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From Elsewhere: Let us hope that King Charles III has a mercifully short reign

March 15, 2013

Americans, please pity us. Here in the UK. We are going to be landed with this Islam fellating dickhead as monarch

Counting Cats blog has some worrying information which indicates just how close the Prince of Wales is to openly favouring the dangerous and destructive ideology of Islam.

Counting Cats said:

“Our favourite Trainee King is on top simpering form today on his tour of the Middle East. Talking to those lovely chaps in Qatar, he has let it be known that he is so fascinated by Muslim culture that he has been taking lessons in Arabic for the last six months, so that he can read the Koran in it’s original form.”

Read the rest at:

Hmm! If Prince Charles is so sold on Islamic ‘culture’ then maybe he would be better off seeing if there is a spare throne going begging in the Islamic world?

We should all pray very hard that King Charles the Thirds reign will be mercifully short and relatively undamaging to the nation.  Hopefully HM Queen, who has served this nation with distinction, will hang on for as long as possible to keep this utter moron from the throne for as long as possible.

How someone could have had all the educational advantages that the Prince of Wales has had, and still show a fascination for the violent, abusive and oppressive world of Islam is beyond me, maybe it takes a special brand of stupidity that us ordinary non-Royals just do not have.  Although I am a monarchist, one of the disadvantages of monarchy is that occasionally the system throughs up duds, like Prince Charles.

  1. Bunny permalink

    Perhaps we can see if the percentage of monarchs called Charles (English Monarchs) being executed for treason rises after his enthronement? An utterly dreadful man, Grandfather fought at Jutland, Father on a destroyer in the Med and now this muppet. Words fail me about this man, he is utterly devoid of any sense whatsoever.

  2. Maurice Dancer permalink

    Can only hope our current monarch lives to be 125, in good health, & with all her marbles intact.On her demise, the ‘bag of nails’would be 104, probably a little too old to get on down to the supermosque in Green Park.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I’d be delighted to see the kingship skip a generation and go to William, sadly we don’t have a choice in monarchs. The PoW has been criticised elsewhere, especially at Guido’s place for political meddling, personally I think the sort of meddling that Charles does and would do when King is not of the sort that would benefit either the individual British person nor the country as a whole.

      There is something distasteful in a person like Charles who doesn’t have to worry about for example fuel bills siding with an environmental movement that stands for punitive taxes on the fuel that ordinary people need to survive. As to Charles’s obsession with the authoritarian cult of Islam well that tells us all we need to know about the man. He appears to be a weak man with a taste for following gurus and not being discerning with those he sits down with. I don’t wish him ill, I wish him to become informed about the problems that ideology of Islam is causing for many his own people.

  3. Paris Claims permalink

    I’d be a keen supporter of the monarchy if the Queen had made a stand, caused a constitutional crisis, by refusing to sign all those treasonous EU treaties. I know she was in a difficult position, but a Coronation Oath should be taken seriously

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Unfortunately HM Queen is a constitutional monarch and has to sign what her government tells her to sign. Personally I’d be more happier with the Queen having some veto power than I would Charles. That sort of power in the hands of a good monarch is fine, it is when a bad one comes along that the problems start.

  4. nikmok permalink

    Go fuck yourself ! It was in travel somewhere to honor some royal host ! what the Hell Charles has to deal with Islam ?! You morons, bigots and stupid dick heads !

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Why don’t you yourself ‘go fuck yourself’ as you so eloquently put it. It is becoming increasingly more widely known that Charles is getting far too friendly with the vile ideology of Islam. By the way there is nothing wrong with being ‘bigoted’ about an ideology that kills and threatens to kill on a daily basis. Is it Christians or Jews who have carried out over 21,000 terror attacks since September 11th 2001? Of course not it is the followers of Islam who have done that. Any British person is right to be worried when their future monarch gets too cozy with a fascist ideology like Islam.

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