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Don’t they know there’s a war on? Why converts to Islam get hassle

March 17, 2013

Richard Dart a man who chose islamofascism over freedom, a traitor to Britain.

The Leftist/Islamic group Tell Mama which is dedicated to making it seem as if Muslims are the victims of aggression rather, as we see too often in our cities and elsewhere, the perpetrators of agression, has had carried out a survey on alleged attacks on Islamic people and property. Normally I do not set much store on the results of such surveys when they are carried out by Left/Islamic groups because to be quite frank, not only do I not trust them because of ‘spin’ but evidence from other sources often contradicts the data that they give.

However there was one figure from the survey ‘results’ that caught my eye which was that 5% of those who have converted to Islam are alleging that they have had problems because of their conversion. They naievely appear shocked that the ideology of Islam that they have freely chosen is disliked.

Well what on earth did such people expect?

If you publicly declare that you are voluntarily going to give allegence to an oppressive ideology whose values are often very much at odds with those of free and open socieities such as Britain, then you should expect to get some comment, hostility, shunning and maybe, from some a physical reaction. The fact that some converts to Islam get this reaction is very understandable bearing in mind that Islam has declared war on the hard won freedoms of speech, conscience and religion that we now have in the West.

The negative reaction that converts to Islam get is really easy to understand if it is put in context of somebody declaring allegence to an ideology that at its heart hates Britain. This hate is too often visible despite attempts by Islamic groups and individual followers to say that this hatred of us and our values doesn’t exist.

Imagine what would have happened if, in 1942 in London, someone openly declared allegence to the Nazis and then proceeded to attempt to walk down Whitehall dressed in a Wehrmacht uniform? They would at the least be told that they were a dangerous dickhead and most likely probably be given a serious kicking by the relatives of those who were in overseas in harms way fighting the Nazis.  I don’t condone the idea of physically assaulting the fools who convert to Islam but I certainly believe that they should be told that they have made a mistake and helped to leave and they should definitely not have their delusion pandered to.

This ‘dressing in a Nazi uniform during wartime’ is in effect what converts to Islam are doing, so it is no wonder that they have problems with normal people finding their decision inexplicable. Such converts, by aligning themselves with the oppressive ideology of Islam are declaring that they hate freedom, they hate the idea of treating women equally and with respect, they hate democracy and they hate others who follow a different god or gods to them.

By declaiming that they are following Islam, converts to this vile ideology, even if they try to delude themselves that there is a ‘liberal’ Islam lurking behind the hate filled words of the Qu’ran, they have chosen to follow a path that is deeply anti-British. Even if they themselves are liberal in their own lives as individuals and their opinions, these individuals are NOT representatives of Islam per se because Islam at its core is oppression, evidence of which can be freely and easily found.

Don’t such people know that there is a war on? A war between a civilisation that has been hard won by previous generations and the cultural, moral and spiritual darkness that Islam brings, if a person chooses such darkness, then there will obviously be personal consequences to making that choice.

Many would say that it reasonable that those who freely choose to follow the Koran should be kept at arms length, like something with a bad smell and in a state of wary suspicion, in a similar way that decent thoughtful people keep away from, and are wary of, those who choose to follow and build their lives around the precepts in Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf or Karl Marx’s Das Kapital.

There is no difference between the Swastika and the Shahada and more people need to realise this fact if we do not realise this then a great darkness will fall upon us all. Those who choose to follow Islam, in full knowledge of what Islam is, are no better than those in the 1920’s and 30’s who freely chose the Nazis precisely because of their genocidal exhortations and policies.

Links and Extras

Firstly, before the links and extras proper here is a Mental Health Note:

Some people convert to Islam with their eyes open but there are many people who convert to Islam during an episode of mental illness. They then find themselves trapped in a cult which they want to leave but where the price of leaving can be death. If you wish to leave Islam, whether you were born Muslim or you mistakenly converted to Islam either out of definite choice or during a bout of illness then a good place to start for advice would be the links below:

Faith Freedom has information that would be valuable to those contemplating escaping from Islam

Islam Watch a website with a lot of input from those who have left Islam

Council of British Ex Muslims. A group for British men and women who have escaped from Islam.  This is, as I’ve been asked to point out an atheist and agnostic organisation and those who have converted from Islam to another religion, for example Christianity or Judaism should look elsewhere for support and information.

Wiki Islam also has a lot of testimonies from those who have left Islam and who have found freedom.  The good thing about WikiIslam is that it often uses Islamic literary sources to show up the problems with Islam.

If you are a Muslim woman and you are considering leaving Islam or leaving an abusive Islamic relationship and you are looking for help then the group Southall Black Sisters may be of help. This organisation is very much pro women’s rights and could give you some valuable help and advice. It could even set you out on the path of freedom.


The highly dubious ‘Tell Mama’ ‘Islamophobia’ survey results via the Harry’s Place blog.

Link here:

The key comment on that thread on the Tell Mama survey which summed up the results for me was this one from ‘Curious’

“Here we go again. Those numbers are actually still rotating from spin.

1 – 623 cases. I would need to know what exactly constitutes “anti-Muslim hate incident”. Is it assault, insult, bad look, argument in a queue, request to show your face or to stop praying in public space?

2 – Compared with only 18 prosecutions. Hmm. Somehow brings into question gravity of all those incidents. Again, we would need more data here.

3 – 74 per cents of those incidents took place online. Oh dear.
Am I wrong suspecting that it means mainly on Twitter? (Especially those 40 allegedly commited by Tommy Robinson. Do they allow phones in your prisons?) Now, I would personally happily prosecute all Twitter users just for being silly but is more policing on social networks really what we need?
4 – Rising Islamophobia. This takes us back to number one. Unless we know more about the character of those incidents, this remains just an empty claim.

So again – this report conflates few violent incidents with some rude/insulting online conversations in an attempt to support calls for online censorship.”

Well said Mr or Ms Curious. I would take issue with the question in the Whine to Mama survey that the converts who got aggravation were ‘white’. Yes there are white converts to Islam but there are also Black and other converts to Islam (not all of whom know what they are getting into or who know about the horrendous anti-black African slave trade that was and still is run by Muslims). It needs to be said often that this is not a race issue this is an ideological issue.

As an aside I am shocked and disgusted to see that the Community Security Trust is involved in this Tell Mama project and helping to put together what looks to be just another farrago of Islamic lies and false claims of victimhood. The CST is an organisation that I have respect for because of its work providing security advice and security teams to Jewish synagogues and Jewish schools to help protect them from attack by more often than not these days, anti-Semitic Islamofash. Let us all hope that the CST are not as naïve as some of those Jewish organisations that have been involved in the dubious ‘interfaith’ and community projects run by the likes of London Citizens*and similar groups. I hope that CST bail out when they eventually realise that they are being used by the Islamofash and their leftist appeasers. I can see that they, the CST and others are probably helping Tell Mama and similar groups for the best of reasons, which is trying first to walk the path of peace, but I predict that walking this road with Islamic apologists will turn that road of supposed peace into a pit of burning coals for those who do so.

Too many of those non Muslims, like those from the links below, who decide to follow Islam, end up as traitors to this country and our way of life, and this is why so many of the mad, sad, abused and plain bad who opt to follow this dangerous ideology get problems from non Muslims.

Evening Standard article on convert to Islam Richard Dart who plotted terror attacks on British soldiers

Islamic convert tries to blow up restaurant in Exeter UK

Another convert to Islamofascism Abu Izzadeen formerly Trevor Brooks who advocates a Shariah state for Britain.

Is it not reasonable that the above agitators and bombers should be treated as traitors? It certainly looks like it from my viewpoint.


  1. Paris Claims permalink

    The vast majority of willing converts have some kind of personality disorder, usually serious. They were probbaly giving & receiving grief before their conversion anyway. 74% of these “hate crimes” were cyber crimes, and probably not much worse than exchanges between dissagreeing parties on many internet forums.And how many are invented? A while back all the papers were carrying a story of a muslim “community leader” kidnapped by the BNP! Apparantly at knife point and dumped in Epping Forest. It turned out to be total fiction, and the victim was charged with perverting the course of justice. Did a bunk to pakistan before the court case.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Paris Claims, that has been very much my experience with converts to Islam, that they either have something missing or different about them for example a personality disorder, or they are damaged sad and mad indiviudals who are looking for some sort of replacement family. Either that or they are the victims of physical or sexual abuse and are looking in Islam that is similar to the control and abuse they have have suffered as children. Occasionally I’ve met those young people who convert in order to piss off their parents or those like the Richard Dart’s of this world who are violent nutters looking for a cause that they can use their violent nuttery on.

      I certainly concur on the point of view that many of these reported anti-Islamic ‘hate crimes’ are of dubious provenance to say the least. I also recall the Islamic community leader who lied about being kidnapped by the BNP. The fact that the fake victim did a bunk before trial tells us a lot. I also believe that Australia has also been hit by fake anti-islamic attacks IIRC.

  2. Bunny permalink

    Didn’t the chap who attempted the restaurant bombing have major mental health and personality problems, iirc. I would expect more immigration of people from the areas affected by the ‘Arab Spring’ who after escaping from militant islam, attempt to introduce a version of it here.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      yeah he was. There have long been suspicions that jihadis are converting and using the mentally ill to carry out attacks. There are a lot of mentally ill people in our prisons and some of these are a future risk as perveyors of jihadist attacks after being forcibly converted inside prison.

      Personally I regard those western women of whatever race or original religion or culture who convert to Islam to be denigrating other women. It is every persons right in a free country to change their religion or reject all religion but for a free woman to choose to be seen as half or one third of a person is, to me, inexplicable. Conversion to Islam for a woman is to accept imprisonment solely for being a woman. Even the most strict interpretations of Christianity or Judaism allow their female adherents to leave Christian religious orders or Jewish Kehillot. Those women who convert to Islam do not have the option of safely walking away from the cult of Islam, and many Muslim men would see it as a religious duty to kill any woman who left Islam.

  3. Kal94 permalink

    Great read. One point you should clarify is the Council of British Ex Muslims is not really a Council of British Ex Muslims. Membership to the group is only open to ex-Muslims who are atheist or agnostic. Theist ex-Muslims are not allowed to become members. So their name is a little deceptive. They are a Council of British Ex Muslim atheists and agnostics. Likewise your description of them should be something like “A group for British atheist and agnostic men and women who have escaped from Islam.”

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Fair point, but I don’t have a problem with atheists or agnostics. Many people who leave religions become agnistic and it is highly likely that a British Council of Ex Christians would be mostly or completly atheist or agnostic. Wiki Islam and similar sites do have an interesting list of those who have left Islam for non theist paths and the theist paths of Christianity and Judaism. I don’t think the description of the group is misleading as many people who leave an all encompassing ideology like Islam do become agnostic.

      • Kal94 permalink

        Neither do I have a problem with them. It took me a long time to get to where I am, but here I am, an agnostic former Muslim. You are welcome to your opinion, but for me a council of ex-Muslims should be exactly what its name suggests.. a Council of ex-Muslims. There is no ifs or buts about it, if they only accept atheists and agnostics as members, then by definition they are not a Council of ex-Muslims. They are a Council of British Ex-Muslim atheists and agnostics. There is nothing wrong with the organization, but as I say, their name is deceptive. Excluding membership based on current beliefs certainly doesn’t make sense to me. Statistics show there are both plenty of atheist and Christian ex-Muslims, and there was even a C4 documentary about ex-Muslim Christians being persecuted in Britain. I look forward to a similar organization being founded that doesn’t exclude member because they don’t all spiritually or politically think alike.

      • Fahrenheit211 permalink

        Kal94, you make a good point about the CBEM, and I shall edit the post and the resources to show that this organisation is athiest and agnostic as their manifesto states they are. I’d be interested in publicising resources for ex muslims who have converted to Christianity and Judaism if you know of any.

      • Kal94 permalink

        Unfortunately there is very little else for UK ex-Muslims that comes to mind. You would expect their local churches, temples or synagogues would be the obvious place to turn to. But as you are British, you will most likely be aware that such places are more interested in partaking in bogus “interfaith dialogue” to be of any real support. That UK documentary I mentioned highlights this. A Christian ex-Muslim and his family were terrorized by the surrounding Muslim community and their church ignored their pleas for help. The only real alternative for support and advice would be the FaithFreedom forums ( Christianity is certainly not free from criticism there, but the members are generally very welcoming there to theist ex-Muslims who seek advice and help.

      • Fahrenheit211 permalink

        Kal94, thank you for that information and also for helping to inspire another (forthcoming) post. I also know about the problems with bogus interfaith dialogue fora and the suspicion that ex Muslims who are now Jews or Christians would be ‘thrown under the bus’ in order to keep the promoters and apologists of Islam in these fora happy.

        I certainly agree that Christians and Jews should do more for the ex Muslims in their midst.

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