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From Elsewhere: Possible Labour Party misdeeds in the town of Bolton

April 2, 2013

Bolton site of possible Labour pandering to Islam

Those of us who consider ourselves as part of the ‘Counterjihad’ have many different styles of activism and a true diversity of points of view on how to fight back against the depredations of Islam. The Counterjihad movement contains those like myself who consider themselves ‘constitutionalists’, who believe that the scourge of Islam needs to be fought through a combination of education, the ballot box and the courts, and it also contains those who believe that street demonstrations and confrontation of the forces of Islam and their Leftist chums are the order of the day.

I don’t completely agree with the likes of Casuals United nor with the methods of the English Defence League and I absolutely abhor the British National Party, but the CU site does have an interesting snippet of information about the goings on in Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK. It appears that there are Labour councillors in Bolton who believe that the building of Mosques is as important as the building of houses. If this is true, then it is yet more evidence that the Labour Party has abandoned its traditional working class supporters and are instead engaging in ever more blatant pandering to Islam.

Below is a letter sent by someone called Anthony Backhouse* to one of the moderators of the Casual United site.

Dear Suzy,

You are probably aware that for over a year Bolton Council has been conducting what it refers to a consultation exercise called the Draft Allocations Plan. The Council’s reason for implementing the Allocations Plan is apparently to establish parcels of land which would be suitable for house building and incorporate public feed back into the identification of such land.  

On the 25th of November i wrote to the leader of Bolton Council, Cliff Morris regarding an answer i had received at one of Bolton Boroughs Area Forums. I had been attempting to establish why, with land for house building at such a premium permission had been granted to build a Mosque on land which could have accommodated 12 or 13 houses on Gilnow Rd in Bolton. It was part of the reply from Councillor Kevin McKeon which prompted me to write to the leader of the council.

I asked Councillor McKeon ‘are you of the opinion that providing provision for Mosques is as important as providing housing?’ To which Councillor McKeon replied ‘yes I am’.  Councillor McKeon response appeared very adamant. 

On the 30th December i received this two sentence reply from Councillor Morris’s office: ‘The Allocations Plan is only required to show land set aside for housing. As you have noted it does not nor should it include places of worship.’

So the leader of Bolton Council has overtly avoided being candid about whether he agrees with his Labour colleague that building Mosques is as important as building houses. With so many Mosques currently dominating Bolton’s skyline Cliff Morris’s evasive approach to such a serious question must be viewed as being of grave concern to all those people who do not wish to see out country dominated by Islamic theocracy.  

i can of course provide you with copies of the correspondence

all the best

Anthony Backhouse


Original story from the Casuals United website.

* EDITORS NOTE:   If the letter writer known as ‘Anthony Backhouse’ is the person of the same name who allegedly may or may not be involved in the odious BNP, then this is one of those cases where the BNP ‘broken clock’ is right twice a day. Although I personally repudiate all the beliefs of the genuinely racist and anti-Semitic BNP, it may well be that on this one occasion they are correct, and that there is possibly Islamic corruption of the local Labour Party going on in Bolton of which non-Muslim residents of the Bolton area need to be aware in order to stop it.

If this person is NOT a member of the BNP or there are any other errors in this story then get in touch at and I shall amend this article accordingly. If anyone has any non-BNP sources for this story then send them to this blog and I shall publish them. Such Islamic political corruption or appeasement needs to be highlighted and those elected officials who are involved in it need to be voted out. Remember, if decent people do not vote against those who pander to Islam then it leaves the field clear for the Islamic groups who see no wrong in corrupting our governmental system for their own ends.

  1. Simcha permalink

    I imagine that the Council are thinking that where there are religious people, there have to be places of worship. They have a duty to support the genuine needs of the people and build shops, transport hubs, schools and so on, where there are houses.

    What they may be missing is that a mosque is not just used for worship, it is a hub for political activism to put it politely, or indoctrination leading to terrorist activity in the worst case, stirring up the people who go there so that they become terrorists. It is for this reason that we oppose the building of mosques. If there are indeed plenty of mosques in the area, then that is another reason to keep the land for much-needed housing.

    Having fought a Council in a London Borough over a place of worship that was not needed in its present state, wanting to turn it into housing with a smaller place of worship on the site, I know how a Council can resist change of use for a building. They insisted it was needed as a community building, even as they withdrew funding and closed down other community buildings all over the Borough. In that case too, there was no shortage of places of worship in the area.

    To a religious person, building a place of worship is indeed as important as building housing, if not more important, and of course they will fight to get land for religious purposes. Much more needs to be said about mosques as creators of sedition, turning ordinary British citizens into soldiers determined to destroy our Western way of life. We cannot stand idly by and watch it happen. “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” as has been said, possibly by Edmund Burke, though it is not clear if he used those exact words.

    For Jews the festival of freedom, Passover, remembering liberation from slavery, has just finished and we are now in the desert, counting the days towards the next festival, comemorating the giving of the Torah, the laws by which Jews live. As we move from freedom to responsibility, I cannot stay silent when I see our country threatened and undermined from within. It is my duty to speak out, to warn and to try to mobilise the decent people of this country, some of whom are Muslims horrified by what is being done in the name of their religion. As religious people ourselves, we reach out to all those moderates who would save their religion from being taken over by fundamentalists, whichever religion that is. We need to be very clear about who our enemies are; those who oppose our freedoms, freedom of speech, and of movement and our freedom to wear what we like and believe and worship in our own way. Anyone who does not believe in religious pluralism and a democratic society, anyone who believes that the only way to worship is the way they worship, needs to know that the British will not tolerate them forever. We moved on from theocratic rule many centuries ago, and the majority of us have no wish to go back to those times.

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