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Such ‘lovely’ people that the Labour party call friends, the rest of us call such people traitors.

March 14, 2013

‘Lord’ Ahmed – Labour’s treasonous and hate filled peer

The news that the Islamist scroat that Labour enobled, ‘Lord Ahmed’ aka Nazir Ahmed has been caught out raving that it was a ‘Jewish conspiracy’ led to his conviction for death by dangerous driving in 2009, doesn’t really surprise me. Although it doesn’t surprise me to see a Muslim trying to blame his own actions on some nefarious ‘zionist plot’ it does sadden me that Labour who were at one time the representatives of the British working classes, pandering to this loon and giving him chance after chance to not be a loon.

Ahmed has been convicted of killing someone with his car due to his own negligence, has called for the deaths of George Bush and has threatened to get 10,000 angry Muslim thugs to march on Parliament. By their friends shall you know them and the Labour Party has spent too long calling Ahmed a friend.

The Labour party may call ‘Lord’ Ahmed a friend and someone who can allegedly mediate between Britain’s Islamic guests and the mainstream society, ordinary people like myself would prefer to call Ahmed by his true title which is traitor.

The London Evening Standard said:

“Labour today suspended one of its peers as it launched an investigation into allegations that he blamed a Jewish conspiracy for his imprisonment for dangerous driving.

According to The Times, Lord Ahmed blamed his prison sentence – for sending text messages shortly before his car was involved in a fatal crash – on pressure placed on the courts by Jews “who own newspapers and TV channels”.

The Muslim peer allegedly told an Urdu-language broadcast in Pakistan that the judge who jailed him for 12 weeks was appointed to the High Court after helping a “Jewish colleague” of Tony Blair during an important case.

Following publication of the remarks in The Times today, a Labour spokesman said: “The Labour Party deplores and does not tolerate any sort of anti-Semitism. Following reports in The Times today we are suspending Lord Ahmed pending an investigation.”

Lord Ahmed was suspended from the Labour Party for three months last year over reports that he offered a 10 million-dollar “bounty” for the capture of US President Barack Obama and his White House predecessor, George Bush.

The peer denied having made the comments, published in a Pakistani newspaper, and was reinstated after an investigation by Labour Lords Chief Whip Lord Bassam*.”

Read the rest at:

Does anybody seriously think that a party with Labour’s record of pandering to Islam will make this temporary suspension permanent? I would be very surprised if such a thing happened, after all Labour seem to prefer Islamic thugs and criminals as in some areas they make up Labour’s core vote.

Ed Milliband’s Labour party has some strange and worrying friends and these friends can be guaranteed to NOT be friends to you or your family. Do you really want to vote for a party that would be quite happy to treat you like dirt but thinks that scum like ‘Lord’ Ahmed are suitable candidates for enoblement? I know I would not.

Links and extras

Wiki biog of ‘Lord’ Ahmed Labours lunatic Islamic peer,_Baron_Ahmed

Lord Steve Bassam is a career lefty activist and former social worker who rose to become leader of Brighton the town known to readers of Private Eye as ‘Skidrow on Sea’.

About Lord Bassam,_Baron_Bassam_of_Brighton

Here are two other entertaining and informative blog posts from Anna Raccon and Anger of a Quiet Man respectively.

Anna’s piece

Quiet Man’s piece

  1. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    “Lord” hay!?

    Does that mean he gets a “Family Scroat of arms”?

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Nice one! A scroat of arms for ‘Lord’ Islamic nutter Ahmed

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