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Death of a Moonbat – Ten years on from the death of the Useful Idiot Rachel Corrie

March 18, 2013

Ten years ago an avowed supporter of Islamic terrorists was accidentally killed whilst trying to protect the homes of terrorists and their supporters and protect weapon smuggling tunnels in the Gaza strip.

That sentence more than accurately sums up what was the later life and fate of the so called ‘peace activist’ Rachel Corrie. She was enamoured by the idea that the Islamic and ‘Palestinian’ groups who commit violence were not murderous thugs but were instead were victims.

She chose not to see the violence of the Islamic fighters of Hamas and Fatah who she supported and instead raved about the alleged iniquities of the State of Israel. Her mistakes and bad choices of causes to follow led to her death, she put herself in harms way not to protect life but to protect those who would wantonly take life. Truly for this decision alone Rachel Corrie deserves the epithet ‘Useful Idiot’.

Rachel Corrie wasted her life supporting Islamic terrrorists who wish to destroy the one democratic country in the Middle East, and she swallowed completely the lies that the Arabs are peaceful but oppressed.

Rachel Corrie died for a lie, she wasted her life. She should not be seen as a great freedom fighter but instead she should be seen as a fool. Her life should not be taught as an example to follow but instead should be taught as a cautionary tale.

The Left, both activists and bloggers have lauded Corrie as a heroine and a fighter against injustice but she was nothing of the sort. She was the child of well to do middle class liberals who got involved in the pro-Islamic terrorist supporters group, the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), whilst at university. The ISM is NOT an organisation that tries to bring Muslims, Christians and Jews together to create real peace in the Middle East, but instead the ISM is dedicated to supplying Leftist morons to support the worst of the worst of Middle East Islamic terror players. Maybe if her parents had taught her about those who take small steps for genuine peace, she wouldn’t have lauded and supported the terrorist causes that ultimately led to her demise.  Rachel Corrie chose the very public radical chic of violent Islam rather than the quiet, often unseen backroom work that brings people together and which is often done by genuine peace activists.

Although it was an Israeli armoured bulldozer that dealt the killing blow to Rachel Corrie, it could be argued that she signed her own death warrant when she chose the side of Islamic evil rather than a path of genuine peace.

The Islamic propaganda machine keeps pushing the lie that Rachel Corrie was murdered by the Israelis but a brief view of the history of Rachel Corrie’s life and her activism will show anybody that she chose the wrong path and ended up dead in a tragic accident. Rachel Corrie died by her own hand.  I do not celebrate her death but I do not mourn her either, I just feel pity for someone who took the wrong path in life and who backed evil instead of good.


A conservative point of view from Front Page Magazine with a reassessment of the leftist Rachel Corrie myth

The Wiki page (slightly left biased) on Rachel Corrie


  1. nana permalink

    🙂 To author, your place is in the deepest pits of hell and no less. Either you repent or you suffer. Don’t let anger and ego cloud your judgment. Before it’s too late.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Whatever ‘hell’ my place is in. It is not as hellish as a world controlled by Islam would be (or even what Islam has done to Malaysia where you appear to come from, for that matter). The average Muslim is imprisoned in a ‘jehennum’ created by Mohammed and his bestial followers and such people need to be rescued from such a hell. Anger doesn’t cloud my judgement, after all, anger is, like the early punk rockers said ‘an energy’.

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