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From Elsewhere: Islamic Gender Apartheid comes to UK universities, Richard Dawkins is horrified.

March 21, 2013

Found this from earlier this month and which has been commented on by other bloggers, but the arrival on these shores of Islamic Gender Apartheid at a public meeting, is something that really should not be ignored.  This Islamic Gender Apartheid represents both a growing self confidence on the part of the Islamists and also a paralysis of liberal professions and institutions who fear any action regarding Islam, other than appeasement, as possible ‘islamophobia’.

Richard Dawkins, the well known atheist philosopher and writer relays an experience that the physicist and fellow atheist Lawrence Krass had when attempting to debate Islam and atheism with one of Britain’s chief Islamofascists Hamza Tzortzis.

Mr Dawkins said:

“Lawrence Krauss has told me of a remarkable meeting at University College, London last night  (March 9th) where he had a debate with a Muslim spokesman.

A few days ago, I had received a tip-off from somebody who had made an inquiry about tickets: ‘We contacted the organizers today and learnt that “as for seating, it is according to when the ticket was booked and gender”.’

“Gender”?  Seating at a public event in UCL organized by gender?

I passed this on to Lawrence, with the suggestion that he might consider withdrawing from the whole affair. He immediately asked the organizers, who assured him that the audience would not be segregated by sex, and Lawrence agreed to go ahead.

When he got to the meeting he discovered that actually the seating in the auditorium was indeed segregated by sex. There was a men’s section, a women’s section, and a “couples” section. Did the “couples” have to produce a marriage certificate, one can’t help wondering? And, while wondering such things, what would have been the reaction of the audience if they had been segregated, as in apartheid South Africa, into a black section, a white section and a “coloureds” section?

When Lawrence realised that he had been duped, he immediately secured permission from the organizers to announce that – contrary to previous instructions – people could sit wherever they wanted. Three young men, described by Lawrence as nice gentle guys, then got up and moved to the women’s section in the back. “In the back”, by the way, may resonate with those who remember Rosa Parks in Alabama in 1955. Security guards then tried to eject the three young men. Lawrence went to find out why, and the guards told him the three were a “threat”. Threat to whom, one wonders?

Lawrence then packed his bag and walked out, explaining why he was doing so, and this part of the evening’s events was filmed by Dana Sondergaard on a smartphone. She sent the film to Lawrence and has said that I can re-post it her. Her own eye-witness account of the event is on her Facebook page, here:

After Lawrence walked out, the organizers, perhaps worried about adverse publicity, ran after him and persuaded him to come back, agreeing to let the three young men return to their seats in the “women’s section”. Unfortunately in my opinion, Lawrence agreed to return. It was a decent gesture on his part, but I can’t help wishing he had refused and generated maximum publicity for this disgraceful episode. I suspect that he too now regrets his bending over backwards to be polite, and to return. I also regret that more people didn’t move along with the three men, and it’s a bit of a shame that no women, in the spirit of Rosa Parks, moved to the men’s section.

It is unclear whether the UCL authorities were aware that sexual apartheid was being practised in one of their lecture rooms, but we may hope that a full inquiry will be launched.

University College, London is celebrated as an early haven of enlightened free thinking, the first university college in England to have a secular foundation, and the first to admit men and women on equal terms. Heads should roll.”

Read end of piece and see source and Polish and Spanish translations here:

Richard Dawkins is right ‘heads should roll’ over this disgusting capitulation to Islamic Gender Apartheid.  Whether they will or whether University College London will mumble apologies and just carry on appeasing remains to be seen.

Islamic Gender Apartheid should NEVER be acceptable in a public event, especially not a debate like this.  Shame on UCL for not acting against this discrimination as forcefully as they should have done.  I also agree with Richard Dawkins in that Lawrence Krass should have walked out and not come back.  By coming back he let the gender cleansing Islamic nutjobs win a victory and that should not have been allowed to happen.

If being accused of ‘Islamophobia’ is the price to be paid for standing up against Islamic Gender Apartheid, then in that case I’d be proud to be called and Islamophobe.  I’m gobsmacked and disgusted to see a major UK university denigrating women’s and others rights in order to pander to the disgusting theo-fash of Tzortzis and others.


Richard Dawkins article on Islamic Gender Apartheid in London

Examiner article on the Islamic Gender Apartheid experienced by Lawrence Krass at UCL

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