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The Cabinet Office, wasting OUR money on utter rubbish.

April 7, 2013

The Coalition, still flushing your money down the drain

When you think of the Cabinet Office you think of its primary stated purpose which is to serve and support the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. They do this of course, but they also have another purpose

It appears that the Cabinet Office also has the remit to disburse taxpayers money to various projects. The Cabinet Office said:

“The government is working to help people take action to solve their own problems and create strong, attractive and thriving neighbourhoods. “

The Cabinet Office are interpreting that statement to distrute YOUR money to various politically correct causes and fake charities, some of which, are little more than extensions of a local authority.

One such organisation is something called the United Multicultural Centre in Rotherham. This organisation states that it recieves transition funding from HM Cabinet Office. Transition funding is there to fund organisations whilst there is a change in public funding arrangements. Why bother, why not just cut the bloated state and the parasitical groups that feed off it, and save the country money? Would anybody miss such groups,especially those groups like this one who appear to be incestuously connected with the local council in Rotherham, and who appear to have very little real utility to the community at large?

UMC appears to be intimately connected with the local authority in Rotherham as its list of partners shows. Nearly all the partners listed appear to be public sector ‘backscratchers’ with the usual suspects of the local Council, the NHS and SureStart showing up. There appears to be no active partnership with other genuine voluntary sector organisations or private enterprises apart from a link with the local Chamber of Commerce. The list of partners doesn’t show major private sector employers or growing local businesses as having any involvement with the UMC.

The fare offered by the UMC is the usual stuff favoured by the leftist public sector. There is the almost obligatory ‘graffiti project’ where the failures produced by socialist teaching can learn to paint on a permitted wall, there is also a course on how to turn a computer on and off and English lessons for foreigners. That lot should later come in handy for any angry ‘yoot’ Muslim who attends, he’ll be able to make a nice neat, correctly spelled stencil for his ‘die kuffar die’ graffiti blitz. They also do a nice line in publicly funded activity holidays for ‘NEETS,’ some of which look as if they are beyond the affordability of many people who work hard to survive.

Although it was the general pointless waste that that annoyed me at first, what made me most angry about this organisation was their young people’s safety project. I was surprised that an organisation in Rotherham, of all places, appeared not be running any projects aimed at helping to cure the scourge of Islamic Grooming Gangs. Neither do they look as if they are linking to any warning materials on the subject that would be of interest to parents, carers and young people themselves. I found those omissions really strange and quite disturbing.

The Staying Safe course they run covers amongst other hazards road safety, fire safety, drugs awareness and ‘stranger danger’. There was nothing in that list about the problem of organised child sex abuse by groomers who are not ‘strangers’. This shows shocking ignorance of a problem which has afflicted Rotherham for more years than the local political establishment would like to admit. It is the elephant in the room that the Rotherham United Multicultural Centre refuses to see.

It is disgusting that public money can go to a ‘local’ organisation that refuses to acknowledge horrendous abuse going on under their noses. This does raise a couple of questions as to where this organisations priorities lie. Why for example, are they not using their undoubted local and regional connections and self stated expertise to publicise the danger of the Islamic Grooming Gang phenomenon and protect young people from such criminals? Are they on the side of the victim or on the side of the community that the majority of such abusers come from?

This example throws doubt in my mind about the probity of this organisaiton getting funding from the Cabinet Office. How on earth can funding an organisation that may be keeping schtum about the danger from a particular type of nonce be in keeping with the Cabinet Office’s stated aim to: “create strong, attractive and thriving neighbourhoods.”

That readers, is your Coalition Government working for you, or not as in this case. The Government is taking cash from your pocket to waste on entities that are part of the problem and not the solution. Money that should be spent more judiciously is still being spent on the frauds and fraggles of the diversity industry of which UMC are but one glaring example. The cash sucked up by UMC would have been better spent on a publicity campaign warning girls and young women of the threat that they face from Islamic Grooming Gangs.

I wonder how long an organisation like Rotherham United Multicultural Centre would survive if it wasn’t surgically attached to the teat of the unwilling taxpayer? I’d give it a month, if that. This organisation only exists because YOU are paying for it through your taxes.

We as a nation should as a priority, cease to fund divisive parasites like this organisation. If Slippery Dave finally wakes up and ignites his much promised Bonfire of the Quangos, there will be many who would be pleased to see the Rotherham United Multicultural Centre and groups like them, consigned to the metaphorical flames as well.

The UMC’s of this country are using your money for their agenda and it is a scandal that really needs to stop.


Website of the Rotherham United Multicultural Centre. Sadly similare ‘cash drains’ can be found in any local authority but they are most pervasive in Labour ones.

The Cabinet Office website and more specifically their ‘community’ section

It appears that the United Multicultural Centre is also the place to go if you want to learn how to fill out forms. Presumably welfare forms. Your tax money at work, teaching spongers how to sponge more effectively.

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