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Female converts to Islam. Letting down the ‘sisterhood’

March 31, 2013

Speak out against the women who have chosen to exchange a walk on part in a war for a leading role in a cage

Although I’m male, I do consider myself a supporter of feminism. I grew up in an environment where because of feminism, women were not precluded from driving a truck, or running a business or keeping house if they chose to do so, and I saw with my own eyes that a woman can do any job that a man can do. I support the rights of women to do what they want with their lives and their bodies, I support the rights of women to have access to safe and appropriate reproductive health services and believe that feminism has liberated men as well as women from over-strict gender roles. I also saw a female Prime Minister smash the mostly male reactionaries of the Trade Union movement and other vested interests and help to bring the word ‘freedom’ back into general use in the UK.

The fight for female emancipation has taken centuries, and has seen a combination of victories, defeats and sometimes cultural dead ends that didn’t bring about the expected results. From the first stirrings on the subject from Mary Wollstonecraft right through to the fight for universal suffrage by the Pankhursts et al, via the intellectual dead ends of 1970’s Lesbian Separatist Feminism, there has been a long struggle for acceptance of the idea that being female is not a handicap to achievement and that women’s as well as men’s voices should be heard and equally respected.

In the interests of equality and fairness I therefore try in general not to criticise a woman’s negative life choices any more harshly than I would criticise a man’s similar negative life choices.

However there is one area where I feel that some women’s choices need to be criticised and criticised more harshly and that is non-Muslim women who convert to Islam.

It needs to be said that women who choose Islam are choosing slavery. By choosing Islam such women are disrespecting the struggles not only of the women of the past who fought hard so that the lives of future women would be eased, but also are showing that they do not care about the millions of women who are imprisoned from birth by the misogynist cult of Islam.

Such people are traitors to the sisterhood of women and traitors to any concept of a family of humanity. Women converts to Islam have not chosen life and freedom but instead have chosen the dubious comfort of the sexually abusing father figure of Mohammed, the slave master with his whip and a path that sees women as worth one third of a man.

Some people may disagree with me and say that an individual woman’s choice, even if it is stupid and counterproductive, should be respected, but I find I cannot concur with that point of view when it comes to Islam. Whenever a woman converts to Islam and chooses the slavery of that ideology it makes it harder for those women who were born into Islam to escape from that slavery. Islamic men who support the misogyny of Islam will point to such converts and say ‘look, she has chosen your birth path therefore your desire for freedom must be wrong.’

Converting to Islam is not the same as becoming a born again Christian or accepting the 613 commandments of Judaism or taking the path of respect for all life that is Jainism. It is possible for anybody who chooses a Christian, Jewish or Jainist path to safely leave if they find that their chosen path was not for them. They will not be faced with a murderous vicar or rabbi coming after them if they realise that they have made a big mistake. Not so with Islam, which is a club with a very cheap entry fee, the Shahadah, but an often lethal charge for leaving, as can be seen by the threat that apostates from Islam have to face and live with, when they leave.

Maybe it is time for people to stop pussyfooting around the issue of women who choose the vile prison of Islam and stop seeing their choice as a valid one, and start to treat them as traitors to the sisterhood of women and of humanity in general. Such women have thrown away an inheritance that was dearly bought by both women and men and all for something that is worth considerably less than a mess of potage.

Slavery is a degradation of the human being and the worst sort of slavery is where people after constant oppression see slavery as preferable to freedom. Such people who choose slavery because they are fearful of freedom are the tribe of the truly lost and should be considered as possibly beyond redemption. Those sad and damaged people who because of mental illness or personal history/herstory, have mistakenly chosen Islam because they have been lied to about Islam’s true nature, they should be helped to leave Islam and be protected once they have left.

Those women who have made a cold and sober decision to join Islam despite knowing its true nature should be shunned and possibly treated by those around them as if they had indeed died, and only released from this shunning if they eventually come to their senses and leave Islam. Such people are no friends of other women, of freedom or of humanity. They have chosen to join the enemy and become the propagandists for female oppression.

  1. Alice-Louise permalink

    It’s shocking that there are women who freely choose to convert to Islam, in the same way some women keep returning to physically and mentally abusive relationships. I guess the main reasons why women convert are low self esteem and a desire to belong, vulnerability, misguided about the true nature of Islam, and love of a man. As the saying goes and without sounding overly sentimental, ‘I would do anything for love…but I won’t do that.’ Personally, I would rather die on my feet than become a slave of Islam and I take pity on those who choose to convert.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I think that pity is probably the best way to treat those whose lack of self esteem or mental illness leads them to convert to Islam. I worry more about those who convert knowing exactly what Islam is. What is inexplicable to me is that out of the multitude of religious paths that a person can choose from, some of which have a strong pattern of rituals and rules that many find attractive, is that a woman would choose Islam, one of the most misogynistic ideologies on earth. That must show that lack of self esteem or some other problem may be at the root of some of these female conversions.

      Part of the problem with Islam and the stated number of conversions is that it is far too easy to enter as only a brief statement of belief needs to be recited in front of witnesses. This is totally unlike Christianity where some period of study would be expected before receiving communion or baptism and Judaism has a minimum study period of two years in order to enter.

      I do believe that there are a lot of people out there who may have originally recited their Shahadah in the prescribed way but drop out of Islam when they learn more about it. The Islamic Dawa-gandists do not tell the potential or new convert the bad side of Islam so they sign up and then drop out later. There is probably more ‘churn’ in Islamic conversions than the Islamic propagandists would have us believe. At the moment those who convert but then drop out of Islam are safe in western countries but if Islam gains more influence then they may be at risk of harm.

  2. Andy permalink

    I have long thought that the way to spike islams guns(at least in the West)is through the women,get enough of them to realise what a shitty deal islam is for women and then encourage and support defiance,divorce and escape.
    Rob the jihadists of their soldier factories.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Agreed. If men are slaves of Islam then Muslim women are the slaves of the slaves. The chains of Islamic slavery need to be broken. We should no longer tolerate slavery like this on our shores.

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