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Empty words from Retarded Ed

March 7, 2013

I thought up a title for this it is probably too filthy to use

I wasn’t expecting much from Ed Milliband’s Labour Party Political Broadcast on the subject of immigration, and I didn’t get much.

So what did we get: We get a token ‘we were wrong on immigration’, but the rest of the broadcast seemed to witter on about the benefits of ‘diversity’, and ‘managed immigration’ and also got Milliband again cynically exploiting his parents flight from the Nazis for political gain. He also managed to squeeze in a bit about apprenticeships.

Milliband said that the party would talk about immigration but having seen the actions of the Labour party on the ground, which too often favours more immigration and is more than happy to appease Islam, Milliband’s words seem to me just so much hot air.

As long as the Labour party as a body is seen to be, and which it so often behaves as, the Islamic party, or the party of increased immigration then Ed Milliband’s words are worth nothing.

All Party Political Broadcasts are to a certain extent aimed at getting out the core vote, but Labour have lost their core vote, partly because of Labour being quite rightly percieved as the ‘freeloading foreigner party’, and this broadcast appears to be aimed at those who used to vote Labour but will do so no longer. I would say to such voters, ‘don’t believe Ed Milliband’, he is probably talking bullshit when it comes to immigration. In my mind it is highly unlikely that a party like Labour, that is so full of members and activists who want more immigration and more appeasement, would take the necessary steps to reduce Britain’s immigration problem.

This is just cynical politicking from Ed Milliband and it is plainly visible as such.

Where Milliband is almost correct is when he said that Britain had gained from those from overseas, however those groups who come here in the past and did positively enrich us in the industrial, business, the creative and scientific fields were made up of people who wanted to work hard and be accepted in Britain. Milliband is very wrong to compare the sort of welfare suckers, criminals and those who just want to take and not contribute, that were let in in truly enormous numbers during the Labour years, with the sort of hard working and bright people who really DID come here and help us out.

Ed Milliband, I certainly wouldn’t buy a used policy from this man. You can take your soothing, disingenuous words and go away.



February PPB from Ed Milliband





  1. Maurice Dancer permalink

    Miliband/Yvette Cooper adopting a contrite tone & saying ‘We were wrong about immig…blah blah’ – utter nonsense. They were right about immigration. They achieved their goal. Their speechwriter, Andrew Neather, let the cat out of the bag: enforced multiculturalism, rub the Right’s nose in it etc. (plus lots of new, grateful Labour voters, for a time, until they form their own parties e.g. Respect). Social cohesion? Who cares.
    Of course, it was the white/integrated immigrant* working class who had their noses rubbed in it, & have taken the brunt of New Labour’s secret open floodgates ‘policy’. To hear well-heeled, traitorous politicians, who live light years away from the consequences of their deranged policies, spouting bogus apologies has to be the last twist of the knife in our backs. Nauseating.

    *When integrated, law-abiding immigrants begin to complain, as they are doing, about the numbers, & quality, of the incessant new arrivals, then the destructive lunacy of New Labour can no longer be ignored. The word ‘betrayal’ can never do them justice.

  2. Andy permalink

    The child of an immigrant in charge of immigration policy?
    No thanks.
    Its long past time that immigration policy in England was decided by English people,and yes, I mean White people who`s roots in this land go back centuries and not mere decades.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Andy, the issue isn’t whether or not someone is the child of immigrants but whether or not particular immigrants are loyal. Sadly,too many of our Islamic population both immigrated and born here are not loyal. My late father in law came to Britain as a refugee and served this country admirably in the military during world war II.

      Yes there are issues with the amount and type of immigration that occured during the Labour years but some immigrants have helped us build new industries (Britain’s chemical industry), create new businesses and has enlivened our art.

      It is Milliband’s politics that are at fault not that he is the child of immigrants.

  3. johnw permalink


    Even if all new immigrants were loyal to their last intake of breath, the fact would still remain that any country would need time to absorb them in some sane and sensible way. We do not have the housing stock available nor do we have suitable jobs waiting. Especially for those who struggle to speak English.

    Those that remain unemployed soon adjust to a life on benefits; which can become addictive. Apart from everything else, we can’t afford mass immigration and that’s the honest truth. However few modern politicians understand what those words mean.

    The Germans took a ten year breathing space before allowing mass immigration into their country from Poland. During that ten year period, those Poles who were most keen to immigrate came to the UK. Therefore, when it comes to mass immigration from Romania and Bulgaria, isn’t it only fair that the German’s step up to the plate and offer the UK a ten year breathing space?

    They, and our own Westminster pigs, will first be seen flying however.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I certainly agree that Britain cannot afford another round of mass migration like that which was encourged by the last Labour government. it is an uncomforable fact, that many of our people recognise but sadly our poltiicians do not, is that too much immigration over too short an amount of time has negative affects. Thowe who say that mass migration has no effect on schools, hospitals, social services etc are either deluded or lying.

      I agree about the breathing space but what can’t be denied is what draws too many people to the UK is that fact that there is a very limited qualifiying period for benefits in the UK when compared to other EU countries.

      I don’t think we should turn away those who are useful to us or who want to start businesses that will employ British people, or allow in a limited number of people genuinely fleeting oppression, but we do need to start turning away a lot of the rubbish that has been imported especially since 1997.

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