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Bearded Savages of the Day Number 66 – East London Misogynist Savages Edition.

April 7, 2013

The scales of justice are tipped in abusive men’s favour in Britains growing number of Shariah Courts

Sadly the depredations that Bearded Savagery visits upon women isn’t only confined to those hell holes overseas that are ruled by Islam, women are being treated like dirt by Islamic ‘law’ in the UK as well.

The arrival of Islam to the United Kingdom has brought with it amongst other things, Shariah Law and the Islamic courts to enforce them. These Shariah courts are not just concerned with matters of religion but are part of a system of total domination of Islam over the individual.

These Shariah Courts have very little in common with either the Church Courts which exercise discipline over the Christian clergy or the Jewish Beth Din, which is primarily concerned with food, religious matters and conversion issues.

Anybody taking their case to a Shariah Court is getting a very different standard of ‘justice’ than they would get by taking their dispute to a secular court. This different standard is no more obvious than how Shariah Courts treat women.

The Daily Express has a report that a BBC Panorama programme that investigated the treatment of women in Shariah courts found that such women were treated disadvantageously.

The Express said:

“The programme, to be screened tomorrow night, highlights the problems faced by Muslim women who are pressured to stay in abusive marriages. Posing as a woman seeking a divorce from her violent husband, the reporter consults Dr Hasan of the Leyton Islamic Sharia council in east London.

His first response is to ask if she has done anything to provoke her treatment.

He asks her: “I think that you should be courageous enough to ask this question to him. Just tell me why you are so upset, huh? Is it because of my cooking? Is it because I see my friends, huh? So I can ­correct myself.”

The reporter asks if she should report the violence to the police but is warned: “You involve the police if he hits you but you must understand this will be the final blow.

“You will have to leave the house. Where will you go then? A refuge? A refuge is a very bad option. Women are not happy in such places.” “

It is plain to see from the article how the priority for Dr Hasan appears to be to keep the woman in the abusive marriage and only contact the police as a very last resort. It is chilling to see how Dr Hasan warns the woman that she will be cast out of the community if she involves the authorities. This is a Shariah Court and this is the everyday misogyny that it practices.

Baroness Cox, who is trying to get legislation passed that will stop Shariah tribunals like Dr Hasan’s passing themselves off as genuine courts, is correct when she said that Shariah Law is “utterly incompatible with our country’s values. It is time to draw a line in the sand and say ‘enough is enough’.”

I agree, it is time to draw a line in the sand and start forbidding the opening up of new Shariah courts and shutting down those that already exist. We should no longer tolerate the intolerable, woman hating Shariah law acting as a parallel legal system in the UK. Shariah, like so much else pertaining the the ideology of Islam is not compatible with a legal system based on equality before the law.


Original story on the East London Shariah Court which advised an undercover reporter to stay with a violent husband.

Here is the website and contact details for the Islamic Sharia Council of Leyton. They also have a forthcoming ‘fatwa’ section which I’m sure will be a bundle of laughs although probably not.

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  1. john warren permalink

    It’s disappointing to notice the lack of support your comments on matters such as these generate. It’s in every free person’s long-term interest to realise that the thin edge of a tyrannical force is already wedged in place.

    Based upon my own considerable experience and observations, I find myself obliged to agree. more often than not, the sentiments raised on this site.

    Good luck with it however because most Englishmen seem happy enough to hand over their own lands to those who practice foreign religions. The longer problems of this sort are left to fester, then the greater the amount of good blood is lost later.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I don’t care if people don’t comment just as long as they read, which people appear to now be doing, not just my stuff however but the work of other non racist anti jihadist bloggers.

      Thank you for your support.

      I think that people are beginning to have enough of handing things over to Islam. The followers of Islam have taken an English religious tolerance which took a lot of blood to earn, and abused that tolerance. No other group of religious believers whether they originated here or were latter established here or who have sojourned here, have acted in the bullying way that the followers of Islam have. Not every minority belief is a problem but we need to wake up and see that the ideology of Islam (because it is more ideology than religion) is a big problem.

      Like you I do not want bloodshed which is why I feel that we need to change our politicians who should then chase out the diversity parasites and other appeasers from local government, quangos and the civil servivce. Only when that is done can we deal with the violence, crime, rape, sexual abuse and terrorism that Islam has sadly brought. A humane legal and just fight against an aggressive enemy cannot be prosecuted whilst we have appeasers working for the enemy, who are being paid for with funds extracted from the taxpayer.

      I don’t hate Muslims, I’ve met many fine Muslims with whom I get on with , but I actively hate the ideology of Islam and how it morally eviscerates people, and turns them into aggressive, arrogant, misogynistic brutes. The key to understanding Islam is to look how it behaves when it is the lead ideology. I have looked at these situations and the more I see them, the less I want to see appeasement of Islam.

  2. Alice-Louise permalink

    I’d be interested to now what peoples predictions are for the future of our country. To me it does seem like a very dark place to go but we need to recognize problems now, for the sake of future generations. Overpopulation seriously worries me. It’s an issue across the board and we can’t pin it just on Islam. However, it is a well known fact that the average Muslim woman has many more children than for example a well educated career minded woman. In fact many of our brightest and best women are not having children at all because of various reasons. Over time the consequences of this are obvious. My hubby believes that mathematically it’s a certainty that we will eventually become a majority Muslim country and the Country’s finest will move to places such as New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

    So will Islam slowly, slowly take over or will somewhere like Bradford call for independence, and then all hell let loose! The worst scenario would be for a majority Muslim to be voted into parliament. We have seen evidence of how aggressive and corrupt some Muslims in the UK can be when placed in a position of power, Ref below…. Watch this and be completely shocked!!!! (Fahrenheit211, I know you have seen this) Please note that only a few more votes are needed!

    I have had some lovely educated female friends who would class themselves as Muslim. I must say that they were very bad Muslims as they would frequently indulge in a bacon sandwich after drinking and going out partying. They refused to wear headscarf and rejected the darker aspects of Islam. My hope is that more and more will follow suit. I hope that others will also see the light and reject the darkness, this is the only way we can live peacefully side by side in the future.

  3. Maurice Dancer permalink

    A few weeks ago, Fahrenheit highlighted an article by, I think, Nick Cohen, in which he wrote that Muslim & ex-Muslim women seeking radical reform of Islam were ‘stunned’ by the fact that their supposedly natural allies, the Left & the feminists, were actually in league with the enforcers of hardline Islam. This is what these brave women who reject the sexism, violence & totalitarianism of Islam are up against, let alone the hostility of their families (particularly males), & their communities. In the Left’s current top ten, Islam is beyond criticism & always trumps Muslim women’s rights, & everybody else’s. Even so, if Islam is going to change, & gradually wither, then it will be driven by young, outgoing, educated women, courageous enough to expose the 7th century absurdities of a conquistador ideology that has no place in 21st century Britain – a Herculean task. Meanwhile, as militant Islam thrashes around the UK, flexing its muscles, the politicians, some craven, some wicked, who allowed this monstrosity to flourish will have already left by helicopter, sitting in Traitor Class.
    In the world beyond the failed state of Beeboid-Guardianista, many people are reaching the state of Islamonausea – they’ve had enough of the soft soap & flannel stories about the ‘religion of peace’, when all the evidence is to the contrary. When will we get politicians prepared to push Islam back into its cage, thereby encouraging those Muslims who desire reform? When will the appeasement stop, & further Muslim immigration be halted? A recent novel by DC Alden, ‘The Horse at the Gates’, paints a bleak picture of our future if our politicians remain supine. Tower Hamlets is the reality of Islam in Britain – a ghastly blueprint. How very ‘progressive’, & what a beacon of New Labour multiculturalism. About as ‘diverse’ as the BBC’s College of Journalism.

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