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Tell schoolchildren lies about British history or we’ll get ‘alienated’ and upset and might start killing you

April 15, 2013

I wonder if the desired Islam approved history lessons would include things like the Islamic pirate raids on coastal towns from the Mediterranian to the English Channel, probably not.

The statement in the title of this piece appears to be the subtext of recent calls by the Islamic umbrella group the Muslim Council of Britain for more education in British schools on the subject of the Islamic ‘contribution’ to Britain.

As the MCB is the odious group that boycotts Holocaust Memorial Day and has allegedly close links with the Labour party it seems pretty fair to state that the MCB is asking for a false history of the UK to be promulgated to British schoolchildren. It is hardly likely that the sort of historical ‘contributions’ that Islam has made to the UK will be mentioned. Knowledge about the Islamic Corsair slaving raids that decimated the coastal towns of Ireland and the south of England would, under such a curriculum probably be censored, as would the epidemic of Islamic child-sex and rape gangs, the terrorism, the slavery, the intolerance and so much more.

The demand by the MCB for more ‘Islam friendly’ history teaching is not a call for these Islamic ‘contributions’ to be dealt with openly and honestly, but more a call for a neutered curriculum full of lies and untruths.

The British Left wing newspaper the Guardian reported that the MCB said that:

“British Muslim children will see no place for themselves in their country’s history, creating the risk of alienation,” the MCB said in a statement. “At the same time non-Muslim children will grow up believing that Muslims have contributed nothing of value to Britain.”

What a load of rubbish, although it is of a type to be expected from the MCB and the Islamic cheerleaders and apologists of The Guardian newspaper, who are using the MCB whines as a way of attacking the British Education Secretary Michael Gove. Although individual Muslims have contributed to British society, it is plain to see that the ideology of Islam itself has not been a net contributor, and has often been a negative influence on British society. Would any reasonable person call the sort of problems that Islam has brought to the UK a ‘contribution’? Are the rise in Islamic gang rapes a ‘contribtion’ or terrorist violence a ‘contribution’ or fighting against the Royal Navy in Zanzibar in order to protect the Islamic slave trade a ‘contribution’. Such things are obviously not contributions and there is nothing to be gained by allowing Islamic lies and liars to influence the British school curriculum. It is utter folly to paint such things as positive when they are wholly negative.

The American online magazine, Front Page Magazine is also covering this story but in a much more sceptical and realistic way than the Guardian has. Front Page Magazine said:

“ I suppose living on the dole while plotting terrorist attacks didn’t merit an entire chapter. But really writing a history of the UK without including the enormous Muslim contribution is like writing a history of World War II without mentioning the otter. “

It has to be a special Muslim role doesn’t it. Not the special role of the Buddhists or anyone else. Just another Muslim entitlement to an imaginary history and an imaginary superiority.

And the subtext of “alienation” is “make us feel special or we’ll turn extremist and begin offing you.”

Nor, it says, does the curriculum take into account Britain’s history of trade, diplomatic and other relations with Muslim-majority regions, or the longstanding presence of Islam in Britain. The council concludes that the present draft curriculum would fail to teach a “true picture of the past that prepares our children for life” in 21st-century Britain.

How beautifully Orwellian. A true picture of the past actually means a false picture of the past that aligns with the agendas of the present.

But it’s true. Islam’s contribution to the UK does deserve special mention in a way that will prepare students for life in 21st century Britain. And there can be no better example of that than the Muslim slaver raids on coastal towns in Europe from 1500 to 1800 resulting in the enslavement of one million Europeans.”

Michael Gove is one of the few admirable education secretaries that Britain has had in recent years, and it is to be hoped that he will face down this call for Islamic lies to be inserted into the history curriculum as steadfastly as he has faced down left wing teachers, who are stupidly campaigning against much needed positive changes to Britain’s educational system.


Front Page Magazine’s coverage of the demands by the MCB for a more Islam friendly curriculum in British schools

The Guardian newspapers left wing view of the same story.

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