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Stopping Islamic expansionism legally and truthfully

March 14, 2013

Efforts to stop and hopefully roll back the expansion of the ideology of Islam can take place on several fronts and by various peaceful means.

Firstly, what the promoters of Islam say about Islam needs to be countered with fact, preferably the sort of facts that the Islam promoters would prefer not to be spoken of, such as how the Qu’ran promotes violence, subjugates women and shows extreme intolerance towards others beliefs. Even more ammunition against Islamic ideology can be found simply by looking at some of the nations which are disgusting oppressive cess-pits because Islam is the guiding philosophy.

Such sources and such evidence of truth of the danger of Islam are worth much more than the lying honeyed words that drip from the tongues of the promoters of Islam both from within Islam itself or from the useful idiots and ‘Nevilles‘ who act as Islams fellow travellers.

Islam should be treated just like any other oppressive ideology such as fascism or communism, it should not get a free pass just because it has a sky pixie called Allah. I don’t have to exempt Communism from criticism because some people revere the revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, so why should Islam be exempt from criticism? I have no problem with reasonable accomodations to respect people’s different peaceful beliefs but Islam is different in that it doesn’t give respect in its turn.  There appears to be no reciprocity coming from it, Islam always seems to take and never give, demand and never offer, and shows in its societies mostly hate instead of love.  It is utter madness to pander to such an ideology and treat it like it was peaceful and civilised.

We need to speak the truth about Islam, in the pubs, to our friends, at the shops, or wherever. We must not let the appeasers and promoters of Islam get away with their lies. Despite what you may think, it is not an offence to mock the ideology of Islam, personally I would go so far as to say that it is a duty to mock Islam because Islam is tyranny and tyrants and potential tyrants hate to be mocked and laughed at.

The second front against Islam is where the promoters of the ideology of Islam are attempting to control an area by imposing mosques and Islamic ‘community centres’ upon them, despite objections from local residents, especially those who understand the problems that the ideology of Islam brings. This is an area where the promoters of Islam have too often had the upper hand, aided and abetted by the ‘useful idiots‘ from the diversity industry and local government. Islam is not a ‘fluffy’ ideology despite what such people may tell you. Islam is sheer hell when it holds power over those of different beliefs or no beliefs or anybody or anything that isn’t approved by Islam.

However, this form of Islamic expansionism can be fought but it must be fought using provable evidence, such as impact, car parking and other legitimate reasons. Sadly, we cannot at the moment object to the ideology of Islam on the, quite true and reasonable, grounds that it is vile and oppressive in many of its guises.

Fighting the physical expansion of Islam does need the sort of skills that many of us do not have and although I’m pleased to say that there are some groups and individuals who do have such skills, the problem is like all of us, they cannot afford to work for nothing.

Those who feel that they are being threatened by the imposition of an ‘Islamic cultural centre’ or a mosque or something similar firstly need to get together and start gathering evidence of potential problems and start up a fund to get in specialist help where needed. How you get people together is up to you, knock on neighbours doors, set up a website, print up flyers etc, but you need to get people together as this is not something that can be done by individuals alone.

If you have got a group together and are searching for specialist advice then it would probably be a good idea to contact a specialist organisation such as the Law and Freedom Foundation (aka Mosquebusters) to see if they can help. Like any organisation involved in the complex area of planning law it cannot and has not, won every case it has fought but it could be a valuable weapon for groups wanting to fight the physical expansion of the Islamic ideology.

If enough people who are opposed to the ideology of Islam stand together and tell themselves and others the truth about Islam, not the sanitised version sold to us by the likes of the BBC for example, and use the systems available to challenge the growth of Islamic propaganda centres, then this ideology can be effectively legally and hopefully peacefully challenged.

It is growing painfully obvious that the Islamic ideology that has been allowed to establish itself in free nations, needs to be challenged and those who are enslaved by it helped to freedom. However, this challenge cannot be made unless we educate ourselves, our families and our friends about this ideology and also recapture the organs of the state that have been infiltrated by a particular flavour of middle class Left winger who panders to Islam, and we should do this through the ballot box, the effective campaign and the peaceful demonstration.

Learning the truth about Islam will set you free from the lies you have been told about it.

Links and extras

Law and Freedom Foundation also known as Mosquebusters

Article from the Atheist Exile on the problem of Islamic subjugation of women and the violence in the Koran

The feminist writer Phyllis Chesler on the hidden history of Muslim and Ex Muslim feminism and on how multiculturalism empowers male Islamic abusers and endangers women from Islamic backgrounds. Well worth reading.

Islam Watch interesting background information about islam with a lot of input from those who have been brave enough to leave the violent cult of Islam, often at great cost. Such people should be sheltered and helped by all those who believe in freedom.

Note on mosque busting.  One common lie used by mosque promoters when making up planning applications is that their building will be a community facility for all and not just for Muslims.  That doesn’t seem to be the intention for many mosques if this example from the Herefordshire masjid group are anything to go by.  Do you see anything here about building a centre for the whole community or do you as I do see only a centre dedicated to promoting Islam, even in an area where it is not wanted.

“We are striving towards esablishing a community centre in Hereford which will:
           •   Allow the possibility of congregational prayer and provide an                
                environment for spiritual purification and inner strength.
           •   Serve as a centre for Islamic educational activities.
           •   Play a central role in the cultural and social life of Muslims of Herefordshire.”

I note that there is a profound difference between the attitude of the mosque promoters and the naive attitude of the secular group that currently houses an Islamic group in Hereford, even going to the extent of promoting Islamic friday prayers on their main site as can be seen HERE.  Maybe those who are angry at this particular instance of Islamic appeasement should boycott this particular organisation if they can.

  1. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    The test is, IF a political party set up, with those aims (Forgetting the sky fairy bit), how long would it be before it was banned, or branded by the mother fucking media scum, as the worst case of extreem nazism since Hitler topped himself?

    But HAY! May be they all LIKER a bit of brown ass in “media” circles???

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      The problem with much of the UK media is that too much of it has a blind spot where Leftist/Islamic violence is concerned. We are already seeing the left desperately trying to smear non racist parties of the right like UKIP as ‘racist’ and ‘neo-fascist’, which is complete rubbish and appears to be failing. If a party set up a violent challenge to the state or endangered the people you bet your life the powers that be would be doing something about it, just like they SHOULD be doing something about Islam instead of just fellating it like too often do at the moment.

  2. Furor Teutonicus permalink


  3. Alice-Louise permalink

    Last week I attended a ladies group where there were three new comers. Whilst engaging in conversation I quickly found out the reasons why they had moved from their home towns. Although the one lady lowered her voice aware of how she might be perceived by others, the message came across loud and clear…. Multiculturalism, and with one case, a mosque close by brought with it a lot of aggression and violence. She believed was not a safe place to bring up her children. On that same day I happened to go into Hereford city centre and noticed a big increase in the number of Muslim men swaggering around in groups. They are certainly making a statement and by the way they were dressed, not the type that would wish to integrate with locals. Although I don’t have anything against these people as individuals, I can’t help but wonder how long it will be until parts of beautiful Hereford resemble a dark and wet Pakistan? How long will it be until our children are forced to eat halal meat at school? Children have a right to know and see how livestock is killed the Muslim way. How long will it be before they force the local butchers to close because they sell pork? I could go on and on as you know. We have seen it happen quickly in so many other Cities, and there is no going back….unless something terribly violent happens. As far as I’m concerned there are parts of England that have been given away and lost forever.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Alice-Louise, you make some good points there, especially how the presence of a mosque causes a rise in aggression and violence. Personally I agree with you I dont’ think it is safe to bring up a non Muslim child amongst the followers of Islam, look at what happened to that poor little 9 year old boy recently, threatened by Islamic children so badly that the child took his own life. See:

      I grew up with Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Jews in a very mixed port city and I don’t think any of them would have pulled a knife or threatened a child at primrary school with a knife. It is highly likely that the aggressive child in this case would have been Muslim, after all the Mail uses the code word ‘asian’, which normally means ‘bearded savage’.

      I certainly wouldn’t want to bring up a daughter who was non Muslim in a Muslim controlled area.

      Re Hereford, others have noticed an increase in the amount of swaggering bearded savages around. Also re Hereford, part of the problem comes down to the foolish idiots who actively encourage Islam to set up shop, idiots like the Kindle Centre at the Belmont Asda for example, who go out of their way to promote the not-exactly-liberal group of Muslims who meet there. To fight back against the vile ideology of Islam, campaigners need to peacefully target the appeasers from groups and organisations such as the Kindle Centre.

      Off topic, Alice-Louise, you write well when you comment, would you like to make a guest post here?

  4. Alice-Louise permalink

    Thank you. I will have a think and send you an email.

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