (Dawah)

• Islamic Judiciary Board • Islamic QA sessions

• Funeral services • Islamic library

• Charity appeals • School visits

• Islamic books and CD’s/DVD’s • Summer and winter conference

• Sister’s study circle • Youth study circle 

Below is what could be happening in these activities and the meaning behind the bland words such as ‘Islamic Library’ for example

The Meanings

‘Delivering regular weekly lectures, workshops and classes’

This all sounds very innocuous doesn’t it, but what is the content of such weekly lectures? Those of us who have studied the content of many of these ‘lectures’ by Islamic personages that have happened elsewhere in Britain’s Islamic organisations, have very little confidence that the content of such lectures will be teaching how to be a good and loyal British citizen. Too many mosques have regularily booked speakers who encouraged hatred for other British and non-British citizens.

Support for new Muslims, tuition and activities

Basically because Islam is not only an evangelical ideology (often evangelical at the point of a sword) but also one that believes that the whole world should be Muslim, it is very focused on convincing people, often the sad and the mad, that Islam is the answer to all their problems. This ‘support’ is a form of brainwashing to create more followers of Islam.

Dedicated Dawah team.

Dawah is an Arabic word that describes the promotion of Islam to non Muslims. Dawah is missionary propaganda designed to entice people to live an Islamic life and follow the rules of Islam. Some ‘Dawa-gandists’ a neoligism coined to describe dawah as propaganda for Islam, actively misrepresent the contents of the Qu’ran and when undertaking Dawah, concentrate only on those ‘fluffy’ bits of the Qu’ran which were later nulified by the doctrine of abrogation, being replaced by things such as ‘the verse of the sword’.

Islamic Judiciary Board

In plain language this is a Shariah Court. For those who don’t know, Shariah Law is highly discriminatory, it treats women witnesses as worth half of a male witness and in Britain has been implicated in telling abused women to ‘go back to your husbands’, and that they will bring shame on themselves and their communities if they escape from a violent relationship.

In countries where the national law is based on Shariah Law, such as Saudi Arabia for example beheadings for ‘witchcraft’ and amputations for various offences are extremely commonplace. Islamic advocacy groups in the UK are actively trying to promote Shariah Law as a parallel legal system but this is being bravely resisted by many, including the Conservative MP for Keighley, Yorkshire Mr Kris Hopkins. Mr Hopkins described Shariah Courts as ‘courts of convenience which threaten the integrity of the British justice system.’ Readers of this piece need to think do they really want a Shariah Court in their area?

Funeral services

Not much you can really say about that except that the Islamic funeral game has had some pretty iffy characters involved in it. A case last year featured in the Worcester News had allegations that grieving relatives have been financially gouged by management of the Worcester Muslim Cemetery Committee with one relative alleging that Allah Ditta chairman of the Worcester Muslim Cemetery Committee, and also a local Conservative councillor, had threatened to get a digger in to ‘dig up’ the body of a mans father if extra money was not paid to the cemetery.

Charity appeals

The world of Islamic charities is indeed a murky one. There often appears to be a lack of transparency in their operation, and there is the strong suspicion that some of these charities are giving money not to worthy causes but also to those who promote Jihad. For example: The now defunct ‘Holy Land Foundation’ funnelled 12 Million US Dollars to the terrorists of Hamas. Also one of the ‘charitable’ causes recognised by Islamic law is ‘supporting the fighters for Islam’, in other words, terrorists. The Holy Land Foundation is not the only Islamic ‘charity’ that has a history of dodginess. Back in 2009 there were credible allegations that the Ummah Welfare Trust was said to be working with a group called the Al-Salah Society that has been described by the United States Treasury Department as fundraisers for Hamas.

‘Sister’s study circle’ and ‘Providing facilities for sisters’

In a nutshell this will be yet more brainwashing, this time specifically aimed at Islamic women. Much of this ‘study’ and the ‘facilities’ will be aimed at keeping women not only subservient but telling them that the Islamic deity requires them to be subservient. Although other religious groups have varying degrees of gender separation, it is only Islam that teaches women that they are solely the property of a man. In Britain it has taken a long hard struggle for men and women to be treated equally and many of the teachings of Islam are completely counter to any idea of equal treatment regardless of gender. Even Orthodox Judaism for example, where men and women are seated separately for worship, treats women as humans and doesn’t treat women as worth less than livestock, which is sadly the case for many women who have the misfortune to live in Islamic countries.

Evening madrassah

A Madrassah is an Islamic religious school but don’t fall into the trap of thinking that it is a bit like Sunday School but for Muslims, such places are anything but like that. Madrassas are, as the great atheist polemicist Pat Condell said, places where ‘a person leaves more ignorant than when they went in.’ Madrassas have been implicated in horrific levels of physical abuse of children with in one recorded case children being forced to crouch in painful positions as punishment for not memorising the Qu’ran correctly. There have also been cases where madrassas have been used to teach hatred of Britain, British people and the British way of life. Madrassas are the spawning grounds of future Islamic thugs and terrorists.

Youth work services – mentoring – tuition – activities

Whilst many religious groups and non religious groups undertake mentoring and tuition for young people many will suspect that this is not all this group will be providing. The mentoring may take the form of pressuring those young people who may be thinking of leaving Islam into staying. Also with the growing awareness of the abuse of young people in madrassas and the encouragement they give to young Muslims to hate British society, how can anybody be sure that this mentoring and tuition is entirely innocent?

Outreach community cohesion

Aha, here is where the weasel words ‘community cohesion’ crop up. In practice, the phrase ‘community cohesion’ often means shutting down criticism of the ideology of Islam or the behaviour of its adherents. We have seen the devastating and tragic results of councils and police following a policy of ‘community cohesion’ in places like Rochdale and Rotherham. In these towns, spectacular levels of organised child abuse perpetrated by groups of Islamic men occurred, but nothing was done about it for fears of upsetting ‘community cohesion’.

Islamic Q and A sessions.

Propaganda, lies and bullshit most likely. Having observed on quite a few occasions where Islamic speakers are used to talk about Islam to a non-Muslim audience they normally consist of an Islamic speaker flanked by well meaning but naïve Vicars and Rabbis nodding whenever the Muslim speaker says ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. If Islam is a religion of peace it certainly has a funny way of showing it as it has an attack count that has now reached 20,718 since September 11th 2001. Just for one week, 6th to 12th April 2013, various Islamic terror attacks around the world clocked up 195 dead bodies.

Islamic library

So what you might say, it’s just a library but the question needs to be asked: What sort of stock do Islamic libraries contain? One British newspaper, The Independent estimated that at least 25% of UK mosques were holding, loaning or selling books and other material that promoted hatred of people of different religions and material which promoted terrorism and jihad.

School visits

This will mean that Islamic missionaries will be encouraged to go into schools and try to brainwash your children into thinking that Islam is safe and is a religion of peace, even though Islam was started by the ‘prophet’ Mohammed who was a warmongering, murdering, thieving paedophile.

Summer and Winter Conferences

These sound fun but may have more in common with the now thankfully cancelled Islamia Village conference in York than with Butlins. The Islamia Village conference that was to have taken place last August Bank Holiday was cancelled after both pressure from counter jihadists on the venue and also because the organisers thought they couldn’t carry on without speakers who encouraged hatred against Christians, Jews, women, gays etc etc.

Khutba translated to deaf people

A Khutba roughly translates as a sermon and this is so that those with hearing difficulties can understand a sermon. The only problem that I have with that is what would be the content of such sermons?

Youth Study Circle

More brainwashing of young Muslims and potential converts to Islam. Sitting round studying the Qu’ran sounds about as positive an activity as sitting round studying Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Somehow I think telling impressionable young people to read about and admire a murdering rapist like Mohammed can’t be good for the young mind.


In conclusion I hope you like this mosque-fisking and that you yourself will start to read between the lines when confronted with what look like reasonable statements from Islamic groups and the promoters of Islam. Remember the problem is not that individual Muslims are bad people, many are not, many are good people in spite of being Muslim, rather than because of it. It is the Islamic groups and those who advocate for the ideology of Islam that are the problem. Individuals can often transcend their upbringing and programming, and there are also many in the Islamic community who would dearly love to escape from the tyrannical slavery of Islam, and those who wish to escape from such slavery, should be helped to do so.

We must learn to be more confident when dealing with Islamic ideology, and to discern between what is truth, and what is lies or taqqiya, much better than we have done in the past. We must no longer accept the utter bullshit about ‘religion of peace’ and instead speak the truth even though it offends.


The Herefordshire Masjid (mosque) group from which the original headings for this fisking was taken.

MP Kris Hopkins on the danger of Shariah Law from the Keighley News

Councillor Ditta and the threat to ‘dig up’ the body of a man’s father

Islamic charity funnelled $12,000,000 to the genocidal terrorist group Hamas.

What is going on in Britain’s Islamic schools? Newspaper article from 2011

The Ummah Welfare Trust, the Al-Salah Society and the funding of the terrorist group Hamas

Labour councillors nod through application to build a mosque despite objections.

Excerpt from The Planners BBC documentary

Islamic libraries and bookshops – Hubs of Sedition? That certainly seemed to be what Channel 4’s ‘Undercover Mosque’ programme found out. The various Islamic speakers at this particular mosque came out with such gems as:

Dr. Ijaz Mian on the subject of non-Muslim laws: “You cannot accept the rule of the kaffir…[w]e have to rule ourselves and we have to rule the others.”[3]

  • Abu Usamah saying of apostates: “If the imam wants to crucify him he should crucify him. The person is put up on the wood and he’s left there to bleed to death for three days.”[4]
  • Abu Usamah speaking on the deficiency of women’s minds: “Allah has created the woman, even if she gets a PhD, deficient. Her intellect is incomplete, deficient. She may be suffering from hormones that will make her emotional. It takes two witnesses of a woman to equal the one witness of the man.”[4]
  • Praises the killer of a British soldier serving in Afghanistan, stating “The hero of Islam is the one who separated his head from his shoulders.”[5]
  • Abdullah el-Faisal: “You have to bomb the Indian businesses, and as for the Jews you kill them physically.”[6]
  • Advocates violent Jihad against the non-Muslims and predicting that an army of Muslims will arise against the non-Muslims in England.[3]
  • Dr Bilal Philips on marriage with girls before puberty: “The prophet Muhammad practically outlined the rules regarding marriage prior to puberty. With his practice, he clarified what is permissible, and that is why we shouldn’t have any issues about an older man marrying a younger woman, which is looked down upon by this society today, but we know that Prophet Mohammed practised it, it wasn’t abuse or exploitation, it was marriage.”[4]
  • Condemns Muslim integration into British society.[3]
  • Calls for the overthrow of the British government and democracy.[7] “[T]hey will fight in the cause of Allah. I encourage all of you to be from amongst them, to begin to cultivate ourselves for the time that is fast approaching where the tables are going to turn and the Muslims are going to be in the position of being uppermost in strength, and when that happens, people won’t get killed – unjustly.”[6]
  • Dr. Mian: “You are in a situation in which you have to live like a state within a state, until you take over.”[8]
  • Al Jibali: “By the age of ten, it becomes an obligation on us to force her to wear hijab, and if she doesn’t wear hijab, we hit her.”[6]

Sadly the full documentary is no longer available on the Channel 4 website and it has been taken down by YouTube on copyright grounds but if you can get hold of a copy it is a serious eye-opener as to the horrendous amount of sedition that is going on in British Mosques.  (quotation data above via Wikipedia)

The Independent Newspaper said that 25% of British Mosques were carrying hate material.

The ‘Islamia Village’ Affair.

If you are looking for a up to date ‘Islamic body count’ then you should really visit The Religion of Peace website. They have a running total on their front page and masses of information about the ideology of Islam and its crimes.

If you are looking for a map showing the full extent of Islamic grooming gangs, rapists and other sex offenders then why not go to Kafircrusader’s handy but disturbing ‘Islamic paedo map’

If you think that ‘Taqiyya’ is bad then be aware that Shariah Law also allows for ‘creative lying’.


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