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Staff Wanted: Senior judges. Must be in possession of a lobotomy, senility or other serious mental impairment, sane applicants need not apply.

March 27, 2013

Had an ‘ice pick’ lobotomy? Then sign up for the Court of Appeal today.

Well, how else can you explain the decision of the Court of Appeal to refuse the Government permission to extradite the Islamic terrorist sympathiser Abu Qatada? This decision looks, to all intents and purposes, to be ‘mad’ and contrary to reason. Despite Home Office submissions that Abu Qatada was according to the Daily Telegraph “a “truly dangerous” individual who escaped deportation through “errors of law” the judges still allowed him to stay in the UK for ‘human rights’ reasons.

The Master of the Rolls, Lord Dyson, dismissed concerns that Qatada was dangerous and said: “The fact that Mr Othman (Qatada’s real name) is considered to be a dangerous terrorist is not relevant to the issues that are raised on this appeal. A state cannot expel a person to another state where there is a real risk that he will be tried on the basis of evidence which there is a real possibility may have been obtained by torture.”

On the contrary m’learned Lord, the fact that Qatada is considered a dangerous terrorist has every relevance to whether we should be rid of him or not. The very minor chance that Qatada would be tried in Jordan using evidence gained under torture, should not have carried more weight than the very real danger that Qatada, and people like him, pose to the UK.

It seems our lofty, and possibly lobotomised, Judiciary have placed the rights of someone who is quite plainly ‘not conducive with the public good,’ and who wasn’t even originally from these shores, above the ordinary British Citizen. Basically, what the Judges in the Court of Appeal have said is this: If you work, contribute, are peaceful, are not a criminal and do not call for the destruction of our culture and society, then you do not deserve protection from people like Qatada and his ilk, who DO call for such things.

These Judges have dismissed your fears, your safety, your right to peace, in favour of giving a hand-up to the worst of the worst of British Islamic fundamentalists. By sticking to the letter of the law and ignoring its spirit, they have shown contempt for you, your family, your community and your country. I do not believe that the original framers of the European Convention of Human Rights intended the spiritual and political heirs of Stalin and Hitler, which Qatada and similar people are, to be covered in such a way by a convention designed to prevent the second rise of tyrants like those named above.

The Daily Telegraph said:

However, a Home Office spokesman insisted there could be future legal challenges to allow Qatada’s removal.

“This is not the end of the road, and the Government remains determined to deport Abu Qatada,” the spokesman said.

“We will consider this judgment carefully and plan to seek leave to appeal.

“In the meantime we continue to work with the Jordanians to address the outstanding legal issues preventing deportation.”

Qatada, 52, was once described by a Spanish judge as “Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe”, and the appeal judges today said that ministers regarded him as an “exceptionally high risk terrorist”.

The Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) decided in November last year that Qatada could not be removed to Jordan, where he was convicted of terror charges in his absence in 1999.

SIAC judges said there was a “real risk” that evidence from Qatada’s former co-defendants Abu Hawsher and Al-Hamasher, who were allegedly tortured, could be used against him at a retrial, breaching his human rights. “

What about the Human Rights of British Citizens who may be future victims of an atrocity encouraged by the words and actions of Qatada? What about the taxpayers, who have to shell out hundreds of thousands of pounds to feed, house and defend him? Why are we all paying for expensive lawyers for a person who is up (or even down) there with Osama Bin Laden? Human rights should, in some circumstances, not be an absolute and the threat that people like Qatada bring to the UK should be taken into account.



Original story in the London Daily Telegraph

For background and to establish the connections between the Nazis and the Islamic establishment during the 1940’s, also it shows the enthusiasm in the middle east for Nazism.  This is the milieu that from which come Qatada and his ilk.



  1. Tondew permalink

    Judges should be held accountable for their decisions. Anyone else who puts the public at risk by not doing their job properly can be prosecuted for neglegence. Simples.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Welcome to Fahrenheit211 Tondew. That is correct, judges should be held accountable for their decisions. Of course nobody wants courts controlled by politicians, but surely Judges should at times put the letter of the law aside and look at what is reasonable. It is more than reasonable for Britain to be rid of Abu Qatada.

  2. Paris Claims permalink

    Place him under house arrest at the hudge’s house. Give him a chemistry set.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I bet if this was the case the judges would scream loudly in protest. Just like the residents of Left wing Hampstead would scream if they had to put up with the negative affects of the multikulti policies that the middle class left imposed on others, especially Britain’s working classes. The middle class left doesn’t have to put up with Islamic violence, rapes, paedophillia and sedition, but the average honest Brit has to.

  3. Andy permalink

    FFS Couldnt MI5 just arrange to have him killed in prison?
    I`m not a fan of the state murdering people but this is just getting embarassing now and its making us a laughing stock,
    we would not have treated the Nazi`s with such kid gloves and islam is a far more dangerous threat.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I’m also not a fan of state assassination but you are correct, we would not have treated the Nazis with such kid gloves. Why then are we treating Islamic fascists in such a soft handed way when like the Nazis such people have declared that they wish to destroy us.

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