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There needs to be a TOTAL clear-out in Britain’s Social Services and this is why.

April 4, 2013

When you have a situation where not offending the bearded savages takes priority over protecting children and young people, it is indicative of an ‘profession’ that has not only lost its way but which has become part of the problem.

The revelations last month in the Oxford Mail that 9 out of 10 social workers knew that vulnerable and troubled young women were hanging round with Islamic men who were plying them with drink and drugs should spark justifiable outrage.

The Oxford Mail said:

NINE out of 10 social workers caring for young teenage girls knew they were drinking and taking drugs with Asian men, the Old Bailey heard this morning.

The trial of nine men accused of running a child sex exploitation gang heard evidence from a support worker at a school where unnamed complainants Girl 4 and 5 went.

In a statement from December last year the counsellor said girls at the school would talk about mixing with Asian men and taking drugs.

She said: “It would be different groups from different years. A repetition of students saying the same thing.

“They all had specific needs, backgrounds, and emotional needs.”

She said anything of note would be reported to social workers, adding: “Nine out of 10 of the social workers responsible for the individuals were aware of what was going on”

The case, which is the result of the police’s Operation Bullfinch, is still ongoing but such allegations should surely make Government look very hard at how British social workers are trained, managed and operate. Such ‘turning of blind eyes’ to Islamic child sex groomers, which has not only been alleged in Oxford but also in Rotherham and Rochdale amongst other places, should spur a root and branch reform of a ‘profession’ that seems incapable of getting it right. There must be no more inquiries into gross incompetence and malfeasance on the part of social workers that only result in handsome pay-offs and mealy mouthed statements that ‘lessons have been learned’.

Many of us are sick to death of a social work sector that appears to place the failed policies of multiculturalism and ‘diversity’ over and above the safety of children and young people in their care.

There needs to be an aggressive clear-out of social work training courses to remove forever the ‘diversity’ bullshit that poisons the whole area of social work from top to bottom. Those who promote the idea that diversity should take precedence in social work need to be removed from the training courses, from the management structure and from among the social workers at the front line. There must never be another situation like that in Bradford where Joyce Thacker allegedly bullied social workers into never mentioning that such a thing as Islamic Grooming Gangs even existed, much to the chagrin of those decent social workers who were trying to help the victims of Islamic grooming gangs.

It is getting more and more plain to see that too many social services departments have as a priority protecting Islamic child abusers rather than bringing them to justice.

Links and background.

Original story from the Oxford Mail

Joyce ‘Why has she not been sacked yet’ Thacker’s behaviour in Bradford as outlined by a commentator on the Rotherham Politics website

I have met Joyce Thacker on a few occasions, whilst she was head of Bradford youth service. At the moment there is an a yet to emerge story regarding grooming and child abuse in the Bradford/ Keighley area that is equal to if not bigger than the terrible events in Rotherham (see Anne Cryer MP, who has been vocal on this) Joyce Thacker oversaw the stopping of prosecutions, the stopping of the ‘grooming and let the repeated rapes carry on…they still are going on. She had a reputation with staff as someone who would attack them in a brutal manner if they had the temerity to challenge her. I know that one of her lines was that if staff mentioned abuse by asian men, they would be dismissed for racism. As you can imagine, they were not happy bunnies, as some staff were working directy with victims.

Mrs Thacker has a track record in colluding with and covering up abuse.
She shoud face criminal prosecution for this collusion.

She has little professional experience or training in child protection.

In Bradford she left a ‘disrupted,’ youth service and a general atmosphere of fear regarding senior management

I worked for a charity project, and viewed with horror, her actions (in-actions!) and was disturbed when she got the job in Rotherham.Mabye she got the job as she is skilled in cover up, blaming others and dodging the bullets.

A word of warning; Joyce will be swift and nasty when challenged, blaming anyone and smearing them as much as she can. If she was profiled by a psychologist, the report would match that of a sociopath.”

Full story and comments at Rotherham Politics at:

More on this case from Pamela Geller:

This is a previous article from this site on the subject of Joyce Thacker

Informative but disturbing map of Islamic peadophile, grooming and other sex criminals

  1. Alice-Louise permalink

    Completely shocking! Well done to all those who are standing up to this horrid bully. What does she have to gain from behaving in such a way? Her job is to protect vulnerable children and not throw them to the wolves. Be struck off for being racist if these goings on are reported? What a joke….abuse is abuse. How on earth does this woman sleep at night?

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I think what gets Joyce ‘ Why has she not been sacked yet’ Thacker to sleep at night is ideology. We saw from the 20th century the extent that ideology, especially utopian ideology can overcome basic humanity. Like the dedicated Communist, Fascist or Islamist she probably feels that she is doing good, even when it is plain to see by others that the actions are wrong. A good description of Thacker and those like them comes from the book of Isaiah as she appears to be one of those who call good evil and evil, good.

      The case of Joyce Thacker and the Bradford allegations shows just how over mighty and over powerful the diversity industry has become in the public sector. To change that needs changing the politicians. We should have no more idiots like the one below on the public payroll.

  2. DerekP permalink

    What does she have to gain from behaving in such a way?

    “No laughter, but the laughter of triumph over a defeated enemy. No art, no science, no literature, no enjoyment, but always and only, Winston, there will be the thrill of power. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.”

    That was written by a chap who had seen the BBC and the Communists up close, written even after having been seriously woundeded fighting real gun-wielding Fascists! Who do you think he thought was monstrously evil, and so far more dangerous?

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Sounds very much the sort of world that is created by the ideology of Islam.

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