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Winner of the March ‘British Neville Chamberlain of the Month’ competition

April 16, 2013

Appeasement didn’t work then and it will not work now

A winner by a country mile this month is Ms Lynne Harrowell the headteacher of Larkswood Primary school in Chingford, East London.

Ms Harrowell, with what appears to be a large amount of arrogance and a minimal amount of appropriate consultation with parents, decided to impose a halal meat only menu on the school even though less than 10% of the pupils are followers of that well known and often highly explosive ideology, Islam.

In a breathtaking act of appeasement to Shariah Law, Ms Harrowell dismissed parents concerns and imposed a halal only menu on all the pupils at the school.  As can be imagined many parents are up in arms about this decision.

Because Ms Harrowell has committed an appeasement of Islam, by forcing non Muslims to eat what to them is distasteful or forbidden, Ms Harrowell has been chosen by this blog as this months ‘Neville Chamberlain’ act-a-like. Ms Harrowell has been notified of her ‘win’.

I’m glad that I don’t have to send my child to such an appallingly politically correct school that has also only recently come out of Ofsted special measures. The school is now rated as ‘good’ and Ms Harrowell may be better employed trying to keep her school out of special measures and improving its performance, rather than indulging in gross and disturbing acts of appeasement such as this. It just shows how in Britain’s public education system, political correctness and pandering to minorities appears to be more of a priority for those who work in it, than equipping the next generation with an education that would be useful for their future lives.


Original story of Lynne Harrowell forcing halal meat down the throats of her young charges.

About the ‘British Neville Awards’

Previous ‘winners’

February 2013

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Also, if you want to get really angry about Britain’s rubbish education system here is the Ofsted report for Larkswood Primary school dated November 2012 which states that the school still has difficulty in teaching the children to use handwriting properly.  I’m really really glad that I don’t live in this schools catchment area.

  1. john warren permalink

    She’s a worthy enough unworthy winner. Shame on her for bowing to a cruel and shameful religion. Her parents will no doubt be proud.

  2. Bunny permalink

    Could we please bear in mind that Neville Chamberlain had redeeming features, such as being a very good Chancellor of the Exchequer, whereas these idiots have no such mitigating background.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Bunny I couldn’t agree more, Chamberlain did have some redeeming features as you say, but he was hopelessly out of his depth when dealing with the unitesticled Austrian.

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