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Egypt. The Christians who are fleeing the rise of ‘peaceful’ Islam

March 6, 2013

No matter what the apologists for Islam say, no matter how many taxpayer funded liars such as ‘diversity officers’ bleat on about how the violence in Islam is an ‘abberation’, the truth about this vile Islamic ideology always will come out. It’s not an abberation, this violence IS Islam, the violence is in the Islamic texts and in societies and communties based on Islam. It is a stain that cannot be removed from Islam without serious reform and Islam has not reformed in 1400 years.

Those dwindling number of British non Muslim people who truly believe that Islam is compatible with a modern democratic society should take a look at the position for Christians in Egypt and reconsider their view that Islam is at heart peaceful. People should also look at the Christian Egyptian situation and think, ‘could it happen here?’ Could British Christians and other members of peaceful religions find themselves in the future suffering under the yoke of Islam? When you look at the position of the Egyptian Coptic Christians it tells a frightening story.

The Coptic Christians of Egypt didn’t move to Egypt from elsewhere, they didn’t choose to be a minority in a Muslim nation, they were astonishingly the indigineous population of Egypt whose country was invaded and taken over by the armies of Mohammed and then subjected to Islamic religious oppression that varied in its intensity depending on the type of rule that Egypt was under at the time.

Egypt was not prior to the rise of the Mohammed Gang classed as an Arab country, it was country where the inhabitants were the descendants of the Egyptian kings who built the Pyramids, but who later became Christians. Egypt was the breadbasket of the Roman and Byzantine empires but over the years Egypt has, under the rule of Islam become a basket case.

According to some sources up to 100,000 Coptic Christians have left Egypt in response to attacks on them by Muslims and fears about their position now that Shariah Law is being imposed on Egypt.

An indication as to how bad the situation is for Copts and other Christians in Egypt would be to look at the growth in the number of Coptic Christian places of worship outside of Egypt.

An article in the UK Daily Telegraph earlier this year said that the number of Coptic Churches in the United States has grown from 4 forty years ago to 200 today. There are so many Coptic refugees from Egypt fleeing, if they can, to the United States that some Coptic Churches have had to be extended.

Richard Spencer writing for the Daily Telegraph from Alexandria said:

“Coptic Christian churches in the United States say they are having to expand to cope with new arrivals, as priests in cities like Cairo and Alexandria talk of a new climate of fear and uncertainty.

“Most of our people are afraid,” Father Mina Adel, a priest at the Church of Two Saints in Alexandria said. “Not a few are leaving – for America, Canada and Australia. Dozens of families from this church alone are trying to go too.”

Father Mina’s church has an important place in the history of the Arab Spring. It was struck by a car bomb on New Year’s Eve 2010, Egypt’s worst sectarian attack in recent decades, in which 23 people were killed.

After the bombing, liberal Muslim groups staged protests in support of Christians, printing posters showing the cross and the crescent interlinked which then went on to be symbols of inter-faith unity during the Tahrir Square protests three weeks later.

But the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood in parliamentary and presidential elections has changed the mood – particularly as the biggest opposition party is the even more hardline Salafist movement which wants strict Sharia law implemented.”

This sort of oppression of Christians and members of other faiths is not an abberation, it is not a perversion of Islam, it is part of the core of Islam. This oppression is something that happens very often in countries and areas where Islam gains control. It has been seen in Egypt, with the Islamic invaders of India, in Pakistan, in Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and so many other places. We are also beginning to see such aggressive behaviour here in the UK with the rise of the so-called ‘Muslim Patrols’ blighting the streets of some of our cities.

An Islamic takeover could happen here, the apologists for Islam have already bought off either financially or by way of promises of votes, a number of politicians, especially but not exclusively in the Labour Party who have then gone on to promote the expansion of Islam on the spurious grounds of ‘diversity’. Those who have seen Islam take over an area know just how badly it blights an area and fills it with corruption and fear. Along with mainstream Islam comes crime, organised child abuse, violence and oppression. If you don’t believe that statement then look at how other non invasive or non threatening groups such as Gays are being driven out of East London by Muslim thugs.

Islam is NOT peace, it is oppression as can be seen by even a cursory glance at Islamic societies and it is about time we as a nation woke up and smelled the coffee and denounced not only an ideology that enslaves 1.5 billion people but also the politicians who appease Islam and lie about its true nature.

What is happening to the Copts today, could be happening to you and your family tomorrow. Like it or not Islam can only live with other religious groups when the followers of Islam are kept very strictly as a minority. As the number of those who follow the ideolgy of Islam rise, so does the rate of aggression, child abuse, crime, and welfare dependency also increase.

Islam needs to be seen as being no more compatible with free democratic societies as Stalinism or Hitlerism were. Islam is not peace, Islam is death and the Copts among others are victims of the creeping cultural and religious death that Islam always brings.


Richard Spencer of the Daily Telegraph writing on the plight of the copts

Voice of Russia article on 100,000 Copts leave Egypt

How lies and subterfuge helped Islam to conquer Egypt which is at the heart of how the Copts came to be so oppressed today.

Gay people driven out of East London by Islamic thugs and Islamic fascists.  10 years ago  there were 20 gay bars in East London, now there are only three.  All the rest have been closed down by threats from Muslim thugs.  So much for Islam respecting diversity.

  1. Bunny permalink

    Out of interest what will happen to the holiday resorts that Egypt relies on for foreign income? The place is going to go to hell.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Good point. I believe the Egyptian tourism industry has taken a big hit already and looks to get worse.

  2. Alice-Louise permalink

    The last time I went to Cairo (2009) I felt very uncomfortable and came away with the feeling that I really don’t wish to go back. It’s a shame because the pre Islamic treasures and architecture have so much to offer. I have to say that being in Egypt greatly contrasted with being in Istanbul. If only more Muslims could be like the Turks and less like the Muslims from Pakistan and elsewhere. Just a historical fact…The first Muslims who arrived at Constantinople were a small group who marketed themselves as a peaceful minority group. Sound familiar? It’s now Istanbul not Constantinople.

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