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Bearded Savage of the Day Number 63 – Taxpayer funded Islamic war criminal edition

March 23, 2013

Bearded savage panel

The genocide of the Sudanese Darfuri’s was an appalling crime. Gangs of arab militants known as Janjaweed carried out a scorched earth policy against the people of the Darfur region of Sudan.

Those who carried out the appalling crimes against humanity in Darfur should be facing some sort of tribunal, that would if there was any justice conclude with those who murdered whole villages, taking ‘a short walk to a long drop.’

Not so if you are the lucky Bearded Savage war criminal who manages to get to Britain, here you will be safe and it doesn’t matter how many people you’ve murdered, there is always a welcome for you in Britain’s welfare, housing and human rights lawyers offices.

It seems as Britain has turned into a place of hospitality for war criminals who hide behind human rights legislation that says that we cannot remove such criminals because ‘someone might want to kill them if we sent them back’. Well so what. He’s been convicted of war crimes he should, if there is any justice face sanction, even if it is the ultimate one.

We are so lucky that Britain didn’t have an analogue of the Human Rights Act prior to the Nuremberg trials or Rudolf Hess may have been left to live off the British public purse instead of spending the rest of his life in Spandau Prison.

The Daily Mail tells of one such murdering war criminal who is being housed and fed in the UK at YOUR expense. Not only that but we can’t get rid of him because of Labour’s Human Rights Act.

The Mail Said:

“A war criminal who took part in attacks in which countless civilians were killed is living rent-free at taxpayers’ expense in a large house in the West Midlands.

Mohamed Salim, 27, claimed he was in a militia that ‘wiped out entire  villages’ in his native Sudan.

But despite being found guilty of crimes against humanity last year, he was allowed to stay in Britain indefinitely under human rights law because sending him home might put his life in danger.

The former fighter in the Janjaweed militia, which killed around 300,000 people during the war in Darfur, is living off benefits in a semi-detached house surrounded by family homes on a tree-lined street in Handsworth, Birmingham.

He is given £160 a month of taxpayers’ money and spends his days watching football in nearby bars.

Despite claiming that he shot so many people dead in Darfur that he lost count, he is under minimal supervision and does not have to report to the police.”

It is not as even as this murdering Bearded Savage could claim that he was convicted unfairly or that he wasnt’ guilty as he has allegedly confessed to his involvement in war crimes in Sudan.

The Daily Mail added:

“Salim voluntarily gave anonymous media interviews after arriving in Britain in 2006, boasting about burning and looting 30 villages where men, women and children were killed.

He said at the time: ‘Whenever we go into a village and find resistance we kill everyone. Sometimes they said “wipe out an entire village”. And we shoot to kill. Most were civilians.

‘Most were women. Innocent people running out and being killed, including children. There are many rapes.’

Last year the Mail told how a court ruled he could not be kicked out of Britain, despite his detailed ‘confession’, because his life could be at risk if he returned to Sudan. He later denied the claims he made in the interviews.”

Of course he is going to deny his previous claims, it sounds like that either he realised, or some lefty lawyer advised him, that his confession to the media may not help his case. One scandalous aspect is that it was ruled that this Bearded Savage WAS a war criminal but the HRA still allowed him to stay in the UK at the expense of UK taxpayers.

Resources that are going to feed and house this mass murdering criminal could be better and more justly spent elsewhere. When you are begging your local authority or the representatives of the welfare system that YOU paid into, for help with a sick, disabled or elderly relative or if you fall on hard times yourself, and are told that you are not ‘eligible’ for help, remember that the money that should have gone to help you and yours is being spent on scum similar to this one.

Sadly this is not the only case of its type and too often the type of people who pitch up here and call themselves ‘refugees’ are not the brave, hard working and often oppressed Hugenots, Jews, Germans or East African Asians who have arrived in the past. Many of those recent arrivals, especially since the mid to late 1990’s who call themselves ‘refugees’ are too often people like Salim who will make no contribution to Britain, show no gratitude for being given safety here and will continually take and never give. Many of these modern so-called refugees have no right to compare themselves or even be compared to those in the past who made a difficult journey to get here, and repaid us with loyalty, enterprise, courage, invention and real genuine enrichment.

What do we as a nation gain from taking in lowlifes such as this? Precious little from what I can see.


Information on the Darfur genocide

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