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Islamic rapists, also a problem for Israel, Netherlands, Norway ……

April 11, 2013

The Arutz Sheva newspaper from Israel reports that there is a ‘clear trend’ of Arab rapists targetting Israeli Jewish women as a form of terrorism.

Those of us who have watched with growing anger the revelations that Islamic Grooming Gangs, rapists and paedophiles have been operating under the noses of police, local politicians and social services in the UK for over a decade, are not surprised to see that such crimes are not confined to these shores.

With the increasing number of allegations that the majority of rapes carried out in the Nordic countries are carried out by the followers of Islam and the existence of the ‘lover boy’ gangs that prey on young women in the Netherlands, it should be seen that this is not an isolated problem. Treating non-Muslim women as ‘captured property’ to be abused or killed at will, is something that is happening worldwide, wherever Islam bashes up against Western societies.

However, some countries are beginning to wake up to the growing problem of Islamic men using rape and sexual assault as a weapon to terrorise the local female population and advance their Islamic cause.

Arutz Sheva said:

“There is a clear trend of Arab men sexually assaulting Jewish girls and women as a form of anti-Israel terrorism, attorney Roni Sadovnik said Wednesday, speaking to Arutz Sheva.

Israel’s courts prefer to treat such crimes as solely criminal in nature rather than as crimes motivated by nationalist hate, she said. Changing the status of such crimes would give victims a wider array of services and assistance.

Currently, victims of sex crimes perpetrated by Palestinian Authority men are left to handle the trauma without special help from the state, she explained.

Sadovnik noted a particularly extreme case in which four PA resident teenagers grabbed a 13-year-old Jewish girl from the side of a road north of Jerusalem, beat her and raped her. The girl managed to escape after throwing sand in the eyes of one of her attackers.

The four rapists were convicted, but each will serve just two years in prison due to their young age.

Details of the case, including the attackers’ focus on humiliating their victim, show that the attack was motivated by anti-Jewish hate, Sadovnik said. The crime should have been treated as terrorist attacks are, she added.”

This focus by the perpetrators on the religious, ethnic and national status of the victim is something that we have seen in Britain’s Islamic Grooming Gangs. The victims are chosen precisely because they are seen as ‘other’ by the perpetrators. These ‘men’ are the result of a lifetime of Islamic ideological upbringing that tells them that non-Muslim women are to be treated as booty captured in battle and that they have a right to possess such women.

The attorney is correct, such crimes should not be seen in isolation but as part of a pattern of terror designed by Islamic men against non-Muslim women and non-Muslim societies.

Arutz Sheva added:

“another example is the brutal rape last May in the Gan Ha’Ir mall in Tel Aviv, she said. In that attack, a PA resident man who had entered Israel illegally attacked two Jewish youths over the course of four hours, beating the male and beating and raping the female.

Again, the particular focus on humiliation shows that the motive “was clearly hatred between the peoples,” she said.

When such cases come to court, it is the girls and women who were attacked who are called on to prove that the attack was motivated by nationalism, she said. Prosecutors reach plea bargain arrangements with rapists and other sex attackers which do not include a confession of the attackers’ motives – a confession which could lead to the recognition of the victims as victims of terrorism.

Sadovnik noted that there is a conflict of interests at play. The State Prosecution is essentially part of the government, she said, and the government would be required to fund additional help for victims if the prosecution were to recognize them as victims of terrorism.

There is international precedent for recognizing rape as a crime of war, she said. Regarding the theory that the state may be deliberately reducing prosecution of PA residents for diplomatic reasons, Sadovnik said that she, too, believes it is time for peace – but that peace must not come at the expense of girls and young women attacked by rapists.”

The Israeli Government appears to be taking a too short-term and too naïve a view of the situation regarding these rape attacks. No good will come of not classifying these rapes as terrorism nor for giving those perpetrators from the so-called Palestinian Authority an easy ride for diplomatic reasons. The way that victims are chosen because of their ethnic, religious or national status certainly looks like an act of war to many people.

It is not as if such crimes do not have a precedent in Arab Islamic communities. Arutz Sheva reminds readers of similar Arab Islamic crimes of the past. Arutz Sheva said:

“Rape has been an element of Arab attacks on Jews in the Land of Israel dating back to the 1929 Hevron Massacre and even earlier. Harassment of Jewish women has become a major issue in the Negev and in parts of Jerusalem, among other places.

In recent years several gang rapes committed by Israeli Arab men have been found to have been motivated by anti-Israel hate. Terrorists who murdered an American Christian female tourist in Israel were found to have committed rape in a separate attack.

The issue of Muslim rape of non-Muslim women has caused controversy outside Israel’s borders as well, including in Norway, where a stormy public debate erupted after police revealed that Muslim immigrants were responsible for nearly all rapes in Oslo.”

We must not ignore the problems of Islamic rape any longer, it’s not confined to the corrupt socialist one party states of Rochdale or Rotherham, it is a worldwide issue and it is about time that the world woke up to the nature of the problem. Roni Sadovnik is correct, the world should not treat these rapes as mere crimes, but as terrorism.


Original story from Arutz Sheva

Majority of rapes in Norway committed by ‘non Western’ ie Muslim immigrants with the victims being predominantly indigenous Norwegian women

Islamic rape statistics for Norway from the Gates of Vienna

WikiIslam has some interesting but chilling statistics from the world’s Islamic communities showing just how bad attitudes to women, rape, paedophilia, racism etc are. Particularily worrying is the statistic that 4 out of 5 Islamic women have been sexually assaulted between the ages of three and six by family members. Such figures show up the lies told by the multiculturalists about the nature and reason for Islamic sex crimes. They treat women and children like dirt because that is how they’ve been told to act by the Koran.

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